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Entrepreneur Noble Sacrifice Stories

By Will Robins

July 5, 2018

Entrepreneur Noble Sacrifice Stories

Entrepreneurship has no doubt changed the world as we know it. Without the companies who took ideas, innovated them, and spread them across the world, we would still be stuck in the Stone Age. While it’s easy to credit certain societies for technological innovation, the reality is that without the individual creativity and entrepreneurial mind of the innovators, the society itself would be nothing.

Today, we’re going to discuss the idea of a “noble sacrifice” and why it’s important to have ideological goals that you strive to reach with each passing quarter. While money and financial success will always serve as a great motivation to try new things and reach new heights, they only go so far.

An entrepreneur who is obsessed primarily with money will never make it far in life because they lack the vision necessary for true innovation. Every single idea that comes their way will just be another cash cow to milk until it comes time to set it aside. On the other hand, an entrepreneur who has vision, drive, and strong ideology behind their work and company will have the passion to continue innovating, and an idea of perfection that will push them to create a product or service that is nothing short of amazing.

The Idea Of A Noble Sacrifice

So, by now you’re probably wondering what all this talk of “noble sacrifice” is about. It’s more or less a fancy way to describe the sacrifices that you’ll need to make in order to take your company to the next level. In this case, we’re going to be talking about making sacrifices that help you stick to your ideas.

As engineer Dean Kamen famously said, “I don’t work on a project unless I believe that it will dramatically improve life for a bunch of people.” Entrepreneurs are better equipped to improve life for people than most politicians. While the politicians argue and debate for years on end, small business owners are creating the products, providing the services, and giving back to the world every single day.

To be able to give back to the world, you first have to grow. The reality is that true change requires money, and while money is never the ultimate purpose, you must never stop keeping track of it and growing your revenue.

Sacrificing Time

One of the biggest sacrifices that you’ll have to make if you want to see success is time. As an entrepreneur, you will sacrifice more time than you’ll ever be able to keep track of. From the time that you sacrifice coming up with new ideas to the time that you spend burning the midnight oil in the office, you’d better get used to not having much free time in the beginning stages. Even some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs rarely take a break.

Sacrificing your time doesn’t just stop when you make your first six-figure paycheck either. If you’re truly serious about your product and changing the world, then you’re going to keep on putting in time and effort to grow your company on a global scale. By growing your company on a global scale it starts with a share screen on what you can gain from having more people around you with the same goal and sacrificing time to achieve that goal.

Entrepreneur Noble Sacrifice Stories

Staying Honest

One of the most important qualities to have as a business is honesty. Some of the most notable and “trustworthy” companies have come under fire for their mistakes and driftings to the shady side of the business. Once you’re successful enough, you will be tempted. Whether it’s a clever idea that pops into your head or a suggested business merger with a less than reputable company, an entrepreneur will one day be faced with a choice. In order to remain honest, you may have to sacrifice a lot of money.

A Couple Of Stories About Noble Sacrifice

Entrepreneur Noble Sacrifice Stories

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is the iconic founder of Amazon. He once said, “Success is going to require talented experts, a beginner’s mind, and a long-term orientation.” When he first started Amazon in 1994, he built a cheap website to sell books on. That’s a long shot from what Amazon is today. Today, Amazon is one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

The key to the success of Amazon was the sacrifice and vision that Bezos held for the long haul. In the beginning, he knew that Amazon wasn’t going to remain a small bookstore. He had bigger and better dreams, but to reach these, he had to be willing to put in the work at the bottom in order to grow into the industry giant he is today.

Another great quote from him is to “think long-term and don’t sacrifice long-term value for short-term results.” So many companies today fail in this area. It’s easy to sacrifice a little bit of quality here and there to save money, but these small failures build up over time in the eyes of your customers. In a world full of dishonest businesses, you should make it your priority to be a shining beacon of hope and reliability.

Through his dedication to perfection and long-term vision of the future of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has accomplished everything that people told him was impossible. He has great plans to use his fortune to change the world in the future years.

Entrepreneur Noble Sacrifice Stories

Elon Musk

Once you have the money to go to the moon, you’ll be able to do whatever you want. Elon Musk is a great example of this. Elon Musk was always an entrepreneur even while he was a child. He always read books, increased his knowledge base, and thought of new ideas to make money with. His first venture as a young teenager was to start an arcade until his parents found out that he was planning on taking out a large business loan to do. Prior to them realizing that he was underage, though, he had already successfully made business arrangements with a landlord and an arcade game distributor.

This urge to innovate pushed him further in his later years. He invented PayPal, which made him billions. It was a sacrifice of time and interest that he made to build the capital he needed to start his real ventures; taking humanity into the space age.

Since then he has created Solar City, which provides solar roofing shingles to homes, Tesla, and SpaceX. After his first few successful launches into space, he is now contracted by NASA from time to time because he created a way to reduce launch costs by almost 90%.

Tesla is currently on track to be one of the best electric cars in the world. Elon Musk has sacrificed an incredible amount for Tesla. It has actually made him very little money over the course of the past few years, but he has continued to feed the company because it is his dream to see roads that aren’t soaking in smog. Because of his noble sacrifice in pursuit of a greater good, Tesla will eventually lead the world in producing eco-friendly vehicles.

Final Thoughts

As a business owner, you will have to make sacrifices. The important thing to keep in mind is that you make these sacrifices in pursuit of higher goals. You should never sacrifice things like quality, honesty, or customer service. However, when it comes to personal and financial sacrifice in pursuit of a worthy and noble goal, you should never hesitate if you stand to improve your company and the world around you.

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