Blogging Sucks! Here Is How To Fall In LOVE With It

Blogging Sucks! Here Is How To Fall In LOVE With It

The Holy Grail Of Online Jobs isn’t actually all it’s wrapped up to be. I’m talking about “blogging” for a living. Blogging or playing video games on YouTube…  it’s all the same. You might even think it sounds great and fun so you go ahead and start. Months (or even a year) pass by and you then realize why so few people are successful at it. Attracting a dedicated audience that wants to view your content daily or even weekly is difficult. It is beyond difficult, unless you understand how.

That how is chased by tons of bloggers and content creators. Let’s dissect a few major pieces and start developing a plan to overcome and gain that audience.

Do the realities outlined below on online content publishing sound familiar?

Your “guest post” only brings 54 visitors on average per post.

Your “blog” or “videos” are not ranking in Google so they don’t get any natural traffic.

Producing content is becoming more and more difficult since there’s nothing new to say or discuss.

The last straw? The few comments (always the first few) are either spam or naysayers telling you how much they hate what you’re doing.

Find Out What It Takes to Craft Viral Content to Get Your Brand Noticed

viral content

Viral marketing is a bit like stand-up comedy—they both require strong emotions and mass appeal. When content lacks the mass appeal factor or if it doesn’t evoke the right emotion, much of the audience won’t be moved to share it. Viral Content either catches early and all or hits like a brick against concrete. Sometimes it’s just a dud. The upside of viral content keeps everyone seeking this “holy grail” of sorts.

All online marketers understand that the internet provides a limitless potential to make any specific content go viral. One share from the right publisher or one read from an influencer can result in thousands of shares and page views. Any marketer worth his salt knows that formulating a solid viral content strategy and executing it consistently is not an easy task. That’s perhaps why many marketers quickly point out that it’s almost near impossible to craft viral content. But is that really the case?

What Does It Take To Create Viral Content?

It’s a difficult question. But looking around the internet, you’ll notice there are actually people out there who manage to create viral content on a consistent basis.

Why You Absolutely Need To Hire a Freelance Copywriter

Email Copy writer

So you spent the money to have your website professionally designed, now you’re realizing that filling in the blank pages isn’t as easy as you envisioned. You may have been willing to hire a professional web designer to create your website, but you might be thinking you can take a stab at copy writing on your own. Truth is, copywriting is not for everyone, nor is it easy. One could argue that the copy on your website is actually more important than your website’s design. This is why copywriters get paid the big bucks to craft expertly written campaigns for even the biggest companies in just about every industry. A website’s copy is what sells the product or service.  ItEmail  should be number one on your priority list. Throughout this article, we will be going over in intricate detail why you absolutely need to hire a freelance copywriter right now.

Why You Need To Hire a Freelance Copywriter Right Now:

1. They Can Optimize Your Website and Increase Conversions.

Your website is nothing without traffic and conversions. After all, the entire point of getting people to come to your website is to convert them into leads and/or customers.

Biggest Reasons To Hire an Email Copywriter

Email Copywriting

Writing email copy is something that is absolutely vital to your email marketing efforts. With that being said, it can be extremely overwhelming if you do not know or understand where to begin. While you might know and understand its importance, it is typically something that gets pushed to the back burner or brushed off as something that any amateur can handle. When it comes to maximizing the effectiveness and results of your email marketing campaigns, without professional web copy, it simply isn’t happening. It is imperative to hire someone that knows exactly what to say and what not to say in order to facilitate a proper relationship with your prospective and current customers. Below, we will be going over some of the biggest reasons you should hire an email copywriter rather than attempting to do it yourself.

Reasons To Hire An Email Copywriter:

1. Better Conversions.

The biggest reason to hire a copywriter to assist you in your email marketing efforts is to increase your conversions. The entire purpose of implementing email marketing is to continually market your products or services to your captured list. Without knowing what to say in each email,

Make Converting Epic Content… EVEN WHEN… When You Have Nothing To Write About…

Make Converting Epic Content... EVEN WHEN... When You Have Nothing To Write About...


If you are struggling finding content to write about then you are definitely not doing something right.


If you are struggling to write everything you want to write about then join the crowd and… Read on b/c I break down a cool way to help you.


If you have no idea why or what we are talking about. Stop now before you are totally confused.

The First Steps to Converting Content

If you do not have a converting funnel then don’t start writing a bunch of content. If you write content before you understand what converts in your sales funnel you may have to come back and edit a ton of post.

That means that everything you are writing now could need edited later. That process sucks! Trust me.

Here’s Why:

If you find out later that the language pattern your customers want from you is totally different. You find out 20 days from now. You were “blogging” for 20 days. That means you have to scrub that content to implement the new speech patterns.