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Why You Absolutely Need To Hire a Freelance Copywriter

By Will Robins

August 6, 2017

So you spent the money to have your website professionally designed, now you’re realizing that filling in the blank pages isn’t as easy as you envisioned. You may have been willing to hire a professional web designer to create your website, but you might be thinking you can take a stab at copy writing on your own. Truth is, copywriting is not for everyone, nor is it easy. One could argue that the copy on your website is actually more important than your website’s design. This is why copywriters get paid the big bucks to craft expertly written campaigns for even the biggest companies in just about every industry. A website’s copy is what sells the product or service.  ItEmail  should be number one on your priority list. Throughout this article, we will be going over in intricate detail why you absolutely need to hire a freelance copywriter right now.

Why You Need To Hire a Freelance Copywriter Right Now:

1. They Can Optimize Your Website and Increase Conversions.

Your website is nothing without traffic and conversions. After all, the entire point of getting people to come to your website is to convert them into leads and/or customers. Thus, if you are not capable of doing either, your website is failing at its primary job.Hire Freelance Writer The key to getting your website to succeed at not only ranking well on the search engines but also at converting traffic, you will want to hire someone to write copy that effectively sells your product or service to your respective target market. A professional copywriter will have the knowledge and experience to be able to optimize your website to rank well on the search engines utilizing the right industry related keywords and key phrases. Along with this, they will know and understand how to dictate your brand’s message and they will be able to craft content that drives prospective customers and traffic to take action. They have the ability to look at a market, understand its pain points, and offer your product or service as a solution to convert the traffic as well as possible.

2. Boost Your Brand’s Image.

Having high-quality content on your website or on your marketing materials is only going to boost your brand’s image in the marketplace. Having expertly written content will allow your brand and business to demonstrate authority within the industry which can maximize the market share that you are able to acquire within any given industry. Having your brand and business activities and be seen as an authority in the marketplace is only going to boost overall brand awareness, your brand’s image, and increase the ability to convert leads and prospective customers into actual customers for your business.

3. Get Better Results.

While you might be able to take a swing at writing copy yourself, if you want professional results, you hire a specialist. As with anything in business, if you want it done right, you hire someone that has previously shown an ability to do it right. By hiring a professional copywriter, you are going to be positioning your company in a good way to maximize conversions and it’s ability to generate leads because that is exactly what they are trained to do.

4. You Are Simply Too Into Your Business.

Unfortunately, business owners are so engrained in their own businesses that they have a difficult time conveying to the average prospective customer why they should do business with them. Afterall, if you are someone that knows the in’s and out’s of your business and the industry that you operate in, you are bound to use words, jargon, and technical speak that most average consumers simply wouldn’t be able to comprehend. As a result, your message might not actually be absorbed by your respective audience and they might not even value your contributions. Rather than attempt to go at it yourself as someone that is likely too close to the business, you will want to hire someone that can be much more objective and speak to your average consumer that is more likely to respond to someone that can successfully target them with the copy. A copywriter is trained to know and understand a target market or target customer and to effectively craft copy or content that directly relates to them and their respective pain points.

5. Cost Effectiveness.

Hiring a freelance copywriter is going to be a great investment to make in your business. Not only will you be outsourcing the copywriting task, but you will be hiring a third party to handle it for you. Thus, you are not going to be responsible for paying a salary nor benefits. Putting a professional copywriter on staff would cost much more money than you could put towards other things such as hiring more freelance copywriters. Ultimately, it is much more cost effective to hire a freelance writer to handle the task for you rather than hire someone to do it in-house.

6. Proven Track Record.

You will be able to filter your search to include only copywriters that have a proven track record of success. You can find writers that are capable of demonstrating their proven track record of success which is going to allow you to really be able to maximize the chances of generating a positive return on your investment. Rather than going at it yourself with no proven track record, you will be able to hire someone that has demonstrated a clear ability to get results.

7. You Can Look At Samples.

By hiring a freelancer, you will be able to look at their previous samples that they have produced for other clients. This is going to give you a very good idea on what you can expect from them when you hire them for your specific task. This is going to allow you to make a very well informed and educated decision regarding which copywriter to go with.

8. Your Writing Should Be As Good As Your Design.

If you already spent the money on a professional website design, you will want your copy and writing to be as good as it. Otherwise, you risk suffering from poor conversions and wasted marketing dollars. By hiring someone that can boost conversions for your website or other marketing initiatives, you are going to be able to guarantee that your ‘sunk cost’ investment doesn’t go to waste. They will be able to maximize your conversions by crafting expertly written content directed towards your respective target market and your ideal customer. Whether you are looking to craft content for your website, email marketing campaign, or other marketing materials, hiring a professional to handle it is always the best way to go about it.

9. You Will Save A Lot Of Time.

Because you will not have to worry about creating the content yourself, it is going to free up a lot of time that you would otherwise spend writing. This alone will save your business money because you will be able to focus on other result producing activities that you are likely much more efficient and effective at.

Overall, there are so many reasons you will want to hire a freelance copywriter for your marketing efforts. Whether you are hiring someone to craft content for your website, email marketing campaign, or something else. You want to have a professional handling the copywriting because it is literally the most important factor in boosting the effectiveness of the marketing efforts through increased conversions. By increasing conversions, you will be able to effectively minimize marketing costs, maximize profits throughout your business, and capitalize on increased market share within your respective industry. It is one of the single best investments that you can make in your entire business.

Will Robins

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Husband and Father, Will focuses on family first under God. If you are searching for an engaged audience, the kind we all dream of, then you have found the right website. Will uses a personality with amazing salesmanship in his teaching. He focuses on how successful websites have grown their viewers and engagement.

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