Follow the Golden Rule to Maximize Growth

In my last post, I covered the trust that you have to build with your audience. This is the third post in a series. If you need help finding the first 2 post in this series you can find that here.

The Golden Rule and Why It Matters

The Golden Rule is to treat others as you would like to be treated. That is simply the best advice when it comes to building an engaged community. You should create your website with the end user in mind. Treat them the same way you would like to be treated.

That means a lot of different things. First off it means that you should focus on providing incredible resources and results for your readers. They depend on you. Any lack of discipline and consistency will show.

Once you are growing the framework for your content outreach, you have to understand that you are living in a glass house. People will watch you. I realize that you started something on the internet for anonymity. It does not work that way. You will remain anonymous, but you should open up to your dedicated followers.

Those followers are your lifeblood.

They are the reason you are successful.

They are the passionate reason you started your content marketing in the first place.

A brand is an agreement between its customers and the product, people, and process it represents.

Trust Comes From Consistency

Growing your brand is going to take a consistent message. That message comes from mainly your actions. Communication is 80% nonverbal. That means that your clients are going to listen to 20% of what you say. They are going to watch you for the central part of what they believe.

Understand the relationship between your customers and your products.

Creating Relationships That Matter

I don’t care what type of software you have that adds followers. I don’t care how cheap you can buy 100k followers on some sleazy website. I only care about how many of those followers resonate with what you are saying.

How many of your customers know that your product is the best. What is it best at? How do they know that?

The answer is probably from experience.

You can not create a fake relationship. Relationships take time to foster. They take time to become honored. You have to prove that you will honor your word.

So your customer is going to watch and learn. They are going to learn if you are a fly by night outfit that will soon disappear. They are going to see the interaction with customers that you have.

Golden Rule of MarketingWhy Do Testimonials Work So Well

A sold video testimonial with a great customer will do 1,000 times more for your conversion than any copy writing. Especially if your customer’s information is known. If I know your customer and you then show him on a video, sold.

That is difficult to do.

This is why your social should have one customer or raving fan in a pack of followers. Think of it as a ratio to keep. You should know 1 out of every 1,000. I can’t tell you that number because each industry is different. Are you local? Then it should be a lot less. Are you global? Then it should probably be more.

Are You Seeking Out Too Much

Getting on the phone and having a real human engagement moment will do a ton for most of us marketers. That is as simple as I can put it. You need to relate to your customer. You should tell them the brands story and get feedback. Practice getting on skype or the phone and having a discussion around the simple question (in your head, don’t actually state it), do I really know this person.

Focus on just finding out what they thought of the product. How are they using it? How often? What have they found out about “this feature” vs. “this feature?”

Focus on finding what they are lacking. What are their real problems? Why are you doing such a poor job of solving them?

There is a limit to the research you can do online about customers. At some point you have to dive in and talk to them. Your first 100 customers are best gained with a relationship you foster. That is the true test on your ability to scale.

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