August 18


Warning: Your Content Strategy Sucks! Let’s Fix It!

By Will Robins

August 18, 2016

Content is King?!

I agree with that statement. I love tuning into someone’s blog that makes it feel like they are talking to me.

Unfortunately that art is lost for most websites! I get why its lost as well.

So many times when people are taking advice from so many different directions. Look at how much different advice is given on each content creation step.

SEO Gurus will tell you to make power pages and not create that much content.

Blogging champions will tell you to write everyday.

Somewhere in the middle you have to make Sales Funnels and Growth Hacks.

Whew! I am tired just writing it all down!

Here is My Number One Trick To Getting Through All of That!

I write with my heart.

I will write 15,000 word blog post and never share them. The reason is simple.

If I don’t see my passion and my complete personality shining through the words on that screen…

I can’t put it out there for you. It is too risky. That may be the first (and only) interaction with me you ever have. I can’t risk that.

I know this secret because I talk to so many marketers. They tell me that one of their top frustrations  is content creation. Creating all of that content in such limited time.

Here is How I Come Up With Content ALL THE TIME!

I use headlines. It sounds simple and it really is.

I take out a few documents I have downloaded over the years and go through the headlines.

I use this: Top Headlines From Google

So the headlines come in a few shapes and sizes. I just take the headline and insert the problem I am wanting to talk about. Then I start writing.

I make my content over fulfill the headline.

How Do I Know Their Problems?

Market Research. Yep. I said it. The word we all hate.

I go to tools like quora, buzzsumo, and simply google key terms with “how do I.”

If find forums and online messages from social media.

I basically stalk my audience.

Then I figured out a simpler path. I started messaging all of them with a survey. I first gave a give-a-way in order to get a lot of responses.

I then took all of that information and figured out what to write.

How Did This Help Me Write?

I don’t want to boast. I don’t need to. My post on websites like Search Engine Journal, Feedster, and this blog tell you that I am a good writer. I write that well because I can feel the same pain that my audience is feeling.

I have empathy. I have sympathy. I struggle to make sure I provide a ton of value that will help them.

Take the problems and find solutions or benefits.

Talk Benefits for Conversions.

Pain for Click Through’s (Headlines).

Then Empathy for Up Sells.

Share More Blog Post Along Similar Pain Points for Engagement.

Ask Twitter to Connect on Linked IN.

Linked IN to Facebook.

Facebook to Twitter.

Google Plus? I dunno. Share to multiple groups every time you post? Good Luck There.

Instagram “Quotes” and Pictures with your headlines.

Writing On The Next Level

I basically take the questions that I find in my research and answer them. I word the titles and subtitles to match the words they use.

Funnel Optimization becomes Optimization of my Sale Funnel. Why? Because more than 1,000 marketers said it that exact way. They didn’t use the keyword. They used their own language.

That took my writing to another level. The engagement jumped Huge %% points. Comments and shares shot through the roof.

Summarizing It All

If you can do some market research and find the pain points that your audience faces. Then take a headline that is proven. Mash them together and write a over fulfilling and personality rich blog post in your voice. Then you will take your writing to the next level.

This will make your content strategy turn from EEEEK… to Amazing!


Will Robins

About the author

Husband and Father, Will focuses on family first under God. If you are searching for an engaged audience, the kind we all dream of, then you have found the right website. Will uses a personality with amazing salesmanship in his teaching. He focuses on how successful websites have grown their viewers and engagement.

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