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Common Injuries From Car Accidents

By Will Robins

December 18, 2018

New Mexico Car Accident Injury Attorney

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Americans spend over 1 million days in the hospital each year from car crash injuries. Not only are large numbers of Americans suffering from the pain of injuries sustained in car accidents, but they are paying a great cost for their injuries. In fact, the CDC reports that in 2012 alone, crash injuries totaled $18 billion in lifetime medical costs. This is a staggering number. If you have been injured in a car crash caused by a negligent driver, you are most likely facing mounting medical costs as you work to address your pain and injuries. The person responsible for causing the accident should be held responsible for paying your damages. 

Common Injuries From Car Accidents

The nature and extent of injuries sustained in a car accident can vary greatly depending on specific facts such as how fast the vehicles were going at the time of the crash and where the point of impact occurred (was it a rear end collision, T-bone accident, etc.). The injuries will also depend on whether a person was wearing a seatbelt or whether the car had airbags and whether those airbags were deployed. Additionally, the positioning of the vehicle occupant at the time of impact can also have a significant effect on the type of injuries sustained. If their head was not facing forward or the head or body was positioned in a certain direction, this would make them more susceptible to certain types of injuries.

Despite the multitude of variables, there are still certain types of car accident injuries that are more common. Some of the most common injuries from car accidents include:

  • Whiplash:  Whiplash is the strain of muscles in the neck caused by the head suddenly moving forward and then snapping quickly back. This is such a common injury because the force of impact in a car crash, whether it occurred at a low or high speed, generally causes the vehicle occupants to experience this kind of neck and head movement.
  • Spinal injuries: Traumatic injury to both the cervical and lumbar spine often occurs in car accidents. Discs can be damaged and even become herniated. A herniated disc happens when vertebrae in your spinal column is ruptured. It can be a debilitating injury causing severe pain.
  • Head injuries: Also common in car accidents are head injuries. Head injuries can widely range in nature and severity. Some head injuries may be fairly minor, such as bruising or a concussion, others can be much more severe. Traumatic brain injuries are particularly serious. Without the proper treatment, traumatic brain injuries, and other types of head injuries, can cause devastating complications that last indefinitely. Car accident victims should be particularly vigilant in monitoring any possible head injury symptoms that might present after a car accident, even if they do not appear until a few days later. Seeking immediate medical attention is critical to recovery.
  • Skin abrasions and cuts: There are several causes of skin abrasions and cuts in a car accident. They may be caused from your vehicle impact with another vehicle. You may also have been struck by loose items in your car. Upon impact, loose items in cars essentially become projectiles that can hurtle towards vehicle occupants at great force, causing serious injury. Untreated cuts can easily become infected, leading to a whole host of other medical complications. Furthermore, cuts can result in blood loss. Stitches may be required. Permanent scarring may occur.
  • Chest injuries: Whether caused by the air bags or by something such as impact with the steering column, chest injuries are the common result of car accidents. Sometimes, the chest may only be bruised, but chest injuries can also be much more severe. Common car accident chest injuries include things such as broken ribs and other internal injuries.
  • Broken bones:  Broken bones resulting from a car accident commonly occur in areas such as the arms and legs. The force of impact from a car being struck by another care is intense and can cause bones to break. The accident may have caused a vehicle occupant to be slammed against the door, dashboard, or seat in front of them. Any of these impacts could result in broken bones, especially when a person braces for impact.

New Mexico Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents leave victims with often severe, debilitating injuries. The pain of these injuries can last well after the accident scene has been cleared. A personal injury claim allows car accident injury victims to seek compensation for the damages they have incurred. Not only do these victims have to suffer through painful injuries, but the financial consequences of being injured in a car accident can be difficult to cope with. Medical bills quickly pile up. Get a trusted personal injury attorney by your side right away.

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