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You Are Losing 97% Of Your Visitors Forever...


That is why turning every viewer into an opportunity for a lead is crucial to building an online business. 

You either pay for advertising or you have a list.

If you have a great product then you do both. 

Even if you have 10,000 Facebook fans you can not reach all of them. You still have to buy advertising. Every social media available will charge you for traffic. 

You need to have killer epic content that converts. 

Content Marketing Starts with your funnel. That starts with you ability to capture leads. 

Why Capture Leads?

Leads are the life blood to sales. They are where you begin communicating with your prospects. The money is in the list... Why?

Email marketing is the most effective marketing channel. 

Starting, Growing, and Nurturing Your Email List Must Be Your Top Priority. You Want Buyers...

What is your conversion rate? Turning visitors into subscribers is the life blood of blogging. 

It is also the life blood of most eCommerce sites as well. 

When you control a list of people you can send traffic anywhere you want. It is ultimate power. When you rely on advertising then you never actually win. You constantly have to spend money and rely on other people's networks. 

With ad's you can control the traffic but you don't own it. 

Random traffic that comes from shares and SEO can often confuse people as well. Many people wonder why their conversion rates are so bad? Your random visits are not from people that were looking for what you are talking about. They are not "sold out" on your subject.

Targeted Traffic That You Convert Into Subscribers


I have literally built a multi-million dollar business on the strength of my email list. Ninety percent of my income comes from it. Even today, my email list is still my number one business priority—and asset.

Michael Hyatt, 500k+ subscribers,

Just think about... Imagine what a list of 100,000 subscribers could mean to you? 

Everything you publish automatically gets read. Your share count just goes up. In depth conversations about your service, product, or blog start. You go front page of Reddit from your subs. When people are looking for your subject then other people recommend your site. This is the make or break because of the loyalty of subscribers. You even get testimonials about what you are doing in your inbox, unsolicited. 

You can even focus on building the perfect products, the perfect post, and finally just interact with your fans. You can even just focus on growing that site. That's it.

If You Do Not Have An Email List, and If You Are Not Building One Then You Are Making A Huge Mistake!

Without my list, I’d have to start again from scratch and it could take years to get back to where I was.

Pat Flynn,



What Is All This About? 

I started a small membership course. I am giving it away for free right now. I just simply want to start with a few hundred people.

I want to help those few hundred people grow their online presence. 

I see the fact that if they are not growing an email list then they are not going to succeed. 


I took it upon myself to find those few hundred people and get them started. 

The biggest gap in a subscriber versus a viewer is:

  • The Ask
  • The Target
  • The Content

So I broke down every part of this in a simple online course. It is available for free. 

I walk through everything I do to produce content and gain subscribers. 

These are not just simple ideas... These are not regurgitated Blog Posts...

I give you the exact coordinates. The exact advice that changed the way I marketed forever. 


Either sign up and let's do this together. 


Go Start Building Your List On Your Own.

Either Way...

Good Luck! Look Forward To Seeing You In The Members Area.

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