July 10


3 Ways Your Business Can Be More Environmentally Conscious

By Will Robins

July 10, 2020

While there are a lot of things that businesses have to worry about in today’s world, one thing that still can’t be forgotten about—even though it seems to have taken a backseat to other issues—is the environment. Now more than ever, people who are environmentally conscious are going out of their way to work with businesses that are also environmentally conscious. Not only this, but running an environmentally conscious business can make a lot of sense to your employees and your own morals and values.

To help you see how you can begin making some changes to get your business to this point, here are three ways your business can be more environmentally conscious. 

Think Before Buying Furniture

Every business needs furniture. However, not every business needs to get completely new furniture when getting their furniture. As you choose to be more environmentally conscious when getting furniture, you could save yourself money in addition to saving the environment.

According to Nadia Griezans, a contributor to the Huffington Post, before you buy a new piece of furniture for your business, you should really consider if you actually need something new or if you can repurpose something you already have. To make this a possibility, you should try to buy high-quality products in the first place, not something that’s been cheaply made out of harmful products. 

Consider Alternative Sources For Energy

To run your business, you’re going to have to use some type of energy. While most people and businesses will use traditional forms of energy, you can make a more environmentally friendly choice by considering alternative sources of energy.

Some options you may want to look into, according to Syed Balkhi, a contributor to Entrepreneur.com, are solar power, wind, or geothermal energy. Also, if you’re not already using your waste water for some other purpose, you may want to try to come with some options for this as well, even if it’s just using your gray water to water the plants in your office. 

Work With Other Green Businesses

Your commitment to being environmentally conscious can go well beyond what your individual business is doing.

According to Carlyann Edwards, a contributor to Business.com, you can also refuse to work with businesses that don’t take their own environmental impact as seriously as you do. So if you’ve noticed that some of your suppliers or vendors aren’t being as environmentally conscious as they could or should be, consider encouraging them to do better or finding another business to work with. 

If you’re ready to make your business more environmentally conscious, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you with this endeavor.

Will Robins

About the author

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