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Marketing Disaster Recovery as a Service – IT Solutions

By Will Robins

May 4, 2018

Consider Disaster Recovery Solutions and How They Can Be Beneficial To Your Business

What is Disaster Recovery?

Even though the databases and technological systems on which our modern society and businesses rely are all very sophisticated, they are also vulnerable to many different types of attacks and even natural catastrophes. Equipment malfunctions and the losses they can cause are a very real threat to the modern business. Disaster Recovery is the solution to protecting these systems and the important functions they perform. Having a biz library and backup resources are very important for businesses to stay the course during a disaster.

Of course, it will be essential to choose the most qualified disaster recovery specialist if you hope to gain a suitable level of protection and relief should the worst happen. This will typically include a strict set of documenting policies and procedures that will be geared toward improving the integrity of your IT security systems and also reducing the harshness of any effects should data be damaged and inaccessible. The final result will be getting your business and process back in order and ready for continued progress.

Because the sudden aftermath of any number of disasters can leave valuable customers and company resources could be lost as time is spent discovering what went wrong a fast response is needed. Your disaster recovery specialist will work to formulate a bespoke plan that will rebuild the integral portions of your IT mainframe and allow the company to resume regular performance once again.

While the plans produced will be very different according to the needs of the company, they will typically include a way of getting the most relevant data and systems back online, possibly only what is required to resume regular operations.

Who would Benefit From this Service?

In this era of technological discovery and reliance on our data systems and processing unit, it is quite obvious that the success and failure of a company greatly hinges on their capacity to process their and interface with their essential stores of data.

Having a well laid out contingency plan for any situations that could arise will avoid the “pit stops” that can spill the unwary and cause extended periods of downtime and the consequences they can bring.

There is no way to produce a one size fits all policy that will work for every company. Different companies relay of very specific stores of information and even custom-made programs that fit their needs precisely. Only and equally precise solution will get the company back online and resuming operations.

To9 formulate such a plan, all the hardware, electronic devices, software and servers on which the company relies must be considered. Then a regularly updated back up of all relevant files must be kept in real time and quickly produced in the event that disaster crashes your systems.

A company looking for these kinds of resources will need to work with their disaster recovery specialists to create a plan that will cover all their specific needs. This may include a Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessments that will highlight the most important aspects needed for full functioning business after such an incident that puts regular systems on the blink.

The precision plan for disaster recovery will be part of a greater contingency plan geared toward maintaining a stable continuity in company process and production. This will allow the company to stay online even when being directly attacked by hackers or suffering serious setbacks due to elemental forces.

This plan is an important part of keeping a business online and making their deadlines.

But, do I need Disaster Recovery?

The next big question is, “Who would need this type of protection?” It seems that an extra strong protection against the nefarious or even acts of god will be those with large companies and high-value information in their systems.

The truth is that even small businesses are interacting with other businesses and the information passed between them is important enough to need protection. Many of today’s most authoritative IT analysts claim that even small catastrophes can be enough to thwart online business indefinitely, and if the valuable information that a company may be holding for others is accessed and misused, companies may not recover.

If you are unsure if these perils are actually applicable to you and your IT situation, consider the following statistics.

–43% of companies that experience an IT disaster will never fully recover

–90% of companies facing a serious loss of critical data will close their operations in a year.

— Half of all companies that experience a severe power outage will close down business operations within 5 years.

–Less than 50% of all companies in operations today have a plan for disaster recovery.

The Cost of Down Time

These statistics all say one very important thing, it is very possible to fall down in the modern business realm but how fast a company can recover from the attack or disaster and get back in the game makes all the difference.

Imagine a small catastrophe that causes you to take a mere 5 days off business with no work for clients and no profits. This may seem like short amount of time and basically inconsequential in the long run. But, today all that time while your employees are at home inactive can mean losing your place in a tight race.

This is not even considering the high costs of having the experts come down and perform recovery work on the valuable information that can be accessed. Add to that the costs of replacing valuable equipment, reestablishing networks and getting your supply lines back up and running, you will be lucky if you recover and you will better understand the aforementioned statistics.

These are the reasons that strong well-established companies and small fledgling ventures alike can benefit from a proper disaster recovery service.

Will Robins

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