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Content Attraction – How The Data Pirates and Money Making Monsters are Improving The Internet

Content is the very essence of the Internet.

The very core and stability to what has become such a huge business, medium, resource, and media rich environment are the very fragments of information passed through the presentations on each web page. The internet as we know it and that most of the world now uses every single day. There are multiple facets to the internet but the very basic mechanic is the exchange of information. This information then has to be presented. That presentation is where the “marketing” of things comes into existence. Content is by nature very ambiguous of terms. We all may think of content as just the words written on blog posts, magazine articles, and the type face fonts that are used when writing these.

The actual content is the complete experience that you gain when you visit the website. The entire existence all summed up into the first five seconds you visit a page. Then the depth that the presentation and stories from the pages take you. That depth which is only contained by your sheer will to decline for it to take on any larger fill in the voids of your soul.

First Impressions are by nature the very beginning of any relationship.

Visually stimulating content therefore is like an attractive person. You see an attractive person out of the corner of your eye and their presence catches your attention almost immediately. Regardless of who else is talking to them, you want to begin a conversation. That conversation and that very moment though are actually self serving.

You have intentions for that person and that conversation. While you often do not voice those intentions nor do you act on them in haste and where that may be sexual in nature for some, long lasting relationships for others, and short pointed conversations that are stimulating for another group entirely is where we leave the thoughts aside and begin to look at the example based on content.

That reaction to such attractiveness which is so raw an instinct that you can not help but act on it is where we begin this post.

Attraction and Content

While we are all now visualizing the woman in the red dress (Matrix) we need to begin to understand how that raw attraction can be so amazingly fun for those few moments of passion. So fun in fact that we will continue to talk about content unless now you have moved to opening a tab to reference the woman.

The realities of content are that everyone on the internet is marketing something. Much like everyone walking around has an agenda. The agenda, much like a woven blanket kept away until only the right guest is at the house in the golden days, are often stowed away deep in ones inner sanctum.

These agendas are comprised of our inner most sanctuaries of information. The delicate items you wouldn’t tell your parents about mainly because you can not find the typical words to express them and you realize that they are centered only around your own self serving interest and passions. The actual #data that you want to keep secret until you are comfortable revealing it to the world. Items like you are looking for (Fill In The Blank), Husband, Wife, Lover, One Night Stand, Long Talks, A Pet, Understanding Life, Business Endeavors, and of course Anything To Do With Doubting Religion or Finding the Savior of Your Life and Soul Through Religious Pursuits.

Content on the internet should be this same way. The problem that most see today really is that the mainstream content, much like main stream news and media, has perverted content into a data manipulative organism that track you around and study your behaviors. The marketing machine has caused the formation of money monsters that are studying buying behaviors at faster than ever speeds. This data is all compiled and constantly tested to see which manipulation to the content gives real results.

While you may be reading and thinking I hate these Data Pirates and Money Monsters. It is quite the opposite.

Content is meant to best suit its audience. Even though the “data” money pirates are taking advantage in some ways the data that “their” websites bring in and then utilizing that data to make more money, is it really bad?

Data Mining Pirates – Money Making Scavengers Are Really Improving The Internet

Great Content as a spoken term is tossed around in marketing forums, blog post, and conversations on bad twitter replys as if you can grow it somewhere with some seeds you bought from a man named “Jack” who you never saw again but you heard he was doing “big” things. This highly ambiguous of terms is really the underlying reason that so many more people are blogging. The entire marketing world turned on its head by the emergence of an “niche” genre of marketing with grass roots in everyone’s very existence is really the culprit.

The grass roots are the rich stories that have been rehearsed and retold over and over from generation to generation. The books that have lived from generation to generation only to become a bit different every time they are quoted and rehashed. These wonderful stories that we all grow dear to and love or hate don’t describe the emotions in detail enough as we hear them again. Stories became movies and books are becoming “kindle” and “e” faster and faster. Even though the very establishment of countries are based on content, story telling, and the passage of information and views through the emotionally charged analogies and morals passed from story to story.

Realizing the laws of attraction are that the more you give then the more you receive will favor any blog owner. This same law of the universe is why I am telling you that Data Mining Pirates are not as bad as they seem. In all fairness and the truth be told,  you have done the same thing and it works!

If you dressed up or as a woman wore something that boosted your appearance because you knew your mate would perceive you differently due to its “shape and size” enhancements is exactly the same premise that these data pirating money monsters are doing. They take the beloved content that is written and create wonderful compelling images. They then shape them into information and call them new names. This then creates another marketing trend called visual content marketing as if content marketing wasn’t a fuzzy enough term for everyone already.

Content that converts as well as conversion rate optimization is the process that our friends, the ever hated data mining money monster pirates, are using everyday to enhance the appeal and perceived value that their audience gives their blog, brand, product, or service. They have realized that our own inadequate feelings and self doubt are perpetual and we constantly look for “better” instead of blissful content. They also have realized that the “truth” is a scattered moment between confidence and ego. The real reality is in where you are at in your thoughts and advancement. So that brings up the real question. Is perception reality?

Content Perception Deception and the Marketing Perception Metrics

Content then takes on the shape that the audience being targeted wants to see the most.

This content creation is crafted between a lot of data and segmentation of a particular strain of people. The strain of people are defined by their interest, goals, demographic topical data, season of life, and hobbies with a few extra benefits such as online habits and hashtags on social media and while being targeted constantly they keep falling for the same song and dance wondering why it doesn’t equal the truth.  Just think if large department stores could track your walks around their stores and then show you products almost 24/7 on advertisements that you browsed for a few moments but just didn’t buy. Do you think after some time these large department stores would have enough data on you to eventually grab your wallet right out of your hand and enter all but your pin code when they show you the right information?

This play in data and conversion optimization is enhanced by tools and software that the data pirating money monsters have manipulated to gain the advantage to the hundred of a decimal of likely percentages. They have focused constantly on how to tweak and manipulate to get every bit of use out of the tools and software.

These so called tools have the ability to stalk you across the internet using what is referred to as re-targeting software. They can confront you in your very searches by utilizing keywords you type in the web browser and they do so with cost per click and search engine optimization tactics. Social Media is not safe as the monetization of Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, and many others has begun. You Tube can insert advertisements before you watch your favorite “Truman” type family. Facebook can then search for your interest while twitter can find the key terms and hashtags that you follow and are part of list on. This Social Media Marketing can then grab your user profile and bring it all into a shiny little dashboard that show the pirates exactly who their prey are.

The Perception you have of a website during your first 5 seconds has really driven the data scum.

They realize that depending on the medium in which they have used to shuttle you in front of their site will have great impact on the likelihood of your survival rate otherwise known as bounce rate. If you leave fast then you were not a good fit. You were not a good fit right then at least but since you have seen their site they begin following you around and tracking you to gain the advantage. Re-targeting ads begin to show on a few sites in various almost slight of hand moments and eventually the branding has worked and you land back on their site to begin looking again except this time you have been escorted via the link click.

The coveted Link Click – Data Scums Favorite Weapon of Choice

Now that you have clicked on a link or ad pushing you to their site they know that you a more likely to interact since they have designed that page in which you landed, escorted to that particular page via the link, to speak perfectly and eloquently to the appeal of your taste. That taste is obvious based on the wording of the link you actually clicked. They did this all with the tools, software, and attention to fine details in data that they pirate everyday from unsuspecting souls such as yourself.

Content That Doesn’t Speak To You Doesn’t Appeal To Them

While this is the normal day to day operation for the pirates and you seemingly fit in their evil plans well enough, the truth remains that this deliberate process is not meant to trick you. It is meant to appease you. Much like your intentions on that date we mentioned earlier. You enhanced your figure to make sure you were visually appealing to your hopefully future mate.

This is not of the selfish mentality, normally, although money is the exchange (scoreboard) for the trust in which they build during the relationships. These data pirates are normally after just that. Trust building. They understand the value of a subscriber on their email list. They understand how sacred the internet really is. They understand great content is in the eye of the beholder.

Your Perception of Content is Really What Started This Mess With Pirates

Creation of content has turned many a weary soul into nail biting anxious former business owners. It has also been very fruitful for those that have taken on the content driven madness with a pure data driven perspective and analytic nature that could shuttle the “who are all people” into “what do this one group of people want.”

The ability to take ones own beliefs and emotions and place them aside, and totally abandon self serving interest of view points,  for the benefit of the person seeing the content. This focus is so that the person seeing the content should be the most pleased person about the content and is a selfless act. Although again the value exchange has monetary tendencies it is not the monetary value that we will talk through as each product and each segment of customers has varying qualities and price tags that they should be assessed.

The Money Exchange is Just the Scoreboard of Trust Values

While the pirates are hard at work for the value of the scoreboard. The reality is that we all crave that same attention from every part of our life. We value others telling us what we want to hear. We don’t often want criticism and normally we do not trust someone enough to tell us what we are doing wrong. That trust has to be gained, molded, sculpted, and then cashed in on with the right advice. That advice has to then pan out or become valuable or else we have been taught to never trust that person again.

Focus on the Content and the Display of That Content

We will focus on the content itself. We will focus on the creation, application, and use of the content as the medium in which you gain a valuable relationship with others on the internet. Content you see is what stories are. Content is what makes the mind race and dreams take shape and then later become the very vessel by which hearts are filled with the emotions for as stories are told and truths uncovered do we begin to create congruent measures of like content.

The spark of emotion that you feel when you watch a great movie, hear a great story, and or find love for the first time. That unbridaled passion are all found in the beast, the untamed, the maddening Content.

In Content We Trust

You look for ways to make sense of new information and the only processor you have to uncover has only gone through the same experiences you have physically. Your recall is limited to your own experience then and for that reason Content is the passage by which you can seek new information. It is by nature, trusted.

Any experience you ever have is guided by content. The Bible and every other book are all content. The road map and principles in which you blaze the path of your life is paved with content. Former stories, readings, and developed relationships all shown by content. That is why this medium is so powerful. That is why it is King.

What is Content How? 

This is just another data pirate trying to make sense of why a marketing trend is so powerful. Why intellectuals spend countless hours building and designing applications for the housing of better content. Why the world is infatuated with new and better content. Why it works as a medium for marketing to every class of person no matter how diversified.

Every other day we will dive deeper into this well. We hope to always gain a deeper understanding of the relationship forming content that is at the bottom of it. Like water in the desert, Content has the ability to bring life and gain trust. We will however find our oasis. Over time we will understand content and how to effectively communicate using it as our medium of trust.

The base then is not How, Content How but rather Grow Content, How?

You want to grow as a person? You want to grow as a business? You want to grow your bank account? How you ask? Content is How. Enjoy the future for it is the brightest when the path is chosen but the road is not seen yet. Future experiences have nothing but imagination to contend with for they have the ability to be as imaginable as your limits to vision, imagination, and emotion.

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