Why Marketers Are Struggling and How to Fix It

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Today’s consumer is completely different from previous years. The economy is having positive growth. This still brings to market a cautious consumer.

Cautious Consumers Withering Your Motivation and Money?

The caution is understandable. It comes from a recession that happened just a few years ago. It comes from world news. This is the undeniable state of marketing. This is why so many marketers are struggling marketing.

This caution is why you see so much marketing education happening. Content Marketing, Sales Funnels, SEO, and other Online Marketing formats are growing.

While marketing is a key concept that is on the front of every business owner. Marketing itself seems over complicated. There are too many agendas preached on without a certainty.

Marketing Uncertainty Causing You Despair & Restless Nights?

That uncertainty is why marketing organizations are thriving. Packed with individuals and departments from companies seeking wisdom. That wisdom is the “Secret” that everyone wants.

The state of marketing is not uncertain. The results from great marketing seem more like an anomaly than a process. The raging fan businesses are far and few between. They seem like fairy tales.

Every marketer has two focus factors. Leads and Sales. This is undeniable. Yet most marketers will tell you that they struggle to relate their marketing to leads. They also fail to convert the leads they do get.

State of Desperation in Marketing Stems From a Lack of Clarity

The market has cautious consumers and uncertain marketers. That has lead to new ideas in marketing. These established ideas are the center of confusion. That confusion is being lead by a lack of clarity.

[thrive_text_block color=”dark” headline=”Content Marketing Institute put out their benchmark study that showcases this.”]

  • 70% of B2B marketers say their organizations are ineffective at content marketing. That is down from 62% from last year.
  • 55% are unclear of unsure of what content marketing success looks like.
  • Lead Generation and Sales are the most important goals for content marketers.
  • B2B marketers continue to be heavily focused on creating engaging content. This is the same as previous years. Marketers cite it as the top priority for their internal content creators over the next years.


Why do you think that UBM bought Content Marketing Institute ? Why do you think Joe (CMI) sold?

The Incapable Marketers Reasons Pile Up Fast

If you feel inadequate or that you struggle to get amazing results. The state of marketing is to blame.

Currently there is a convoluted mix of marketing advice filled with buzzwords. Clarity overlooked due to a lack of sexiness.

It is time to wake up and see the light. Clarity is needed.

You Need Results and Not Buzzwords and Hero’s

The problem you face is one that many others face as well. You want to understand. Without understanding there are emotions of despair, distrust, and that results in anger.

That anger is what has fueled this site and courses creation.

If your fed up with the buzzwords and want results then you will want to read and subscribe to this site.

You Need Leads. You Need Conversions. You Need That Plan Fast.

This is the real reason you are reading still. You need leads. You need customers. You need to find a way to bridge the gap between your website and your prospects.

That bridge is where we are going to fit in. We are not wanting a job so don’t worry there.

We are going to showcase the simple truths, principles that work. These are not buzzwords. In fact they are work. They are work and they work.

If You Want Huge Results Then Get Ready For Hard Work

We have to first define hard work.

This is going to be work much like cold calling is to sales professionals. It is not hard to pick up a phone.

We can all reach down and pick up our cell phone with an amazing frequency. We are impulsive and absorbed with mental farts. That is just who we are.

We also know that picking up the phone is not a problem. It is not hard.

Yet, most people can not make “cold calls” to make more money regardless of the situation. This is because you can not control the outcome. You are reliant on a person you do not know to respond.

Overcoming Your Fear of Rejection and Unknowns

You are not facing your fears.

You have a deep seeded fear of rejection. You also have a deep fear of uncertainty.

These are what are driving you to read this. You can harness their power. You may not understand this yet but the same fear that drives you from success can lead you to it.

[thrive_custom_box title=”The Number 1 Fear is Public Speaking” style=”light” type=”image” image=”http://www.contenthow.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Background-for-Sub-Forms.jpg” full_height=0]

Public speaking is the number one fear. Not death.

Face it. We are feeble creatures.

The number two fear is heights. Not Death.

The same reason the fears are so great are the same reason you are not successful.


Time to Fix the Sensitive Skeletons in Your Closet

Your fears and lack of success are gaining fuel. You are not overcoming the adversity. Buzzwords are not helping you.

The market is gaining ground but that means that competition is developing. The market is toughest at its height due to successful competition.

This all leads us to the critical point.

[content_container max_width=’500′ align=’center’]You Need a Guiding Hand That Faces Your Problems For Real[/content_container]

Your fears of cold calling. Your fears of uncertainty. Your fear is a fuel. We are going to start by transforming that into a fire that burns for success.

The difference between successful people and those that continue to struggle?

Don’t miss this. It is important.

That difference is Ownership.

Successful people own up to their feeble emotions. They realize that they are mentally not going to overcome picking up the phone. Successful people face the emotions anyways. They go through the anxiety.

They learn something about themselves at this moment. They realize how strong they are.

They call on that strength from that point on. They call on it to command a greater expectation over themselves from that point on.

Do Not Let Your Emotions Control You and Your Success For Now ON

Let’s cut to the chase. The truth is that if you can fill your brands audience with engaged viewers then you will succeed. That is simple as it gets.

There are three parts to that equation. They are the three main portions that are in the series.

The First is Mental and Emotional Response Training

You will have to make some (not hard) emotional decisions. They will be difficult but you will find out how to hold yourself to a higher standard for now on.

You will be able to face the difficult emotional decisions with clarity. That clarity will help you overcome your marketing woes with rapid speed. That clarity is how you are going to gain application.

The Second is Engagement Optimization

Engagement is the most sought after word in every marketers vocabulary. Once you have the emotions that were holding you back in check, we learn to gain an audience.

This is not just viewers or readers. This is a raving fan audience.

Engagement Optimization focuses on practical applications of your content. You learn to write for your audience and how to spark engagement. How to create trust and gain a following.

The Third is Conversion Optimization

Once you have an audience you will need sales and leads. These are the lifeblood of any thriving business. The problems that you once faced will be long gone.

Your new found engagement will place you in a position of power. No longer will you have to come from a position of a begging weak marketer.

You are going to be able to market like a Power Broker.

Why Does Your Content/Teaching Different a.k.a. Does it Really Work?

Once you read through this Ebook you will see the reason that we set the book in this order. Here is a glimpse to help you understand.

Until you understand your own emotions you can’t talk to your audience. They have many of the same fears about your site that you have about marketing to them.

Your Emotions Are Not Lonely, That’s Just Insecurity Lurking

Remember that the number one fear lurks for everyone. You are not special. That is a good thing.

It means that everyone has the same dysfunctional emotional problems. The real problem is that we don’t take ownership of those fickle emotional instincts.

Once your passion has fuel from your emotions you are unstoppable. You just have to find the emotions that drive you. You have to also face and counter the emotions that are hindering your progress.

Engagement Optimization Through Level 100 Content

Now you take that new emotional understanding to fuel your content you have new powers. That content with some mastery steps becomes Level 100 content.

Here is the problem that you don’t understand yet. Your content sucks. I know it hurts to hear that but it is true.

How to Get Level 100 Content That Engages

Act like it takes one of your readers a score of 100 to become a subscriber.

Your normal content is like this:

If it is good it gets a score of 55. Still no subscriber.

If it is great then it gets a score of 75. Still no subscriber.

Amazing Content gets a score of 95.

Guess what. Does 95 equal 100?

Nope! That is why this is so difficult.

You need Level 100 content. That is why you have heard about writing epic content.

You are going to learn how to take content from good to amazing. Then we are going to show you the mastery steps to make it Level 100 content.

You can not skip steps though. There is not way to get Level 100 content without having Emotional Response Training. It just can’t happen.

[thrive_drop_caps color=’dark’ style=’2′]Now You Have Leads! What Do You Do Next?[/thrive_drop_caps]

Without the ability to close a sale you will be homeless. Business relies on sales.

That is why we don’t stop with just your emotional mastery.

That is why we don’t stop on engagement.

Engagement without conversion is like humans without trees. Their is a codependency.

Engagement and Conversion Have a Great Codependency

Conversions are where your emotional mastery meets engagement and push just right. Not to hard. Not to suttle. Just Right.

There is a tactfulness needed. Take your Level 100 content and focus it. Don’t promote with it. Yet appeal it to your audiences wallet.

Conversion Optimization focuses on the skillful ways to take your content and audience through a sales funnel.

You focus your attention to reacting to what you learn. You find ways to increase your contents effect.

Conversion is About Focusing on Effectiveness

Did you know that you should spend just as much time improving you content as you should writing new content? Think about it. If you can increase the conversions off of current content by 20%?

Why would you not take your content and find a way to improve the conversions on it? Yet industry leaders think you should write daily?

What good is your poor content going to do if you never run it through a conversion optimization cycle?

This entire section is covers your frontage as a business that demands respect. You should showcase trust and your authentic desire. Your voice needs to come through on your pages.

Small inconsistencies are being picked up on by your prospects. You don’t even realize that they are there.

Are You Talking About Reliable UX Design?

We are not talking about design work. You may have to get some pictures posted but that is the extent of design.

The reality is that you can scan in stick figure drawings and have a trusted business. Don’t believe me?

Read Nevs Blog . Nev has a designer’s nightmare on most of his post. Yet his conversion and engagement are through the roof.

You need to understand what actually causes conversions. Conversion optimization isn’t a cool word to just toss around. It is a real simple strategy that can be formed like a checklist for your business.

This is Good News! It Explains Why You’re Still Searching

Don’t have despair and worry. There is no need to fear any longer.

You now understand why the buzzwords haven’t worked. You understand why you are still searching for marketing advice.

Remember that you are not alone in your fears and emotions? Apparently a lot of us hate talking to people on top of tall buildings.

Also realize that you are not alone in the marketing woes either. We all also fear cold calls and weird meetings with strangers.

Emotional Engagement Struggles Are Mainstream and Growing!

Remember That Content Marketing Benchmark Study We Talked About Earlier?

  • 70% of B2B marketers say their organizations are ineffective at content marketing. That is down from 62% from last year.
  • 55% are unclear of unsure of what content marketing success looks like.
  • Lead Generation and Sales are the most important goals for content marketers.
  • B2B marketers continue to be heavily focused on creating engaging content. This is the same as previous years. Marketers cite it as the top priority for their internal content creators over the next years.

These are most of the industry screaming the same problems that you are having. This isn’t just bloggers. Content Marketing Institute is made up of huge corporations as well. These are teams of people dedicated to engagement and conversions.

There are people paid big money to do this as a job. They took that survey as well. That is why you shouldn’t have heartache over this.

You now have a path to unlocking these problems.

You have a path to personal power in marketing.

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