How to Turn Your Marketing Into a Well Oiled Machine

How to Turn Your Marketing Into a Well Oiled Machine

Sometimes it is better to just be real… This post is going to talk through your relationship with Money. It dives deep so don’t let your emotional stand on money make you miss the message. Let me know if you liked this and want more on this topic?

We all struggle with money. Either it consumes you and drives you crazy or you are so afraid of it that you see it as a negative. Sometimes both of these become true  at different parts of our lives. Money is a motivator. The love of money is the root of all evil.

This is where we start losing so many people. Money is an exchange currency. It is a measurement for the value you have on what you are buying. That value is also based on perception.

If you are struggling financially then money can have a whole other effect on you. Don’t worry we have all been there… too many times before.

Marketing Depends On Financial Outcomes

If you are marketing and not seeing results, especially if you work for yourself, then you are going to wake up in a world of hurt.

Conversion: How a Successful Black Hat SEO Turned Content

The Google “Gods” hack job spam team puts out the tweet. We just took down “Will’s Network.” (The Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent)

I called my Russian Buddy. Dude. What Do I Do?… Silence on the other end of the phone….

I Don’t Want To Expose Everyone… BUT

Most of the “Hero’s” that you see online are trading leads. They are also trading links. Links are bought and sold everyday.

Everyone in the “SEO” and “Content” game all know each other. We talk. We discuss what is working versus what isn’t working.

The head guys sell leads for $$ to lower guys. The guys with killer content share the ones below and vice versa. It is a big networking event. Luckily for me I was outbound (old school insurance sells) so prospecting and influencer marketing was all I knew. I suddenly fit right in.

In Fact, With a Huge Personality & Super Likable Demeanor, I was a SuperStar!

If you read this entire post (most of you will not) then you will see that I will not do that for this blog,

Authentic Marketers Are Making a Killing and Here is Why!

Your Passion Can Make You Money Marketing

This is part of my series of core principles. You can find that on my About Us Page. This is the 5th in that series.

Your Authentic Desires and Passions Can Make You Money!

There is something REAL about being REAL.

If you flip over to Youtube and watch any of the motivational videos (don’t worry there are plenty to go around) then you will find one key component. They all mention a word.


Passion is not easily defined. Is it an emotion?

Google defines it as:

Strong and barely controllable emotion.

Passion is a lot like a sense. You don’t mean to hear, you just do.

That is why your passion for something can not be controlled. I would not quantify it as an emotion. It is a driver like an emotion though.

Authentic Desires and Your Passion Need To Be Tapped Into

I wrote recently about Authentic Desires in my Search Engine Journal Post. That got me a few emails asking me what I was talking about.

It is very hard to explain.