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The Surprising Lowdown on the Different Guest Posting Services on the Web

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Despite what Matt Cutts of Google has said about guesting posting before, guesting posting remains and is bound to be a vital strategy when it comes to beefing up your search engine ranking and solidifying your web reach.

Guest posting is actually pretty similar to what a press release does but the only difference is that guest posts are published on other people’s blogs. As a powerful promotional technique, it can do wonders for extending the reach of your business depending on your goals. Although it’s commonly known as a form of link building, it doesn’t necessarily have to have links in order to be effective.

With so much payoff on the line, it’s no wonder that guest posting campaigns require so much time and effort to pull off. That’s why it’s understandable why so many business owners would rather outsource it than do it themselves—it’s that difficult! 

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Naturally, a good number of people and businesses saw this need so guest posting services have cropped up by the hundreds. We’ve since waded through the few that are worth looking into and gathered all the information that we can to deliver an extensive and honest take of what you stand to get when you outsource your guest posting. Review is the top result on Google when you search for guest posting services. What’s pretty evident when you look over their site is that they’re positioning themselves as a premium guest post and blogger outreach service. Their claims include providing their clients with white-hat links and doing blogger outreach the manual way.

The thing about them is that they do not just solely offer guest posting services. They have a whole suite of other kinds of marketing services which means guest posting might not be one of their best suits.

As anyone in the marketing world will tell you, this is easier said than done and a lot of guest posting services out there deliver differently from what they really promise. So I’ve done some research to see if there are any truths behind these claims. Of course, the pros and cons will be presented as well so make sure to read on below for more information.

From their site, they say that their process starts with getting client information such as the URL and keywords. Their team will then review the order and then start outreach process. They claim to secure guest posts on significant industry sites in the client’s niche or a closely related one. They also write and publish the article commissioned with the links to the client’s site included.

Their other notable aspects also include the fact that they have responsive support and are able to deliver quick results which are usually around 30 days. To note, this is for the link and not for the actual ranking results. In terms of pricing, you can consider theirs to be in the mid to upper range with a lot of pricing options to choose from.

What’s pretty common among the reviews about is that they have a lot of customers which no doubt makes them one of the biggest agencies out there. Although the verdict, if it’s a good service to try, remains to be seen. From what I’ve gleaned, their service is that it’s not totally 100% safe. There have been a number of cases where some sites have lost a significant percentage of their search results after a couple of months.

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Moreover, Perrin from Authority Hacker has had a disappointing stint with the folks from He claimed that they don’t really do their guest posting services manually and that all he got are links published in PBN sites which he told them to remove immediately. Despite pointing this out to, he says that they still stand by their claim that they only do manual outreach.

The key takeaway here is that if you’re looking for sure results that would be sustainable for the long-term, isn’t exactly the foremost choice on your list. However, they would be a great option if you’re looking to build links through avenues such as press releases.

OutreachMama Review

OutreachMama is also another guest posting service that’s been getting a lot of organic traffic since they’re also on top of the search ranking for a few guest posting keywords. So far, the good thing about them is that there has been a lot of good reviews about them.

Unlike others, Outreach Mama only focuses on two kinds of services: blogger outreach and link building. This kind of service focus no doubt enables them to pool their resources into a couple of methods and strategies that are meant to solely enact the services they’re offering.

Outreach Mama also boasts of a professional team that’s experienced in their respective fields and who takes care of the outreach and link building process from start to finish. So far, we’ve heard great results from those who have used their service although delivery times could be lengthy depending on a number of factors of your specific guest posting campaign.

For its price, Outreach Mama charges $80 per link. Many would consider this steep and it’s not a viable solution if budget and costs are particularly a concern for you. But overall, this can already be considered to be in the mid-range in terms of pricing so it’s not necessarily something you can deem as really out of reach.

My recommendation is to start small. Whenever you’re trying out a new service that is priced from mid to high range, you can just order one link and see how things turn out. Review offers guest posting services at a low-cost rate of $22 per post. They claim that their guest posting services are done naturally and work as well. They also say that the results they provide is 100% Penguin-proof and they only publish links on authoritative blogs.

They do guest posts that are niche-based and are published on PR1 to PR3 as well as DA 22 to DA 40 sites. state that they do not own and are not networked with the blogs they publish on.

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For every guest post commissioned from them, they offer two links per post with one in the content and the second in the author or brand bio. Their process takes anywhere from 10 to 12 days for orders numbering around 15 posts. Although there are no guarantees of faster delivery, they claim on their site that they try to do submit quickly.

They also allow their customers to use their own content with around a minimum of 500 which then means you get $5 off per post.

Judging by the samples on their site, the quality of guest posts can be variable. There are a few well-written ones but there is also a good number of average and mediocre writing. With a team of 18 content writers, it could be that the sheer volume of their content output makes it hard to pass through a rigid review process.

From what I see, the site is pretty much nondescript—down from its name to its results. The site has a good layout to start with but the content in its own pages (particularly the FAQ page) isn’t written comprehensively or with value in mind. There are also no third-party reviews to be found on the web regarding their services although they do have a couple of testimonials you can read on their site.

Nonetheless, this is only worth trying if you’re looking for rock-bottom rates. But the thing with going for extremely low prices is that you often get what you pay for so make sure to proceed with caution. After all, the last thing you want is to make a dent on your link record and suffer the consequences for the long-term.

Upwork Guest Posting Services Review

Upwork is a well-known online marketplace where you can find different jobs for all purposes and guest posting service is definitely one of those. If you search for a guest post writer or guest posting services on the site, the site will give you an extensive list of freelancers and online agencies who have added the service in their profiles.

The only caveat is that you’d have to wallow through the throngs of profiles in the search results in order to assess each one offering the service. The good thing, on the other hand, is that each profile comes with reviews from past client so you can easily vet candidates directly from their profile. The rates are also displayed in the profile so you’ll see on the onset whether they’re within your budget.

However, a big drawback to using Upwork is its 20% cut for all contract prices below $10,000. With outside providers, there is no middleman and whatever fees you pay are wholly just for the service they’ve rendered for you. Another aspect you might want to consider is that you would also need to allot enough time when it comes to assessing and communicating with your shortlisted candidates.

Results are reportedly a bit mixed. A lot of people who have tried hiring through Upwork said they had fairly good results although the process often required a few trial and errors. While there are also those who have been duped of work or haven’t gotten any significant results even after plunking money for months of work.

If paying an extra 20% is a big deal for you and all of the other aforementioned things are too much work for you then you’re better off finding an outside guest posting service. Should you choose to push through, make sure you tread carefully and properly assess the candidate you’ll be choosing for the job by reading the reviews and asking for samples, to name just a few.

FatJoe Review

FatJoe has been around for quite a bit some time. They started in 2012 and has since grown steadily over the years to provide a number of online marketing services. They claim to be able to offer premium services that are also scalable and connect with over 1,000 agencies. Other statistics they proudly share is that they answer 90% of emails to them in just a few hours and that they can do around 5,000 link placements each month.

Their price packages are as follows: low tier for DA 10+ websites, mid-tier for DA 20+ websites, high tier DA 30+ websites, and premium tier for DA 40+ websites. They charge $60 per link placement on DA 10+ sites if you order anywhere from one to 25 links. The price goes down to just $55 a link if you order 26 to 50 links and further down to just $50 if you order 50 plus links. And the same goes for other tiers. For sites with higher DA, expect to pay higher prices as well.

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Compared to others who offer similar services, Fat Joe’s price offerings can be considered low. For their price, you get a decent movement for the links you bought after a few months. Ordering is as easy as creating an account on their site and buying the link package you prefer and you will then be taken to your dashboard so you can track the progress of the links you ordered.

However, there are just a few common themes among many of the past customers who have tried their services.

Fat Joe has previously branded itself as a company that does genuine outreach. However, past customers have reportedly been disappointed due to the fact that many of the links have been placed on inactive sites that don’t necessarily get a lot of traffic. Organic traffic numbers for higher DA links haven’t been the best and there were also a few ones that got zero traffic.

Some past customers have also said in their reviews that their links haven’t been dripped out with some getting anywhere from 10 to 15 links within the same day. It hasn’t also gone unnoticed that around 15% to 25% of the links they deliver come from PBN or private blog network sites which could impact the quality of the results for your site.

On the other hand, some past customers pointed out that Fat Joe indeed does some form of manual outreach. However, their vetting process is a little bit iffy since they a good deal of the links they’ve placed are on sub-par sites or ones that have been penalized by Google so they’re not getting much traffic.  

With an easy-to-use service, there’s no doubt that Fat Joe is still worth looking into if only because of the ease of the process it takes to order and track the guest posts you’ve ordered from them. If cost is an important factor for you and is not too concerned with other risks, Fat Joe is a passable option that can get you almost adequate results without breaking the bank.  

SERPLogic Review

SERPLogic markets itself as “#Realtalk Marketing.” It claims that it provides high-quality SEO by delivering real guest posts on real sites. In fact, it goes as far as claiming that it’s one the only truly real guest post outreach services out there. This claim is quite a tall order but I’ve done the necessary research to find out whether this statement really holds water or not.

The company has asserted that they make the above claims possible by working with foremost writers and editors to deliver personalized content and publish it on popular websites so their clients can get quality links and traffic.

Elsewhere on the web, you’ll see that SERP Logic has received a lot of recommendations, particularly from the AH Pro community despite the fact that it’s the most expensive guest posting service with a cost of $287 for just a mid-range link.

For its price, it’s easy to expect a lot from SERP Logic but a good number of past customers aren’t quite satisfied with the kind of links they got. One verified review has even said that the mid-range link they bought was placed in a website that’s significantly less stronger from what they anticipated for a link of that price.

If you have the cash to spare, you can still try and find out what the fuss is all about. However, there’s no doubt that there are much lower-priced guest posting services out there that can deliver the same type of link strength so make sure to choose wisely!

Fiverr Review

Fiverr is kind of similar to Upwork in the sense that you could find all sorts of services in the site. The only difference is that with Fiverr, there isn’t much negotiation involved in terms of a service’s specifications. It’s also structured in a way where the offerings already have set guidelines such as deadlines and prices. If you need more than the basic stuff done, you can opt for the higher packages that the seller is offering.

The thing about using any online marketplace site is that you’d have to plow through the search results for the service you’ve searched for. And there’s also the time that you have to allot in assessing each profile by reading their reviews and product descriptions.

From what I’ve gathered, there are a lot of crappy offerings on the site. You really have to dedicate enough time and effort to differentiate the decent ones from all the other providers that will just get your money and not deliver.

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Once you’ve gotten through those barriers, you’ll no doubt find a few providers who are really doing manual outreach. The typical pricing for a quality guest posting service off Fiverr starts at $65 for the basic package and $125 for a premium package with around 20 days for its turnaround time. That’s still definitely in line with what you’d expect from a guest posting campaign.

To its credit, the results were quite good since the link placement landed on a real site that gets enough monthly traffic from organic search. This is on top of the fact that the prices were reasonable as well.

Overall, I would say that Fiverr is worth giving a shot if you’re willing to go through all those hoops to land a decent provider for your guest posting campaign. With fair prices and excellent results, it could be an acceptable tradeoff for the right person!

BlogDash Review

BlogDash has been around since 2011 and functions as an opt-in blogger community‚ to use their words. Joining the site is actually free but you’d have to browse their list of bloggers in order to connect and ask for a guest post. Finding niche-specific bloggers is as easy as going through their categories or inputting keywords related to your industry.

Although you can join with a free account, you’d have to shell out the $49.99 monthly fee in order to message and pitch to other blog owners. More than just asking a spot for a guest post, you can also connect with other bloggers in order to share your guest post or have them review a product of yours.

So far, companies have been using it as part of their blogger outreach and guest posting strategies. It can also be used for personal guest posting campaigns and users can no doubt benefit from over 100,000 blogger members of BlogDash.

The thing about BlogDash is that it’s great to use only if you’re willing to do all the heavy work yourself. They can provide you with the platform to get in touch with other bloggers more easily as opposed to combing through Google and finding out the email address of each blog owner. Moreover, BlogDash is ideal as a one-stop place to do all your blogger outreach and guest posting communications.

Going for the BlogDash route is definitely more time-consuming but the best thing is, you can be sure that the outreach has been done manually since you’re the one who did all the work. Registering on the platform also comes with a free guide on how to do blogging outreach which is especially useful for those new to this kind of marketing strategy.

There’s no doubt that this is a magnificent tool when it comes to jumpstarting your guest posting campaign. However, it’s obviously not for everyone. If you’re looking for something that would require less work and effort from you then it’s best to settle for standard guest posting services where all you have to do is provide the details for your guest posting campaign and wait for the results!


MyBlogGuest is a community of guest bloggers where everyone can network to find what they’re looking for. It’s a pretty recognizable name when it comes to guest posting services. Signing up for the site is free and you can either classify yourself as someone who wants to guest post on other blogs or someone who accepts guest posts through their forum.Before being a full-blown community, the site started out as just a forum where people can discuss ideas and exchange opinions about guest posting. As members grew, there have been requests to add more useful features which the site founder, Amy Smarty, fulfilled. So far, the community has been highly rated what with all the things you can do when you sign up.

Before being a full-blown community, the site started out as just a forum where people can discuss ideas and exchange opinions about guest posting. As members grew, there have been requests to add more useful features which the site founder, Amy Smarty, fulfilled. So far, the community has been highly rated what with all the things you can do when you sign up.

There are actually five main features you’ll get in MyBlogGuest: articles gallery, infographics gallery, MyBlogGuest direct, email subscriptions, and user watchlist. In their website, they also provide helpful information about guest posting through their knowledge base. A few of the tips on their knowledge base include touching on topics such as what is guest posting, how to make your website’s visibility stronger as well as rank higher in search engine results.

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More than just being a guest posting tool, MyBlogGuest claims that they can help with relationship and reputation building. After all, since you’ll be connecting with a lot of other blog owners, it’s natural that both parties will form a professional relationship that can potentially last for the long-term.

If you’re looking to do a solid guest posting campaign by being able to connect with a list of target websites relevant to your business and through establishing a mutual, working relationship, this is the place to be. They also say that the members of the community are often those with quality blogs who have a lot to bring to the table.

I think the best part about MyBlogGuest is that you can glean a lot of great advice and feedback for getting the desired results you want for your campaign. However, in order to be successful, you have to create guest post pitches that capture the interest of the blog owners you have in mind. Make sure to send out emails to build a relationship and not just to post a link and run.

All of the above information is readily available on their knowledge base page and forum which shows that there’s a wealth of data you can learn in the community. Although going this route is more time-consuming, there’s no doubt that you’re sure that everything has been done through manual outreach.

All you have to do is register, post on their forum or send a short message to a blog owner so you can discuss your ideas about the guest post you want to publish on their site. With all the different features available on the site and with the kind of information MyBlogGuest is sharing, I can definitely say that you can get great results from the site if you’re willing to do it the hard way! Review

Top rated with 93% job success and 4.5/5 star review on Upwork, Orseep is a digital marketing agency based in India that offers e-commerce SEO services, content marketing, blogging services, apps marketing, web design, and web development to increase website traffic and improve sales.

Basing on the number of services they offer, you might find yourself wondering if guest posting is their best card at hand. But if you check their Upwork reviews, 50% of the completed projects on the first page of their long list of projects are providing guest postings as the main request.

They stated on their website that they write high-quality impressive blog posts and integrate backlinks to the client’s website. They do have a lot of backlinks when counted but their own website’s backlink scores are poor. It just seems strange when a company is offering such service to help other businesses increase their backlinks when they can’t do it for their own website.

Orseep also claims to be able to work with any industry. This can invite a lot of skepticism especially from those who are looking for technically challenging niche-based guest postings like one’s for audio engineers, IT-related or gadget related industries. These industries require a lot of technical knowledge and experience to truly understand what the business needs, who their customers are, and which websites and bloggers to contact.

To work with them, you will have to post your requirement on their guest blogging services orders page, and then they will give you a free quote. Or you can hire them through Upwork at their per hour rate which is between $12.78 – $20.00/hr, or at a fixed price depending on your budget for one project.

This can be quite inconvenient because it is a bit time-consuming for one to create an Upwork account or to complete the forms from their website just to get a free quote especially if you’re only shopping through different sites that are offering the same service for future use or for reference.

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The testimonials from their website tell us how effective Orseep has been in terms of helping their businesses and how impressive their work has been. Some of the testimonials are a bit sketchy though since the profiles used to give the said feedback lack the trappings of authenticity.

Overall, I think Orseep is only worth giving a try if budget is a foremost concern for you since many of their guest posting campaigns are priced in the lower range. With the things I mentioned above, there’s still not enough solid basis whether their success rate and testimonials on a third-party website are credible.

Moreover, Upwork requires a 20% cut of the contract price as mentioned above which will still pad your budget no matter how less expensive their service is compared to outside providers.

GroupHigh Review

GroupHigh has been around since 2012 and started out as a guest posting service with high tier prices for big brands. They’ve since expanded as a marketing and public relations software provider.

With over a million of blogs indexed, you can easily wade through all those by searching for a specific keyword, topic, location, and even number of followers. There are also additional info included whether a particular website supports a blog feature such as a guest or sponsored post and even ads.

After you’ve chosen the blogs that meet your criteria, you can then get all the information you need such as contact forms, author names, as well as their blog statistics, to name just a few. Although GroupHigh’s pricing isn’t published on their website, past clients are reportedly shelling out anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000 at the least to use their platform for a year.

Given this kind of pricing, it’s obvious that their kind of service is not for everybody. You have to be a big business in order to fully utilize everything that GroupHigh is offering. Since using their software requires a hefty investment, it’s well-suited to big brands who have large enough marketing budgets to take on such initial financial outlay.

Free Bonus: Click here to Download your Bonus

If you’re a solopreneur or someone who has a small team running a small to midsized business that’s just starting out, there are many other better options to try out there that will be able to fit your marketing goals.

Blogger Link Up Review

Blogger Link Up is pretty similar to what BlogDash does in that it connects blog owners to business owners or marketers looking to expand their reach through guest posting. What’s great about using this blogging network is that it’s free to use and the platform has guidelines that encourage  those who signed up not to request payments although this might still vary on a case-to-case basis.

In order to make use of this particular network, you have to do any of the following: offer a product to be reviewed by bloggers, announce a contest or pitch a guest post. In turn, other member bloggers can also request guest post opportunities from you or ask interview options.

The way it works is that Blogger LinkUp will send an email three times a week—Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In each email, you’ll see the requests that other members have put forth and you can then respond in return to that specific request if you can fulfill it. This also goes both ways as others can also reach out to you if they believe they can carry out what you’re looking for.

Despite its premise, there’s really not much to be found on the site itself as there’s no content to help you guide through the process of blog outreach. Just like BlogDash, this is an option you should consider if you’re willing to do the work yourself as you’d have to do the whole of the outreach process.

PostJoint Review

PostJoint differentiates itself by branding itself as a blogger inreach program. It claims to turn outreach around on its own head by connecting bloggers and marketers so they can reach arrangements in the fastest possible time in a secure platform that also provides no trace.

This means that PostJoint doesn’t come with a search feature since anyone looking to advertise will be supplying their own content that they want to be published and then their system will match them to the blogs who have a target audience that is in line with the topic of the post. The bloggers then can make their offers if they want to publish a specific content to their blog.

Once the bloggers have tendered their offers, the advertiser can then choose from the list of those who said that they can publish the post.

The good thing about this is that advertisers don’t have to make their decisions based on just the offers. PostJoint also provides their users with a number of metrics so they can assess what blog offer is the best for the goal they want to achieve. To make sure that advertisers’ content is protected as well, the bloggers are just shown an excerpt of the post.

PostJoint claims that their blog members are strictly vetted to ensure that each one brings something to the table. Screening is done by their moderators in order to increase advertiser satisfaction.

So far, PostJoint is a pretty promising guest posting service. The good thing about it is that it makes for a much quicker way to connect with other bloggers and find guest posting opportunities. The only drawback would be is that it’s not a done-for-you service and isn’t necessarily ideal if you’re crunched for time or manpower in your team. Nonetheless, if you care to do the reaching out and writing the content yourself then it’s a viable service you should definitely try!

Wrapping Up

Guest posting doesn’t just to be a lot of work, it is indeed time-consuming but it’s a foolproof way to expand your online reach, build your audience, and grow your site’s traffic through organic search ranking.

When done properly, you’ll no doubt see relevant results and increased visitors to your website. By reviewing all the information above, you’ll be able to make a better-informed decision on which guest posting services to try so you can get the maximum value you possibly can. With the right provider, there’s no doubt you can achieve new heights for your business without even breaking a sweat!




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