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How To Use Iconography: 7 Effective Tips

Iconography is an incredibly important web design element that takes up a very tiny portion of the screen and offers a quick representation of the current status of user action. It is also associated with logo design and several designers use iconography to create intuitive logos for businesses and corporations. Iconography is also referred to […]


10 Questions To Help You Choose Website Designers

What Questions Should You Ask In A Web Designer Getting a professionally designed website is a great way to improve your businesses image. Take for example the website Simply Thick. It is simple but tells the story. A common problem you will have with weeding out all of the web designers on the market is […]


SEO as an Excellent Traffic Method and More

SEO or search engine optimization is a way for websites to maximize their visibility in internet browser searches. It’s also a means of gaining increased traffic with free, organic or natural search results. In a stage funnel, the awareness phase requires some form of SEO so it can create awareness that’s able to generate prospects. […]

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