Everyone online is raving about sales funnels.

There are entire industries becoming fascinated with this “new” technology.

Realistically How Many People Are Actually Using it Properly?

This subject has come up a lot recently in my conversations. With so many people flocking to sales funnels as their main driver for new customers, it has me pondering. What were they doing before?

The base of a sales funnel has two major steps. Hacking and Modeling. Let’s talk through those real quick because they seem to be missing in so many funnels I have seen.

Funnel Hacking

Funnel hacking is your starting place. It is where you want to look into the competition and understand their offers. You want to understand who they are targeting. You want to understand why they are building their funnel the way they are building it.

Seems simple, right?

We all get excited when we sit behind a new piece of software. We want to test it out and play with it. I see so many funnels that make no sense! I have to conclude that this “new toy” syndrome is what is driving this chaos.

Funnel Hacking was once called market analysis. We build SEO Silos based on this same design. You broke down an industry by keywords and market research and then gained a perspective for exactly what the market was looking for. What words they used when they described it.

Then you built out a chart to show the keywords in order. From Casual conversation all the way to buyer intent.

This is Cold traffic that is not problem aware all the way to hot traffic that is thriving in pain and buying solutions to fix their pain.

We then would take all of that data and craft offers.

Offer Crafting With Funnels

When you are crafting the offer you still look at the market research. You look at what your competition is offering. You see their strength and weakness. You then craft an offer and build fulfillment to take over that market. You take over that market one keyword at a time…

That is funnel hacking. That is also SEOing. It is marketing.

Russell Brunson talks about it in the form of old school marketing with newspapers and letters. He compares the new email to the old direct mail. It makes it all make sense.

The further out of the problem aware circle you stray, the simpler and less specific your language has to become.

Funnel Modeling

When you are modeling funnels you are hacking competitors and then building your funnel to match theirs. It in turn means similar to Funnel Hacking.

The biggest difference between all of this is the research.

If you are not performing the research and doing it exactly the right way, you will spend a fortune with zero results.

It is good to bump around but it is costly.

I wanted to just write this as a reminder for everyone…

Funnel Hacking and Funnel Modeling Require Research!

If you get the research part right then the funnel will come together and perform beyond expectations. If you miss that critical step in any direction… Be prepared to waste time and money.

Check out some of our webinars where we walk through how we do this process. We do it a bit differently where we are focused on SEO as well as Facebook ads. The premise is the same but it may help you understand the process better.