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Content Creation – 8 Steps to Great Content Creation

Content is King

The world is round. Gold is valuable. Sometimes there are just things you have to take at face value because they have been proven to be true. Content is King but only if people read it. You have to learn how to position yourself as the authority first and foremost but when the readers actually land on your page, well you have to know what your talking about and engage them.

Creation of Content is the name of the game and that is where we pick up with this post at.

Finding Your Path – Content Creation Step Uno

While a dozen or so other thoughts keep popping in your head, you are supposed to sit down a few times a week and spend probably in the neighborhood of 3-4 hours writing, researching, formatting, and posting content.

That doesn’t include the promotion and outreach of your content.

Let’s face it. First you have to make time.

So the very first step of your content marketing efforts, especially in small businesses is to step back and make time. You have to streamline what you are currently doing. You have to navigate your current processes and find people to delegate them to. This may mean that you have to nail down the exact process and video it while explaining what it is you actually do.

The Phone

I probably do not have to say anything more for many of you. The phone and the hours spent on the phone to work out even the easiest of deals is far more than enough to keep you occupied.

I am telling you that in order to see the bounty of rewards that are to come. In order to become the “Jedi” master that is inside of you. You are going to have to streamline and lean up. You may miss a few deals along the way. In order to reap the huge benefits later on, you are going to have to lean up and shut up. Let the short sided wins go to the wolves. Focus on the big wins that come when you get this process down.

Content Creation Step Number Two

Know Your Audience. You have to know your audience. Not just as people but the exact mind frame and emotional state that they are in when they are reading the post you created. This will tell you the worries and more importantly the largest pain points that they are experiencing. Get into that emotional state and write the post from their point of view. What are the big questions that they want answered. Do your Research and understand this before you start trying to showcase your talents or promotional efforts inside the post.

Your audience has real questions. They want real answers. They also want to trust you before they can believe what you are saying. Digital Currency today is Trust. Learn to trade in trust.

You have to find the right pieces to showcase at the right point in the conversation. You want different stages of content and in order to do that you are going to have to convince them to subscribe to your form. This means mainly, that people will have to trust you and your brand with their email. Everyone hates spam so only send great emails!


Content Creation Step Number Three

You have to be a real authority. You can not fake it til you make it. General information doesn’t cut it here. If you are wanting to posture yourself as an expert then think of it as a real sit down conversation where you are being interviewed by professors and they know their stuff. That is the same way the customers will pick you apart.

So if you are currently not the real expert what do you do?

Start quoting experts. The internet doesn’t need more news. 

You can become the content curator for real experts. There are appliance stores that copy and paste the reviews and put a few personal testimonials in there about the refrigerator. They get it. You need to have a steady stream of content and be able to pull it together quickly and formatted well for optimal conversions.

You can achieve all of the above, expert and authority, by simply knowing how to curate good blog post into a template.

Content Creation Step Number Four

Data backed case studies are the best trust builders on the internet. 

When you see a post with the results that you are wanting, the exact piece of the holy grail that you are searching for, and you see how someone else is getting it… That is when you begin to want it even more!

That is exactly what a data backed case study post will do. You will gain the ability to show off what other customers have gotten and basically telling the prospect that they could have it as well.

Where do you get the case studies? 

Case Studies are actually on the internet. Many times they are not even published by competitors. You can find them by keyword and case study. Search Content Marketing Case Study for examples.

You utilize the information in the case study as factual evidence and write about it in the same way. You can obviously do your own case studies and that is a great way to gain even more links. When you pick apart a case study that is found on something like Marketing Profs (Ann Handley is awesome) then you can utilize the data held in it for your post.

You craft the content around that data and link back to the original data giving citation and reference.

Where do I get the data?

When you are building out the data in the report you can obviously utilize all the data that was in the original article. You can even google the terms and add data on the back end of them. Like if you were writing a post on How to Gain More Engagement on Your Social Media. Then you would Google the terms Social Media Data and then dive down by brand from there. You would then be searching for Twitter Data.

That data and even charts or infographics are all over the internet.

The internet does not need more NEWS! The internet needs data curators, aggregates , and presenters. 

Content Creation Step Number Five

Visually stimulating information is better. The more pictures, post, and infographic type post you can make then the better. If you can put the data into a quick little chart that is shareable it is even better.

I was recently writing an article for Search Engine Journal and took all the data I found about the subject and placed it in a 365 X 110 format that went inside the post. Simple as that.

Time is the factor to all of this. If you can take the time to build your information and present it in ways that answer the big questions better than the competition then you are going to win.

Content Creation Step Number Six

Promote the living crap out of it.

Grab a license to one of the tools like ninja outreach and load up for bear. Grab emails of influencers and go after them. Find blogs in your area of expertise and send them content. Do this a lot!

Content Creation is the making of the content but if we didn’t mention promotion then we would not be serving you well. I would say that promotion is 80% of the time spent on your content marketing.

Promotion is nothing more than networking. It is like “old school” selling. You call people up and pitch them. You email people to drive them to a piece of content and call them and pitch them. Think of your promotions as selling people on letting your post and letting you have access to their audience.

Content Creation Step Number Seven

Do Your Best Even When It Sucks!

When you don’t land that pitch, ask for feedback. Learn to take the criticism not personally and grow from it. Drive yourself by the sheer will to win. Focus only on creation and promotion and you will get there fast!

Your first pieces of content are not going to be the best you have ever written. There are days when you just don’t have it. You still need to put content out. Make the early mistakes and grow. Fail Fast and Fail Often. This is a marathon and you can only lose by quitting.

You want to grow as a person? You want to grow as a business? You want to grow your bank account? How you ask? Content is How. Enjoy the future for it is the brightest when the path is chosen but the road is not seen yet. Future experiences have nothing but imagination to contend with for they have the ability to be as imaginable as your limits to vision, imagination, and emotion.

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