September 7


1080 Talking About The Funnel with Shamil Radia: Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

By Will Robins

September 7, 2018

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Shamil Radia started his first online venture 16 years ago and since then has created millions of dollars in new revenue streams for multiple industries across the globe.

He lives by a simple philosophy –

“Being semi-retired in youth is far better than being fully retired when you are old”.

In order to help Dentists and practice owners spend more time with their families and live “semi-retired” lives earlier, he has dedicated his life to helping solve the problem of patient lead generation, conversions and most importantly how to integrate existing technologies to automate critical business processes within the practice.

He is the co-founder of Bizi360Dental, That Smiling Dentist, BiziMobile, Bizi360 and several other startups, is regularly called upon by the top leaders across the globe to help automate their transactional revenue streams. He is widely known as a pioneer in building online “sales funnels”.

He also lives what he teaches. This means he spends as much time as possible with his family and doing stuff he loves – rolling golf putts and building funnels.

The outcome of this type of modern scale is being able to control and predict new profit generation by following simple, battle tested best practices and understanding how to leverage the data available, so you can do what matters most – live life.

Experience leads to scale. Everything Shamil has done and sold over the last 16 years has been documented and deployed in his own businesses. The results and case studies you see are a result of well over a decade of testing, failing, succeeding and figuring stuff out in the real world.

“The best solutions to problems come from those directly affected by those problems themselves”. During his early career, Shamil has helped many of the top companies across NA with their CyberSecurity strategies starting with their applications. He is now helping others use the knowledge he gained during this time across thousands of different sales and marketing models to integrate their own sales and marketing strategies. (this during many evenings and weekends while having 3 kids and traveling to client sites)

It’s not about the traffic.

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