August 15


Marketing Education is a Risky Business and Here is Why

By Will Robins

August 15, 2016

This article has one major tweak that will change your marketing life forever. Let me know in the comments if it helps you.

Want to Know What 50k Marketers Said Their Greatest Struggle Was? 

I browse the internet aggressively. I normally can’t get through one article without opening five links to what they are linking to. I am every marketer’s wet dream. I will buy anything to try it out. I want to say that first because this particular article is definitely being written “in the mirror.” (that means I need this advice a lot as well)

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Marketing Empires Are Being Built By Stupid People

Wow, I feel better already just typing that.

It never fails. I am reading an article and my brain is telling me forty two reasons that the information is incomplete. The article I am reading is not noting the “42” critical steps needed in order to perform the function that it is describing.

That’s right. This guy is an idiot.

When I realized a simple truth to marketing that I will tell you about in a moment. It all became very clear to me. That clarity helped me:

  • Skyrocket My Reader Retention
  • Make Content 100% Faster
  • Gain 400% More Engagement On My Content
  • Post On Large Media Sites which
    • Attracted Even More Readers which
  • Skyrocketed my Conversions 40%

That simple point of clarity is that marketing is action related. It is not knowledge related.

The Problem With Dumb Marketing

I am guilty, oh so guilty, of perusing 10 websites about one subject. Then getting into a ton of other material and ideas. What good did that do me?

I started with a question and decided to research it. Then I end up on Youtube or Buzzfeed watching only God knows. How did this happen?

This is the problem we all struggle with. We are not used to applying knowledge. We have not disciplined ourselves to micro tasking. We want to multi task.

Let me give you a better path to get MUCH better results. An easy tweak that will change you life.

Why Marketing Is So Much Fun For Me

I realized that I had to track just a few critical points of data and then I could let it rip. Nothing else mattered. All of the seminars, videos, reading, and planning were a bust. It didn’t matter.

The only points that mattered were:

  • Exposure or Traffic
  • Trust
  • Clarity on the Points I Was Trying To Make
  • Analysis
  • Revamp and Do it Again

That’s right. All of the over analysis was paralyzing my efforts. I sold people and made a product next. I only did this once and I had the product concept completed first. I just didn’t have the product finished yet. I jumped the gun and apologized even (before you burn me at the stake). I will never do it again either.

There are a few critical choices to make when you begin your marketing. If you are in the middle (already started but want better results) then you can make these choices as well.

The Critical Choices to Make as a Marketer

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. ~ ConfuciusHow Are You Going To Get Traffic?

Your choice is whether you are going to drive traffic from:

Email Marketing?


Social Media?

Pay Per Click?



You have to master two of these. One of them is email.

You have to master writing emails. No marketer has a choice. Emails are going to be sent if you are marketing. That is the basis of the relationship. They subscribe and your start having a conversation with them.

The second choice is the one I struggled with. If you look on this blog you will find me playing with Youtube. I hated it. I would have loved it if I had a studio to walk into and just plug in. This was work though and I didn’t enjoy it.

Writing. That is one of my strengths. So I stick to blogging. I also dabble in social media but I focus on blogging.

Time is Against You

The reason you have to only choose two is real simple. If you choose one then you will be great but you will never email anyone and that means zero conversions.

If you choose more than two then you spread yourself to thin. You never master any of them and it takes you years to get results.

So What Did I Learn?

Application of Knowledge is Truly Powerful Will Robins Marketing

The application of what you are learning is more important than the volume.

I am a volume person.

If a little is great then a lot is amazing, right? That is not the case with information. You have to decide to only take in what is critical to the next step you are going to take. I have witnessed so many times, something starts and never gets going because they are busy dealing with the details of when they make it.

Did you catch that?

They never actually get it launched because they are trying to figure out what to do when they make millions with it.

Let’s look at this on a smaller spectrum.

What are you working on right now? Why do you have anything open on your browser or phone that doesn’t relate to getting that thing completed?

How Did We Become So Lazy?

I remember a buzz word in the 90’s. Multitasking. I also remember a buzzword that came right after it. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).

Those seem to go together to me. I suffer from ADHD. I know it without a diagnosis. I love it.

In order for me to take my marketing to the next level though, I had to clear my head and just complete the task at hand.

That is when I found out how easy marketing can be. I will walk you through how I got started and got my first 100 subscribers in a future post.

How Do You Apply Knowledge and Ramp Up Your Marketing?

The easiest way to put this to use is to break down what you need to do next to its smallest task. Then spend “all day” making sure it gets done.

Work on efficiency and speed once you have established proficiency. Proficiency comes from applying knowledge.

So if you break down the task to its smallest level. Micro task. Then you can absolutely start researching how to complete “let’s call it STEP 1” in that task.


How Do I Get Subscribers or How Do I Build An Email List?

  1. Research the steps to gain an email list of subs
  2. Find the First Step. DO NOT READ PAST THERE.
  3. Open a Doc and Copy That Article You Were Reading’s URL and Place it at the top
  4. Take What You Found as Step 1 and write it out

STEP 1: Capture Form

Now Go Figure Out How To Add A Capture Form On Your Website.

Why This Process Sucks But You Still Need To DO IT!

This process sucks for the same reason I stated at the beginning of this article that Marketing Empires are Made by Stupid People.

Somewhere in completing your task for the first time you are going to learn something that makes you start over.

Just like in the example.

You will find out that just because you have a capture form doesn’t mean people are going to subscribe.

You find out that having a quiz or a survey is a better way to get that first interaction.

Don’t Discount This Information

I realize that. I realize that if you do what I am saying then you will discover something that makes you have to start over. Remember when I said we would become proficient later on?

Proficiency can only come once you have tested enough stuff to figure out what works.

That is why Step 1 (Trust). Step 2 (Engagement) . and Step 3 (Golden Rule of Marketing) are so important. You have to trust the person you are getting the advice from. If you had gotten your “How To Build An Email List” from let’s say “The Best List Builder Ever” then he would have went into a much more complex version of the question. That question would be how to build a highly converting sales funnel.

This Works Because Of That!

This process works and gets results because you have to take action. When you force yourself to apply knowledge then you become limited on knowledge consumption.

It works because when you apply knowledge you learn to ask a “Bigger or Better Question” faster.

It gets you to the end results of your limited knowledge. That end then pushes you. You still want results and you have just failed with what you knew. Now you ask a better question and find a better answer.

You only take in knowledge that helps you get results on the micro task you are completing at that moment.

You learn to become really decisive in whose article you are taking that knowledge from.

You will develop better questioning.

When you ask better questions you will get better answers.

Will Robins

About the author

Husband and Father, Will focuses on family first under God. If you are searching for an engaged audience, the kind we all dream of, then you have found the right website. Will uses a personality with amazing salesmanship in his teaching. He focuses on how successful websites have grown their viewers and engagement.

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