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Survey Funnels Technique {Increase Sales Before Your Launch Secrets}

By Will Robins

August 10, 2017

Every business can benefit immensely with the right survey funnel for their audience. In the modern market, a conversion is really a vote for personalization, and prospects who find a survey with the tone, content, language, and timing down, they can effortlessly be eased into a quality response.

This makes survey funnel an easy choice, as the prospects get the engagement of a survey that is actually personalized for them, while the business can obtain accurate answers on their market questions. Every business can benefit immensely with the right survey funnel for their audience.

In the modern market, a conversion is really a vote for personalization, and prospects who find a survey with the tone, content, language, and timing down, they can effortlessly be eased into a quality response. This makes survey funnel an easy choice, as the prospects get the engagement of a survey that is actually personalized for them, while the business can obtain accurate answers on their market questions.

What Are Survey Funnels Made of?

Now that all business regardless of the industry are vying for the attention of their prospects in whatever ways possible, most are shouting as loud as they can. Every business seems to be pushing the freeline as hard as possible, trying to outdo each other with better and better offers. With all these noises, it can be quite tough to stand out and get noticed by the prospects.

You won’t find a pre-made funnel because the behavior, traits, demographics, predefined segments, and other factors of your audience will affect how your funnel is built. The conventional surveys are typically much easier to set up compared to survey funnels, which isn’t a surprise because everyone’s using them.

When it comes to marketing, there are no half measures; don’t be the person who loses a bunch as you try to save some cash on quality outreach. There are a lot of talented people out there who are willing to make the proper changes regardless of the cost to get to the level of their customers, and they will be more likely to succeed just because of it.

Advantages to Prospects

Of course, business surveys won’t be anywhere near the top of a prospect’s lists as far as entertainment goes. However, with proper engagement, you can get pretty close to them. With the promise of a better product or service in response to the feedback will be a major benefit, though customers are more likely to doubt their abilities to be listened to if you fail to make it evident that you listened.

Better Service/Product: This is a key long-term benefit for your customers. Make sure that you keep them up to date, and market to them properly as your offerings improve.

Engagement: Find out what you can give your clients immediately in exchange for their feedback. A distraction from their day, engagement, and other forms of entertainment serve well in a survey that resonates with their concerns.

Advantages to the Business

The major benefit for the business is the peace of mind for the owner because they can always get the answers and don’t need to necessarily commit to the task or keeping the money until a strategy is signed off.

More revenue: Of course, you want to deliver excellence, and do a better job for your customers while profiting in the process. Getting the market answers will improve your offerings, which will, in turn, drive more sales.

Accurate Answers About the Market: surveys get you an answer no matter what, letting you take actions based on the results. This ensures the progress of your business is definite and always possible.

If you find yourself struggling to create more leads, there’s a survey funnel technique that can help you gain more qualified links, which might turn into customers. This is fundamentally a simple technique to implement and can save you a lot of time, and give you the much-needed focus to concentrate on your marketing efforts.

Survey Funnels Technique

The concept is very simple. You just need to ask your perfect prospects some questions. Just as with other surveys, you listen to what they are saying and provide the messaging to show them that you really listened. This is a winning formula that has worked in in-person, human-to-human interactions, and is quite effective in the digital space.

Ryan Levesque’s Survey Funnel

Ryan Levesque has come up with a simple, but contrarian marketing funnel. Other than screaming they have the best product there is, Ryan claims that he can help you find a solution to your problems by taking a few moments and discussing your situation. He then ideally leads you through a questioning process referred to as a Survey Funnel.

The process is simple and works well since it ideally imitates a real conversation. If you are worried a certain process cannot be scaled, don’t be. Ryan has been generating over 10,000 leads in a single day in some markets, thanks to his incredible formula. Keep in mind that this is in a single funnel!

He’s widely known as “the Funnel Specialist” and is largely recognized for creating models for online sales and lead flow models, with the most notable one: The Survey Funnel Formula. Ryan has generated more than 2.8 million leads and has a presence in 19 different markets, and over 175,000 customers. These numbers are just for the last 23 months alone and are still growing.

Cited as a marketing expert in many different media companies including Yahoo Finance, CNBC, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Miami Herald, Mass Market Retailer, among many others, Ryan is a renowned marketing and business coach. Since 2008, he has generated over $37 million additional revenue for his diverse private clients.

He currently lives in Austin, Texas where he lives with his wife and 2 ½-year-old son. When he’s not running his business, he spends time with his 8-month pregnant wife and tending to his son.

So far, there’s only about 15% of online marketers using these techniques. This means that the game is wide open for anyone willing to dive in and test the waters for themselves. There are 3 main techniques for implementing the strategy:

  • A survey
  • 2-step forms
  • An assessment

1. Survey

Many of you are aware of online survey tools like SurveyGizmo, SurveyMonkey, and others, and probably have or have not used them before. The thing is, they are some of the most effective tools to put your ear to the ground and gain all the necessary information about your audiences and prospects that can help you in your content development and marketing efforts. This easily translates into the email marketing details of your business.

The main benefit here is that they can serve as list building and lead generation tools quite effectively. This is especially the case when they are combined with terrific download or entertainment offers inserted at the end of the survey, which would also have the responders complete a lead capture form strategically placed at the end of the survey. The reward in exchange for spending some of their time to fill in their information, and sharing their perspective with you.

You can effectively use surveys to increase the lead generation for your business. As a tip, you should keep it at about 6 questions or less, and ensure that you have at least one open-ended question, allowing the responder to share their perspective in an unrestricted manner. An example for this would be “What is the most challenging aspect in [insert area of focus]?

Remember to make the text box as deep as possible to elicit a detailed response, since this is where you would ideally get the GOLD for your marketing message. Multiple choice questions are also great, though they won’t give you all the helpful insights; insights that tell you exactly what’s running through the lead’s head. As such, don’t ignore the real value of utilizing these types of questions.

Another way to administer a survey is through a webinar. For instance, as the participants of your webinar register, you can send them an email in about 5 minutes after they have registered, and ask them for help. The email should then include a link that takes them to a survey, which gives them the leeway to provide information about their experience and situation. This makes sure that the issues they are facing can not only be identified but also addressed in the webinar.

Obviously, not everyone will complete the survey. But those who do will provide you with some great insights and information regarding your audience. They can provide you with patterns, predictions, and common threads that will let you tailor the webinar in a way that will address their issues. The key is to ask, listen, and give them a message that ideally responds to exactly what they told you.

The email you send them asking for help and the survey you link it to should be geared towards how they have answered the 2-step opt-in form as described below. Admittedly, it could take up a bit of set up time, but you will be automating the process, such that when the webinar is opened for registration, you will have zero work on your behalf.

2. The 2-Step (or 3-Step) Form

3-Step Funnel survey example from Ryan Deiss

In the first step, you ask questions about them, and their situation, relative to the domain in which a solution is being sought. The visitor essentially selects from the choices available, choosing one that matches their situation most.

In the second step, you will be asking for contact information. The cool thing about this is, believe it or not, the psychology. Whenever people see a lead capture form, their alert goes up, and become weary. But when they come across a question, they are more inclined to engage and answer the question more readily, since they see it differently. This way, they will be more likely to complete the lead capture form.

In reference to the webinar example, you can link a form to the opt-in page for your webinar. Most visitors will be inclined to complete the form, and you may be surprised by the sheer amount of conversion rate across your invite list.

3. Assessment

Quite similar to the survey, assessment is conducted on the final page once the prospect has provided their lead information, giving them a customized result. It’s therefore based on customized content, which is typically based on the way they answered the questions.

You can call it a Quiz or a Grader, such as “What type of a Leader are you?” or a “Personality Quiz” assessments, where some insights about them and the aspects they should improve o or pay attention to are inserted at the end. The insights will vary based on the way they answered the questions. You can then ask them to share the results with their friends on social media, to help spread the message, and promote your lead generation efforts. In general, you should make your assessment in your survey funnels as fun and meaningful as possible.

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