Getting To Know Marketers Pain Points

Find Out What 50k Marketers Polled Said Their Greatest Challenge Was!

 The Same Way You Got Here is Exactly What You Can Learn if You Hang Around.

It’s real simple. I have polled a ton of marketers and figured out their aches and pains. I have some of the same aches and pains.

Now I research and find the fixes (not bull-loney answers) that are actionable. Content HOW focuses on finding an actionable path for marketers to gain email subscribers using traffic “getting” methods.

We then market and convert those to sales. We do all that online. The fine details are what are covered in the action plans.

You want to find out how to grow your marketing IQ. Read this page and then complete the survey below. The Story Behind The Survey is Below It…

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I don’t want to sell you anything. CRAZY RIGHT?

I would love for you to see enough value from me that you want to buy. Weird, Right?

You want to learn exactly how I built my online income generating machine.

The real truths and not some crappy answer that looks cool in an article.

I want you to want that. I want you to trust me so much that you see value in what I have to offer.

That value is what I am wanting to cash in on. When you have seen enough value in my services then you will exchange it for money to learn more. That’s it. That is my “big dark secret.” That really should be the same secret you have with your audience base.

The difference between me and the other guru’s is that I don’t want to make a ton of money just selling people my online strategies. I actually run real businesses that make money. I just realized that part of my calling and give back was to “pass it on” what I could teach others.

That is Why People Go Crazy and Love My Articles on Large Media Sites like Search Engine Journal.

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=”The readership deserves real information that can change their life.”] [/thrive_text_block]

[thrive_headline_focus title=”I was just like you. I struggled. I flopped around. I was broke, overweight, and about to lose my family.” orientation=”left”]

I was a member of like 50 different Facebook marketing groups, 10 different (paid for) membership and marketing training websites, and I was steadily not getting any where. I don’t know for sure but my wife was pretty fed up with being broke and not having anything worth value. She knew I had it in me but I wasn’t performing from what she could see.

I actually felt like I was working my tail off. I was. I was super busy and spending a ton of time reading, learning, and trying. The problem with all of those things is that they don’t get RESULTS. Results are money.

You know what reading, learning, and trying don’t do? (This Video Has Very Strong Language That I Do Not Condone… It Makes The Point Very Well Though)

My Kids Can’t Eat Learning and Software. They Don’t Eat Blog Post or Training Videos. They Can’t Wear Trying.

They eat food (lot’s of it as I have 2 teenagers) and they wear clothes. They also need camps, vacations, cars, sports gear, and a plethora of other expenses. This all takes Money. Lots of it.

My monthly budget was low. I had lived within my means. The problem was that my means were not very much. My wife had two jobs and I was scraping by online to just make the $3,500 dollars a month we needed to live.

I needed money. I needed to figure out this marketing online thing or go get a “grind” job.

C’mon it’s simple. Click here to make a million tonight (all done for you). I was so sick of lying headlines and Crap People Marketing Crap Products To Take My Money.

I saw a ton of online guru’s telling me how simple it was to make money. I saw people that I got to know like Noah Kagan and started asking better questions. I started reading between the lines.

I found the problem. The big giant gaping whole in everyone I knew that was struggling marketing.

At some point along the way I had an epiphany. A waking up. An arising. I felt ready. I was ready. It was simply my time to shine.

The Time I Was Going To Build My Online Empire Was Now

It was so simple what I discovered. It wasn’t being sold. It wasn’t being told. It was outdated and old. It was the One thing that turned my marketing around.

It transformed me from an overweight loser to an overweight stud. (Then I started losing a ton of weight). That’s right, it wasn’t a magical pill. It was real advice I could take action on.

Some of the “secrets” are obvious. They just need explaining and for you to take action.

Let’s Be Brutally Honest With Each Other

I want you to get this. At the same time I want to pick your brain and find out what you believe you are struggling with first.

You want to get my secrets and go make a bunch of money with them.

We Both Want The Same Thing Here.

What I don’t want is for you to think I am a liar. To read, learn, and try what I am teaching you. Trying is going to get you bad results. We are going to take huge action and repeat successes.

You are either so Pessimistic that you don’t want to try or you are so programmed to just buy stuff and never use it that you buy and never do.

So I Made My Marketing Completely Different.

You have to want to get onto my email list.

You have to work in order to learn from me.

So if you take this journey with me.

You are going to be pushed.

I am simple.

I am honest.

I don’t want you to sign up and complain later.

What I have built is the base of 5 businesses that are producing more money than I can spend.

Once the final tweaks are done and we keep reproducing success, these businesses will each be making what they are collectively now.

If You Want a Real “Friend” and a Real “Mentor” Then Here I Am

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Get Ready For Hard Work.

Have time to work on your business (after hours is fine by me).

Expect phone calls and follow ups from me and my team. We are going to make sure you get results.

DON’T Ever Say That You Didn’t Have a Chance to Learn Marketing Ever Again.

This opportunity put you on this page.

We are kindred spirits. If you read to here then you are probably ready.

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