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You Don’t Need The Sweepstakes Audit Bureau

By Lindsay Shearer

April 6, 2021

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If someone were to tell you that they have the secret for the best sweepstakes out there, of course that will get a lot of people’s attention. When people hear the word “sweepstakes,” they envision a chance to win big prizes. Everyone wants tips on how to win. A company called Sweepstakes Audit Bureau promised to give you current information about the best sweepstakes going on right now, and they promise you that they will enter for you if you send them $5. Before you jump on that, stop yourself. The truth is, you do not need to pay Sweepstakes Audit Bureau to enter the best sweepstakes out there. You can just sign up at winbigmoney.com and do that yourself!

Skip The Report

The fact is, Win Big Money is a top-rated sweepstakes gaming system. It has great reviews from players because real people win a lot of money everyday. You do not need to pay Sweepstakes Audit Bureau to tell you what these sweepstakes are because the legitimate ones are waiting for you through winbigmoney.com. So, save your $5.

How Does Win Big Money Work?

All you have to do is to sign up for an account at winbigmoney.com. They will need you to send them an image of your photo ID so they can verify your identity. They will want your phone number and email address, then they will create an account for you. Once created, they will send you the information you need to login. There are several different game engines, and each one will have slightly different login instructions. You will get all of that when you choose which games you want to play. You will find the best sweepstakes games that are well-known which payout all the time. No need for Sweepstakes Audit Bureau to tell you that.

Benefits of Win Big Money

One of the most popular benefits of playing through winbigmoney.com is that they give you free play credits all the time. There are no obligations. That means you get to enter sweepstakes for free with their free credits. There is absolutely nothing risky about free entries. Why pay Sweepstakes Audit Bureau $5 to enter free sweepstakes?

One of the bonuses is 100 free sweepstakes entries everyday for their customers who simply ask them for the credits. It is really simple and there are no strings attached. You can request 100 credits today and another 100 credits tomorrow. No obligation. 

You also get free play credits if you refer a friend or relative to sign up at Win Big Money. If your friend provides your name as the person who referred them when they sign up, you will get 500 free play credits after your friend funds their account within 48 hours. Your friend will get 500 free play credits, too. It is really a generous reward for both of you. You can use those credits for sweepstakes games, slots games, or any of the hundreds of online games that you have access to at winbigmoney.com. The report from Sweepstakes Audit Bureau will not give you any information that is better than what you can get already.

Win Big Money also runs promotions on their Facebook page. Check it every week for a new weekly promotion. Try not to skip because you do not want to lose out on more free game credits. Every time you play is a chance to win, even if you are playing with free credits. Sweepstakes Audit Bureau will not tell you that!

The Best Games At Your Fingertips

The games are right there for you as soon as you login on your phone or mobile device. You do not have to browse a list from Sweepstakes Audit Bureau to find them because the games are in the app already. Play whichever one you want, whenever you feel like it. Since you probably have your phone with you all the time, that means you can play anywhere at any time. Just make sure you have a solid connection to the internet. 

Spread the word among your gaming friends. Sweepstakes Audit Bureau tends to email online gamers to push their newsletter, but there is really no need to pay for that information. Tell your friends to save their money and to sign up at winbigmoney.com instead. Not only will they save their $5, but they will get 500 free play credits just for listing you as the referrer. What is not to like about getting to play for free!

If you ever get a message from Sweepstakes Audit Bureau about their $5 sweepstakes newsletter, just ignore it. You have a better way to get the best games by joining winbigmoney.com. You will get a lot of bonuses that will give you many extra chances to win. There are winners everyday, and the next person could be you!

Lindsay Shearer

About the author

Lindsay Shearer is a global SEO Expert and serves as the Editor for Feedster.com, ContentHow.com among other publication sites. She is the founder of a group of traffic generation programs at https://lindsayshearer.com and travels speaking on SEO & Entrepreneurship. She spent 10 years in mergers and acquisitions and has been driving massive online traffic for hundreds of businesses and brands for the last 15 years.

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