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Hamed Wardak Becomes Valen of Wicked

By Lindsay Shearer

October 29, 2019

Entrepreneur, Hamed Wardak

Early Life

Hamed Wardak is a philanthropist at heart. He has spent his life using his multitude of talents coming to the rescue of refugees, children, and all those in need of a helping hand. To get to this point, Hamed Wardak created for himself quite the journey.

After secondary school, Wardak attended Georgetown University, graduating as valedictorian of his class in 1997. He graduated with a BA in Government and Political Theory.   Upon his graduation from Georgetown, Hamed was honored to be named a Rhodes Scholar-1997. College graduates who show exceptional levels of integrity and a passion for improving the lives of those around them earn this incredible honor each year. This award is only given to thirty-two students each year. Hamed Wardak was one of those thirty-two in 1997.

Following his time at Georgetown, Hamed Wardak cultivated many rounds of success in the business world. Merrill Lynch hired Wardak. He worked in their mergers and acquisitions division, where he handled high profile business mergers. Due to his impressive reputation earned with Merrill Lynch, he was sought after by Technologists, Inc. Technologists, Inc. is a high-profile construction company that handles clients in both government and private sectors. Wardak took on the role of Managing Director of International Relations. Wardak eventually went into business for himself when he created his clothing brand, Ludas Athletics. He also worked as a contributing author for the Huffington Post. He orchestrated articles for the Post that mainly spoke to his life experiences concerning his home country and those citizens in that country that were suffering at that moment in history.

One point he emphasizes when he speaks about his success in business is the art of finding the best of the best in talent when you are hiring for a business. There are many young people with expert abilities who are looking to make a name for themselves. It may take more time and effort, but Hamed Wardak believes that if you choose the right people to take on the correct opportunities, both your business and the world will be better for it.

What it means to be the Valen of Wicked

Potentially more important than his business ventures is Hamed Wardak’s new-found music producing career. Wardak creates and produces his very own brand of techno music under the name Valen of Wicked. The name means everything that you want it to mean. When asked how he came up with the character that would share his music with the world, Hamed Wardak tells everyone that he was influenced by his past, the events and the emotions derived from those historical moments and derived from his identity. He uses the word Wicked to represent many ideas. It’s not always used to mean evil. Wicked represents everything, both the good and hard parts of Hamed’s life. It also very closely relates to the style of techno music that he is creating and giving to the world at the moment. The word Valen means valiance and honor. Valen and Wicked together represent two very different but always present aspects of Hamed’s life. There is an honor one must consistently show to be a decent person, and there is innate wickedness that is inherent in all of us. Hamed chooses to face this wickedness and channel those experiences directly into the music he makes.


The Purpose Behind His Music

Much like the name, Hamed Wardak’s music itself serves many purposes. Of course, Wardak is trying and succeeding in creating an exciting and provocative sound that will grab and hold people in place as they listen and are hopefully moved to their own set of emotions through experiencing the landscape of sound Hamed creates and performs. His music is a new take on his own flavor of electronic music. Hamed takes the sounds of other cultures and incorporates them into his style of techno music. Wardak believes that music is a powerful way of communicating with people of all colors and creeds. By combining the sounds of various cultures, he can bring a diverse set of experiences to his audience and perhaps personalize the music more specifically for every person listening. It also offers representation to various people that may not always receive it.

Hamed Wardak also uses his music to help people on a much deeper emotional level. Throughout history, music has always been a powerful tool for self-healing. It has the ability to offer catharsis in times of sadness, joy in moments of pain, calm in periods of stress, and understanding during years of convolution and heartache. Many people connect to music on a spiritual level, and most people believe it is necessary for life. Electronic music can represent, as a platform, many kinds of expression. These varying expressions allow Hamed Wardak to create music that serves a myriad of spiritual purposes.


How Hamed Wardak Stays Motivated

Throughout his life, Hamed Wardak has accomplished enough for a few lifetimes over. His list of accomplishments begs the question, how has he achieved so much in such a short amount of time? 

Hamed ascended the business ladder at a very early age. Then, he spent years with his philanthropic work saving the lives of children and refugees from all over the world. Finally, Hamed recently tapped into the artist inside to create a new sound that serves and shapes what he believes is the ultimate source of communication: his music. In all of these varied areas of his professional past and present, Hamed has found widespread success. 

To move so quickly without missing a beat, Hamed has several ways to keep himself agile and on the move. For starters, physical health is critical to him. Wardak starts each of his days with a two or three hour-long trip to the gym. This early morning physical maintenance keeps his body and mind in shape and energized for each day that is ahead.

While art is a creative endeavor fueled by talent and imagination, it also takes discipline. It takes dedication to hone your craft the way Hamed has. There are many skills involved from the physical abilities needed for instruments and production software to developing a conceptual understanding of how music works. You must stay focused to continue pushing forward and expanding on your art to become successful. The music industry is not an easy one to make it in, so every aspect of your approach must be thought out, and without focus, there is no way one could be the very best artist they can be.


What Music Is All About

Through all the spiritual and psychological purposes in music, Hamed Wardak emphasizes that music should also help people discover the fun and crazy sides of themselves. People need to let loose, go a little nutty and have fun with those that they call family and friends when music comes on or is presented to them that moves them to do so. It takes incredible courage to develop as a musician and be able to inspire people to let loose and dance while all in the very same moment to touch people’s hearts the way that Hamed Wardak, as Valen of Wicked, does every time he performs.

Hamed also uses his music to reach out to young people who may be struggling. People, especially the youth of a nation, need someone who speaks for them. Hamed gives these young people a voice through his original brand of culturally-infused electronic music flavor.

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