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Share Your Opinions on the Win Big Money and Jackpot Party Facebook Pages

By Lindsay Shearer

April 6, 2021

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Jackpot Party is a popular portal to a lot of different slots games that people can play. There is a Jackpot Party Facebook community that is very active. It is a place where the maker of Jackpot Party talks about new games and for community members to post comments about their experience. There are many similarities to how you can play all kinds of popular slots games at winbigmoney.com.

How Are They Similar

Both portals provide a wide range of slots games where their members can try their hand to hit the jackpot. Both places offer a chance to win free coins so members can spin for free. Each spin is another chance to hit the jackpot. 

Both portals have a Facebook presence. The Jackpot Party Facebook site is where the company announces new games and promotions, just like Win Big Money. This is also where followers can post their comments about their gaming experience. Members can log in to either portal using their Facebook account.

Some Differences

The website for Jackpot Party is a bit more cumbersome to use than the website for Win Big Money. Winbigmoney.com has a very clean look and it is easy to read. The instructions are very clear on how you can sign up and what you can expect. For example, Win Big Money is very clear about the kind of bonuses you can expect to get after you sign up. Every player can ask for 100 free sweepstakes credits everyday. There are no purchases necessary to play the sweepstakes. 

The other bonus from winbigmoney.com is their referral bonus. If you refer a friend and he signs up and funds his account within 48 hours, you and your friend each get 500 free game credits. You can use those on slots games or any other type of game on Win Big Money. It is not sure whether Jackpot Party has any referral programs because the website does not mention anything like this, nor does the Jackpot Party Facebook page.

Also, there are more positive reviews on the Win Big Money Facebook page than the reviews on the Jackpot Party Facebook page. Players mostly are quite happy with the experience they get from winbigmoney.com. They like the fast payout and excellent customer service. The comments for the Jackpot Party Facebook page are more mixed.

Finally, Win Big Money is a portal to other online games besides slots games. They have sweepstakes, fishing games, point and shoot games, and much more. The variety is a lot better to keep you engaged.

Compare For Yourself

Since both portals give you a chance to play games for free, you might want to try both portals to see which one gives you a better play experience. You can see a list of slot games on the Jackpot Party Facebook page and on the website. Test out the game action for various games and see how often they payout. When you redeem, see how long it takes. These are usually the criteria that online gamers look at when they choose the best portal to play their games. If you have strong opinions about the play experience for Jackpot Party, you should post a comment on the Jackpot Party Facebook community. If you have one experience, it is likely that many other players have the same experience. Sometimes if enough people talk about a feature that has issues, the company will do something about it and improve upon it. You can do the same at the Win Big Money Facebook page as well.

What People Like About Online Gaming

One thing that people like about playing online games is the convenience. You do not have to go to a place like Vegas to play slots. The online slots game design is very engaging. The action is similar to what you would expect from a slot machine in Vegas. The graphics are high quality and colorful. The game action is exciting as you see the wheels spin and stop at one symbol after another. If you hit payout, you get a visual treat of coins raining down the screen with bells and music and lots of celebration. 

People can play their favorite slots games whenever they have a connection to the internet. They can go to the Jackpot Party Facebook page and log in while they are waiting in a long line somewhere. They can log into Win Big Money and play slots, enter a sweepstakes, or enjoy another type of online game. You do not have to drive anywhere to find a place with game machines because your phone becomes a very powerful gaming system.

Visit the Win Big Money and Jackpot Party Facebook pages and post your feedback on your game experience for each one. The site managers and the people from the Win Big Money and Jackpot Party Facebook communities will appreciate it.

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