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Content Marketing Explained – Setting Traps Where Others Are Running

Content Marketing Produces Revenue and In Big Ways

When you begin to dig into content marketing it can become confusing. There are a lot of task involved with the output of content and then the promotion of it. Understanding the ecosystem you are currently competing in online is a big part of that.

I can tell you for certain only one big thing. Make sure you read this.

Don’t skip any steps and take your time. Regardless of where you gain the information.

You may want to hurry up and get the results but those two terms seem to be damning to one another when it comes to content period much less the marketing of it.

The hurried mentality will skip understanding their market and move past one of the most important steps. That same person will write tons of content all at once only to find out that it all sucks and totally misses the mark with every customer they were ever planning to get. It was a cool story but nobody cares. Nobody ever cares about you or your cool stories.

Remember this post: Content Attraction and How The Data Pirates And Money Making Monsters Are Improving The Internet?

If you are going to join the ever growing club of “successful” internet marketing influencers then you are going to have to focus solely on your customers and target demographic. That means with selfless emotions do you entangle your every thought into the your prospects world. Learning to adapt their thought patterns while understanding your own marketing to them is a skill set that will take some brain numbing time.

That is where we pick up today.

Content Marketing Explained – Setting Traps Where Others Are Running

Confusing points of topic are easily explained by breaking information down into series. The human mind can only consume as much as the butt is willing to take. Think of the number of books that are ever consumed in one sitting? How many are actually ever finished? Then back that into how many are ever purchased. This breadcrumb trail will become one of the most important points of content marketing for you ever. Understanding who you are writing for and how much information they will actually absorb from it.

Break your content down. Build out a long streak of blog post and pages that are systematically organized to correctly lead your prospect through your breadcrumbs. Study others. Find every good content marketer and follow their paths. See what they do and mimic it. They have found a way to get people to take action on their content.

Promotion and Headlines Are 80% of Content Marketing

When you start out your focus is on writing “Epic” content. Shift gears for a minute and realize one solid truth. Perception is reality. If your content is perceived as amazing then you will ultimately be received as amazing. Promote your content like Don King would a fight. Personality, Charisma, and Lots of Rejection. You need to get onto as many blogs and places to write as you can. I personally own Feedster and we accept guest post so I understand how few people actually market their content. I understand even better how fewer people market their content correctly.

Finding someone else to blame for your companies lack of content marketing is easy. Finding someone else that is willing to strap on and take the “extra” time to start doing it is more difficult. I would say that it will take a team effort but can be started by one person. There is a sequence of revenue that will begin but it is far enough away that you just have to invest into understanding the process and knowing that perfect is an enemy of progress.

Something Magical Happens Around 99,999,973 Words

Realizing that you are not the best writer is not the main problem. Realizing that you are not the best writer, yet is the problem.

We all want to take on task and be perfect at them from day 1. That is definitely not the case. That is most definitely not the case when it comes to content marketing. Starting any subject off and finding great points about it are easy. Consistently expanding your website, the actual clicking on buttons and adding a post, page, and portfolio item, are easy as well. Somewhere between those two points and forming it into complete thoughts strung out in words with a few pictures seems to be the critical failure point.

Something magical happens when you have written a ton of content. So get started.

Just put in the time and have that be the goal. Don’t set yourself up for failure to begin with by looking at revenue and your project on the first day. The two are not in the same points at all.

Something really magical happens after you put in enough time. Enough time is ambiguous but it is determine by you and the quality of that time. It does get easier. You start identifying with your target market. Your content gets readable. I don’t mean that it is great. Sometimes it is just good. You learn how to focus on headlines. You learn how to tie things together with ease. You learn when to use synonyms and when to speak with jargon. You start to see the point you need to make versus the point you feel like expressing. I am telling you that something magical happens when you just get in reps.

Getting in reps is a basketball term for just shooting a lot. You can’t score in basketball unless you get the ball through the hoop. Many coaches, players, and trainers will tell players that they just need to get in reps. In Malcom Gladwell’s book Outliers he talked through the 10,000 hours of practice theory in detail. There are a lot of believers in the expert ability and the amount of time it takes to get there. I can’t say that I truly believe exactly that number but I am a strong believer in 7 years of torture which equals the 10k hours theory.

No means No. If you are not absolutely jumping head over hills at the possibilities of content marketing then don’t start it. It is not a process for the meek. It is not a get rich quick and nor is it a few hours set it and forget it plan. Content Marketing is not a sprint. Content Marketing is definitely a marathon. You don’t have to condition yourself for this marathon. You just start and never stop.

Winners in Content Marketing Just Never Quit

There are a ton of different ways to go about Content Marketing. There are a ton of influencers. There are also a ton of extra or really cool steps you can do to add extra services on. You don’t need to know all that or at least not when you first start. Really you don’t have to know about a lot of that ever.

What you need to start out with is a simple template.

  • One Big Piece of Content (ebook or white paper)
  • One 3 part series of emails to load in your active campaign or convertkit
  • 5 to 10 blog post (smaller bite size pieces of your Big Piece of Content)
  • A content calendar (When are post live and what are the URL’s? When do you promote and what do you say?)
  • 3 great topics and time to write on them (These are for pitching to other blogs)
  • Outreach ninja (Cool Software to help you find guest post)
  • Consistency (Hard work and Never Die Attitude)

Mindset, Matters. Win and Win More

You have to maintain the mindset of a champion. Wins are long away. Loses and Failures are strung together often and bountiful. Just survive and continue. The real winners at content marketing are those that do just a few things really well and then tenaciously, like bulldogs, they latch on and don’t stop. I can count on one hand the number of blogs that consistently put out great content on a streamlined consistent fashion that are not successful. Sometimes winning is just consistently showing up waiting on others to fail and leave.

Your New Definition of winning is building an audience. Losing can only be accomplished by conceding.

Realizing that tomorrow is a new day and you never know who catches your post, reads it, and then shares it to cause an avalanche of followers, subscribers, and cool new people reading your stuff is one of the hardest points of content marketing. Staying on task for that consistent of a long time is the task. That is the only thing that matters.

Realizing that you often don’t know who is actually interested in your content and who will read it, subscribe, and share with others. You want to give yourself as many opportunities as possible.

Revenue Woes and Content Marketing

While many people will tell you the cool awesome huge revenue targets that you will be able to hit with your shiny new piece of content, I will not. I feel like they are setting you up for failure. They don’t mean to be. They are trying to help you succeed because they know that if you are not absolutely thrilled about content marketing then you will never start it. The problem is really that you have to first prepare for “Winter” and this “Winter” is cold, desolate, and will leave you emotionally tortured.

Content Marketing Brings in Winter Storms

I love the process of content marketing because of the storms it brings.

The bounty is fruitful but it is a long hunt. You will first have to drop into the abyss and muttle your way through blogs, training’s, case studies, and adapting your pitch to your market. The winter is cold. Your content will gain little in the numbers game especially your first go at it. No worries though. You are adapted and built for survival. You are lean and ready to pack on extra pounds when the time is right to only have them stripped down by starvation later.

I am painting this picture so that you truly understand how far apart the two are. Your first, second, and often third piece of content are not normally the big pieces that set you up for the win. Your learning on the job. You are finding your path. You are finding out the hard way, what doesn’t work.

You walk out the other side ridiculously fruitful and able to articulate yourself and your emotions in a seemingly celestial way. Your posture may have suffered due to long hours staring at screens. Your contact database should be bursting at the seams. You may even be considered an influencer or authority on your topic. The reality of what I love about it is none of those though. It is the process of sharpening iron or molding diamonds.

Content Marketing – Coal Mining for Diamonds and Iron Ore

Winter Storms that I make reference to are the months and sometimes years it takes to get your content marketing to kick into high gear. The engagement of your audience is often times slow and almost unimpressive. You are going to need to stock the cabinets with Ramen Noodles, Lean up on expenses, and pack in for long days and nights. I will explain the revenue cycle in detail later but just understand today that it is a long process with huge bounty on the end. You are a piece of coal and only time and pressure are going to cook you into a diamond. A lot of time and a lot of pressure.

When you begin the process of Content Marketing you have to realize that it is a process. That process is a lot more than drafting one piece of content and forcing others to sign up for it. There are no shortcuts. There isn’t a better piece of software for when you start than just wordpress and something like convert kit or active campaign for grabbing email subscribers. You don’t need enterprise software. What you do need is time spent putting in reps.

Repetition is the mother of skill. That lines up perfectly for the father time to be nestled up close to you. It will take time and reps to get this right. It is worth it. It really is. You just need to know up front that you are not the best at it so don’t expect their results when you start out.

I believe in you. The fact that you are researching and reading to this piece of content tells me that you tenacity is unmet and will be the reason you succeed. Enjoy as time passes because the journey is the reward.

You want to grow as a person? You want to grow as a business? You want to grow your bank account? How you ask? Content is How. Enjoy the future for it is the brightest when the path is chosen but the road is not seen yet. Future experiences have nothing but imagination to contend with for they have the ability to be as imaginable as your limits to vision, imagination, and emotion.

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