September 16


10 Tips to Increase Your Email Open Rates for Better Results

By Will Robins

September 16, 2017

An email marketing campaign can be an effective way of targeting specific demographics of potential customers. Email marketing campaigns are possibly the simplest form of advertising. It predates most other forms of online marketing and yet is still widely used by major companies to get their message across. It has been shown that email marketing is one of the best ways to garner high interest from an online audience. It has also been estimated that email marketing is the most cost-effective form of marketing.

This is why the appeal of email marketing is easy to see. For the customer, it gives a feeling of a more personal touch and can foster brand loyalty in return. For the business, it offers an economically efficient way to directly reach a large number of potential customers.

However, an email marketing campaign is only effective if the emails are opened.

So how does a company ensure that their marketing campaign is reaching its intended targets? This article aims to help ensure that your emails get consistently opened!

  • Have an up-to-date mailing list

It seems obvious that any emails sent to an unused email address will remain unopened and yet, many companies don’t regularly review their mailing list. If an email recipient has not shown any activity in six months, you should consider a last-ditch effort to inform them before removing them completely from your list.

The account could either be dormant or simply a past customer who is no longer interested in your product. To avoid this, occasionally contact your mailing list to ask if they have changed their contact details. It could be as simple as a customer changing jobs and therefore no longer using a work email as often.

  • Make it Personal

Nothing undermines a person’s interest in an email than the feeling it was just copy-pasted and sent to a thousand other people. Simple things such as using the customer’s name make them more likely to open and read the email. This could also be useful when trying to establish rapport with your audience.

For instance, a simple message stating how you value them for trusting you with their email address could help you engage your audience better. One of the biggest advantages that email marketing has over other forms is the ability to make it personalized, so make sure you use that to your advantage.

  • Use good subject headings

You need to draw the customer in so you have to make sure your email subject is compelling. This also ties in with the concept of personalization as you can try addressing the recipient’s name of the mail directly in the subject heading. It’s also important to use hooks such as posing a question in the heading or using interesting subject lines.

Questions are a great way to get recipients to open mails as well since this banks on people’s innate curiosity and bravado.

  • Segment your mailing list

Breaking up your mailing list into smaller groups is important. This is related to the previous concept of personalization. Since the typical mailing list is extensive, it’s natural that people on your list may have little in common.

To create a more personalized touch and increase your email open rates, divide your list into different demographics such as age or what they’ve purchased from you previously. You can then send each segment a targeted message that they’ll be able to better relate to.  This can greatly improve the likelihood that your emails are opened which is backed up by research.

  • Beat the Spam Filter

The greatest threat to any email marketing campaign is spam filters. They are literally designed to prevent email marketing campaigns. However, there are ways around them. Avoid using all caps in headings or clichéd power words that will automatically trigger most spam filters.

Having an IP address that is not linked with spam is also vital and so is using a domain that hasn’t been flagged. Terms associated with sales pitches will also trigger most spam filters so it’s best to avoid any of the following phrases: cash, savings, and discount. If you wish to use such phrases include them in an image attached to the email.

It’s, of course, best to only email people who have signed up to your mailing list to avoid being identified as spam. It’s also a good idea to ask those on your mailing list to specifically mark emails from you as not spam.

  • Know your customers’ habits

We all have little routines, some of us check our emails first thing and others do it after lunch or maybe as late as before sleep. This is why knowing when your customers open their emails is important. Many people receive a number of emails every day and often pay little attention to any but the first few emails they get.

To improve your chances of having your emails opened, you must send them your emails at a time they’re most likely to open it. Of course, the info itself is impossible to gauge but something as dividing your mailing list into different time zones can vastly improve your email’s open rates.

It has been shown that people are far less likely to open their emails on weekends and as such, it could be a waste to send emails on Fridays, Saturdays, and late or early Sundays. For the best results, you should focus sending emails around breakfast time and after lunch time in each particular time zone. However, don’t just take our word for it and test the times where you get your best results as well.

  • Make your content mobile-friendly

We live in a world of smartphones and most people have moved all forms of contact onto their phones, including email. As such, people now often only read their personal emails on their phones and the only time they check emails on a computer is at work.

For this reason, all businesses should aim to make any email they send compatible with a mobile phone device. People are far less likely to read an email if the information contained within does not fit their smartphone screen. It has also been estimated that 40% of all emails are opened on phones so it’s vital that any email sent is optimized to be read on such devices.

  • Have a second hook

The point of an email marketing campaign is to advertise your product or service to potential customers. However, most people like to skip advertisements, so you need to provide a second magnet to attract the reader’s attention.

Include videos or images within your emails to make them more interactive. Moreover, you could also try doing an email series to encourage people to anticipate your next emails. Even something as simple as dressing up your information as a questionnaire or a survey can make a person more likely to go through it and perhaps not even recognize it is a form of marketing.

  • Stand out from your competition

Due to the large scale audience that email marketing campaigns cater to, it’s a common practice for a number of companies including your competitors to make use of such strategy. To make your email noticeable in a recipient’s inbox, you need to set yourself apart.

Your email needs to offer something that others don’t. Sure you may be offering the best deals but you need to do this consistently to gain a loyal base. Another method is the inclusion of humor. This doesn’t take much than a simple meme at the beginning or at the end of the mail. This is often enough to ensure your email is at the very least scrolled down through.

  • Write from a personal email—not a company one

A huge turn off for many is seeing an email labeled from Instead, set up an email address labeled from an actual person’s name like Steve or Ellen instead of This creates a more personal touch and makes the email look more appealing when it appears in your recipient’s inbox.

The inclusion of a personal name can also develop greater brand loyalty as a customer is far more likely to want to buy something from Steve or Ellen who writes to them personally rather than a company that sends them advertisements at work.

Why the Above Tips Work

Above are our top 10 tips for improving your email open rates. These are just some of the ones that have been proven although there are still other ways in which the said goal can be done.

However, make sure you steer clear from resending unopened emails since it’s highly likely that it will be added to the spam folder. It’s far better to simply extend personal touch in each message by using names and segmenting your mailing list.

Since mailing marketing campaigns are one of the most cost-effective advertising strategies so you should make sure you use it to your best advantage. An advertisement is only effective if it’s opened and read so email open rates are definitely a crucial factor to your marketing success!

Will Robins

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