October 21


AllSocial: The New Social Media Platform

By Lindsay Shearer

October 21, 2019

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AllSocial is the new, easy-to-use social media experience that is poised to take the industry and the world by storm.

AllSocial is a brand new user-focused platform that puts control back into the hands of users. AllSocial allows you to connect with friends and family and share the content that you love most. Without the use of an algorithm, AllSocial users have complete control over what they see on their feeds. Users also have peace of mind knowing that each and every post they publish will be delivered to everyone who follows them. Even more exciting, AllSocial users can post from all other major platforms directly to AllSocial; including platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. This exciting, new platform has been lifted to unprecedented popularity in the short time it has been available to the public because it gives its users complete control in a unique way.

AllSocial makes two promises that really set them apart as a company:

  • AllSocial promises users that 100% of the content shared on the AllSocial Platform will be sent out to ALL friends and ALL followers. (No algorithms here.)
  • AllSocial will never sell user data or personal information

The creators of AllSocial took user experience and user interface into ultimate consideration when conceiving this social platform.  Keeping UI and UX in the forefront, the AllSocial innovators created a safe and open community where people can connect with each other and be authentic.______________________________________________________________________________________

AllSocial is the ultimate social hub where all of your social media accounts can come together and hang out like their back in highschool. I joke, but by taking a giant step back to the beginning and leaning on the basics of social media, AllSocial gives users a simple social space to refocus on connecting with others and sharing ideas and thoughts through content that they can be 100% sure will be shared on the platform with all followers. AllSocial wants to be a social platform that welcomes all people from every walk of life, no matter your ethnicity, your beliefs or viewpoints, your background, gender, orientation, race, or culture.

AllSocial’s Chief Innovation Officer, Logan Kimball, said it best in an interview on the entrepreneur-focused web platform, Ideamensch. Logan writes, “We created AllSocial to fill a current need in the marketplace. We understand the issues that users face with other social media platforms. We developed AllSocial to fix those issues. The goal of AllSocial is to connect the entire world in one main social hub. The content you create and share across the web, including from other social media platforms, can be posted and viewed right from the AllSocial news feed.”

As I have said before, AllSocial promises users that they will have the opportunity to create and share content that is guaranteed to be seen by every single user in their network. AllSocial users won’t ever have to worry about data being sold or a content newsfeed basically lacking all real CONTENT, having been swarmed by an army of irrelevant algorithmically-sound, but irrelevant (to the owner of the feed) posts or generalized advertisements in which the user takes no real interest. Social Media users are ready for a simpler platform that allows the user to decide the type of experience they wish to have. AllSocial is so excited to provide a social media blank canvas of sorts, where the user can write their own story, film their own video, draw their own illustrations and be their own individual.

While building an open environment for people to come and create, AllSocial will always put the utmost attention on their user’s privacy. AllSocial says the user experience comes first, which is why the new social platform considers privacy of the highest priority and why it comes into consideration with every single strategic decision that innovators of the platform make on a daily basis.  In order to show users how important their privacy was to the creators of the platform, the innovators at AllSocial committed, publically and in writing, that they will never sell their users data.

That is a real promise from a group of truly innovative digital brains who have created the next great social platform that is for each and every one of us. That platform is AllSocial.

Lindsay Shearer

About the author

Lindsay Shearer is a global SEO Expert and serves as the Editor for Feedster.com, ContentHow.com among other publication sites. She is the founder of a group of traffic generation programs at https://lindsayshearer.com and travels speaking on SEO & Entrepreneurship. She spent 10 years in mergers and acquisitions and has been driving massive online traffic for hundreds of businesses and brands for the last 15 years.

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