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Struggling To Get Internet Marketing Working For You?

If you have a website then you dream of traffic.

If you traffic to your website then you dream of conversions.

If you have conversions then you dream of automation of your fulfillment. You also dream of have a process that produces new products to sell, traffic to those products, and fulfillment processes for deliver of those items.

That is internet marketing.

While the industry is full of "Guru's" that want to tell you how easy that is, I am here to tell you it is super difficult.

There are so many factors and figuring out which ones matter can just take tons of time and experiments. Internet Marketing Puzzle

Why Internet Marketing Is So *&$% (Freakin) Hard

We get in our own way.  Obviously we "think" we understand and that we are making great moves. Big rewards if we get it right. No rewards and risk if we get it wrong.

I see it looking back in my own life cycle of a marketer.

I thought I understood something or received bad (or partial) information. I spun off and spent time, money, and resources trying to get "there" fast.

"There" being the keyword.

There is different for each of us. Definition of that place, goal, and lifestyle is where I started. Once I changed my focus on specific goals it changed my marketing.

Let's be honest... It is hard not to be romantic about learning and baseball.

When I started learning I became addicted. I was not interested in following up or seeing results. I was interested in learning, trying, and then getting the win. I just wanted to prove that I could do it.

Unfortunately I was more interested in the puzzle.Puzzle of SEO The building blocks of creating an amazing offer, capitalizing on that offer and then seeing the traffic flow in. That is all I wanted.

The puzzle for me started as SEO. I wanted to rank for terms that no one else thought I could rank for.

I went after Online Shopping, Buy Backlinks, and other niche terms. I conquered. It was fun but the excitement was done. I had figured out how to manipulate the algorithm and so the puzzle was over.

As I have gotten older (I would like to think wiser) I have found myself realizing that I was not serving a crowd. I was serving my own guilty pleasure of "the chase" or "the puzzle."

How To Overcome "The Puzzle"

For me... I don't claim to know how everyone thinks I stopped focusing on the wrong things. I started focusing on how to serve others. That was it. It all clicked when my focus became other people.

This blog, this site, and all the offers in it are focused on one core group of people.

Growth Hackers, Bloggers, SEO, Internet Marketers, Business Owners, Digital Marketers, Etc

We have so many names that we all call ourselves. Some of us are "funnel hackers." Others prefer "tribe members." Some of us are "on fire."

Regardless of your affiliation with whatever person first explained the concepts of list building and selling stuff online, you are a marketer.

You want to take something and build a core audience around it.

Content Marketing has revolutionized the way businesses think about "content."

Content became king of the internet not too long ago and refuses to step down.

In that mix we are seeing video, streaming, and new mobiles and tablets take away from various long form written content.

All of this is "the puzzle."

Understanding how all the pieces fit together. What matters. What does not matter at all...

That is really what you and I are both after.

We are after the conclusion. The moment that our "slightly defined goals" are met.

This site is here to help you define what matters. Solve your puzzle. Market your products online. And face the real king of the empire known as online.


That is the big breakthrough I had.

How to format everything, structure the SEO, the content, the offer, and the other various "skills" so that I could serve the user.

Google is not a nice friend. They don't play well with others. Facebook ads are all the rage today and can make you a bunch of money. BUT...

When something changes in the landscaped (and boy has it changed over my time here in "internet" land) you have to be serving an audience or else you will vanish completely.

Join me. Learn a few things I learned from (probably from doing it wrong). Let's fit the puzzle pieces together and make you profitable, fulfilled, and a servant leader online!

"Thanks, But Guest Posting Isn't That Important Now..."

"Guest posting is really that important..." 

"I run Facebook ads and I never need to do guest posting..."
"Guest posting doesn't really affect sales and income anyway..."
A lot of people don't realize how guest posting can mean ranking higher on search engines and more income every single month for their business. If the above sounds familiar (well, maybe because that's what you're thinking right now), we've gathered a few case studies that will show why you should be doing guest posting RIGHT NOW!
Case Study 1: How Paid Guest Posts From Premium Content Sites Boosted A Marketing Site’s Rankings According To Ahrefs Blog
As you can see, the premium guest post links correlate with improvements in keyword rankings. Which of course means more organic search traffic.
So again, this would indicate that links from paid guest posts will improve search engine rankings. And with data, it’s pretty safe to say that building links through guest posting remains an effective way to increase your site’s organic traffic.
Case Study 2: How A Travel Site Hit Page 1 Of Google With A Paid Guest Post Campaign According To Ahrefs Blog
The specs were:
DA: 20+
Trust Flow: 10+
Article length: 500+ words
Turnaround time: 2 weeks
Within 10 days all 5 guest posts had been placed. So apart from site 3 (TF 6) all metrics were as promised.
Case Study 3: Buffer – Take Your Business from Zero to 100k Customers According to The Social Ms
Leo Widrich the co-founder of the social media scheduling app Buffer wrote approximately 150 guest posts on smaller blogs that did not drive a ton of traffic to their website and managed to grow the customer base for Buffer from zero to 100k customers within 9 months. Buffer focused more on signups for their app than on traffic. But nevertheless the traffic certainly also grew which was to a large part due to the guest blogging efforts.
Case Study 4: Danny Iny – The Freddy Krueger Of Blogging According to The Social Ms
Danny Iny was not famous when he started his company to Mirasee. Their traffic was 30 visits per day then he turned to posting on other blogs that already had an audience, Copyblogger. His traffic grew in a couple of months because of the 80 guest posts that he wrote. But what is even more amazing, he managed to grow his email list in a short time. He was able to build his own audience and community and that is the foundation of his success up to this day.
Case Study 5: Silvio Porcellana – Guest Blogging for SEO According to The Social Ms
Silvio is founder and CEO of And he used guest blogging to boost traffic from search engines to his site by 20%. He published 44 guest blog posts in 5 months. And here is what happened:
  • The Domain authority increased from 29 to 34/100
  • There is a steady increase in referring domains
  • The Ahrefs rank shows a steady increase
  • Organic keywords went up significantly

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