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The Fascia Blaster Review: A Social Distancing Dream Self-Massage Tool By Wilson Scott

By Lindsay Shearer

October 29, 2020

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In this COVID-swept new normal of social distancing and 24-hour face coverings, everyone is looking for effective ways to stay at home, and even better if you can stay healthy and stay at home. Typical resources for health and wellness like the gym or the spa are slowly becoming available again in most places. Still, you should call their safety into question before you decide to indulge.

In the parts of the country where gyms are already open, catching coronavirus upon the first workout will keep enough people from ever stepping inside anyways. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on your self-care practices altogether. A list of at-home tools and techniques that will keep you in tiptop shape through the pandemic months and make you forget you ever went to the gym at all.  

The Fascia Blaster Review

The FasciaBlaster is a self-massage device that can help you achieve great results, stay healthy, and way far away from all the hustle and bustle. Ashley Black built the FasciaBlaster for you to use from the comfort of your very own home. The thoughts ahead all piece together to create my coronavirus-focused Fascia Blaster review. First, we need to start at the very beginning, at the center of this self-massage matter: the fascia.

What Is Fascia?

Fascia is the connective tissue covering your organs, bones, muscles, nerves, and every other inch of you from your toes to your eyebrows. It takes on a variety of forms and textures depending on where in the body it appears. It can be stretchy, tight, stiff, or soft.

Experts used to believe that fascia was nothing more than passive tissue. Today,  it’s still one of the most under-researched systems of the human body. However, several benefits are linked directly to healthy fascia, including a reduced risk of injury, more robust athletic performance, increased blood flow, less inflammation, less pain, and reduced cellulite appearance.

What Is the FasciaBlaster?

The FasciaBlaster was initially used on professional athletes, but now everyone can benefit from the device. The massage tool targets the fascia systems in your body. It aims to smooth and calm tightened or unhealthy fascia stemming from a myriad of activities or lack of activities that we involve ourselves in daily. Too little exercise, an unhealthy diet, dehydration, and more are everyday causes of the body’s fascia systems growing less than healthy.

When fascia becomes tough, knotted, or thickened, it can appear as cellulite. Unhealthy fascia can also worsen muscle and joint pain and reduce circulation. With the use of the Fasciablaster tool at home, you can start living your healthiest life in more ways than one.

The Many Benefits of the FasciaBlaster Tools

As we now know, fascia is one of the primary causes of cellulite, which appears in the form of bumps or ripples just under, but perforating the skin. In an independent third-party peer-reviewed and then published medical research study conducted in 2019, the assessment proved that  every participant who used the FasciaBlaster® devices saw a significant decrease in the appearance of cellulite. 

How does the FasciaBlaster perform such a magic trick on the skin? 

Well, it’s no magic trick at all, but a feat of scientific discovery by the inventor Ashley Black. While using the device to help her A-list celebrity clientele filled with Olympians, pro football players, and practically every Yankee baseball player to play with the club in the early 2010s, she discovered that as the FasciaBlaster device untangled and loosened the stressed or tight fascial pockets to offer pain relief and decreased inflammation. It also made your skin look smoother and therefore reduced cellulite, or at least the visibility of it on the skin.

The peer reviewed research also found that the FasciaBlaster improved blood flow. Nerves and blood vessels run through the fascia, and by stimulating blood flow you can reduce swelling and keep your cells healthy.

When you use the FasciaBlaster to target your muscles and joints, it acts as an excellent pain reliever. The device can target minor pain by reducing systemic inflammation caused by fatigue and overexertion. Using the FasciaBlaster after a challenging workout will quickly get you through the pain and have you back to 100% far faster than you would have been on your own.


The Perfect Tool for Social Distancing

The FasciaBlaster has been a popular device for years since Ashley Black began marketing it and selling it to the masses. Skip ahead four years, and with the onslaught of the coronavirus, we were all forced to work out at home without the luxury of the gym or a trainer in your ear, so the FasciaBlaster tools are incredibly valuable in the current climate. Social distancing has become a requirement to protect yourself and others from illness or even death. The FasciaBlaster tools are easy to use independently without any assistance from a therapist or training professional. Their consistent, daily use will keep you feeling healthy and without pain so that you can continue to kill your workouts from the privacy and safety of your home as long as you have to to stay healthy. 

Remember, the FasciaBlaster is here to help you stay happy and healthy and keep you properly socially distanced. You don’t need anyone else to apply the treatment for you. It’s a self-massage tool, so you can achieve optimum results while using it at home, all alone. The FasciaBlaster is the best substitute for a therapeutic massage or other pain or stress-relieving treatments which are entirely inaccessible during pandemic months

It can be challenging to stay healthy at home. Avoiding the gym, park, pool, or other public places also means avoiding physical activity. Many people have become much more sedentary since health officials and other community leaders began enforcing social distancing measures. Many people have even been eating unhealthy foods and bypassing any physical activity because of stress or boredom.

The FasciaBlaster isn’t a replacement for a healthy diet or exercise routine, but it can improve your health while staying home. The device can target the fascia around your joints and muscles to alleviate aches and pains and boost your circulation to deliver nutrients throughout your body. Taking preventative measures to protect your health is essential right now, and the FasciaBlaster is a natural, rewarding way to do so

How to Use the FasciaBlaster

You can use the FasciaBlaster all over your body to target cellulite, swelling, inflammation, or pain. Ashley Black designed the device so that you can use it without needing assistance from others. She supplies you with the digital video tutorials necessary to teach you everything you would possibly need to know about FasciaBlasting, while taking you through a session step by step to answer all of your questions.

Apply the FasciaBlaster directly to your skin with oil, moving it quickly from side to side. The first few times you use the FasciaBlaster, use very light pressure for a short time. It’s essential to see how your body responds to the treatment before you increase the intensity.

As you adjust to the FasciaBlaster and your body becomes familiar with the massage technique, you can add more pressure. If something hurts, though, you should stop right away. Reach out to the Ashley Black Guru team through her awesome men’s and women’s Facebook groups and let the staff and the community’s support online quell your fears.

Remember to take pictures to track your progress. The FasciaBlaster works gradually over several weeks or months, so photos will help you see how much your body has changed.

Taking care of your health is more important now than ever. We all feel tense, restless, or stressed about staying home, but you know you’re not alone. Finding new ways to improve your mental and physical health is a critical form of self-care. With the help of the FasciaBlaster, you can reduce pain and inflammation, improve your circulation, and increase your self-confidence without leaving home or making contact with others. 

Stay healthy, stay socially distanced, and keep on blasting!

Lindsay Shearer

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