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3 Sure Fire Ways To Use Social Media For Lead Generation

By Will Robins

September 20, 2018

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3 sure fire ways to use social media for lead generation

A strong social media presence is not just an option, but a necessity for brands nowadays. According to the latest report by CoSchedule, 2/3rds of all Americans use social media, with 88% of businesses being active on various social networks. The same report states that customers spend 20-40% more money on brands who engage with them on social media.

While social media isn’t necessarily the be-all and end-all of your online marketing efforts, it can play a significant role in getting you substantial results, and that includes lead generation.

Why should your business be on social media?

Considering that 90% of B2B top decision makers give a blind eye to cold calls, with 76% of buyers ready to have a social media conversation, it makes sense for your brand to be super active on social media.

The main benefit of lead generation on social media is the ability to focus on qualified leads via advanced targeting. An analysis by eMarketer shows that one of the main goals of B2B marketers is improving the quality of leads.

An important takeaway here is to know the interests of your target audience. This was shown in both the quality and quantity of the entries they received. The prize chosen by the brand and the clear rules were some of the important factors behind the campaign’s success. Furthermore, the organic exposure of the content was greatly increased by the encouragement received by the participants.

Before you run a photo contest, write down your goals. What are the results you want? What theme will lead to the most engaging UGC? How will you get your fans involved? How can you make it a win-win situation for you and your participants?

2. Promote Gated Content

This is perhaps one of the easiest lead generation strategies on social media: Gated content.

Most of your social media followers are people who haven’t made a purchase from you. They are aware and remain on the top of the funnel. Maybe they are considering! Your next job should be to get them to act, and that can be achieved through gated content.

Gated content is content that can be accessed by users once they perform an action. This indicates they have to sign up, or like/share a post. A point to note while creating gated content is to make it EXCELLENT so that your target audience understands that their name and email is a tiny price to pay in return to what they’re getting.

Neil Patel used this strategy while announcing his recent blog post on Twitter.

On sharing the name and email address, the user can get access to the gated content. This is a simple and effective strategy. However, some brands do it the wrong way.

An important takeaway is to make your gated content of tremendous use to your fans. If you ask them to fill out a 10-minute survey, they will not be getting leads since the effort of taking the survey is not quite worth the benefit.

3. Leverage On Facebook Custom Tabs

Your Facebook business page can act as a magic wand for lead generation on social media. Based on a research by University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research from among US millenials who follow any brand on Facebook, nearly 66% do so to get discounts and coupons, while 37% do so to take part in contests. This can be a tremendous blessing for marketers, since contests, discounts and coupons are all different types of robust lead generation tools on social media.

Tabs are essentially menu items that appear on the left side of your Facebook page. A majority of business pages on Facebook use some of the standard tabs like About, Photos, Pins and Posts. However, very few use custom tabs, which can be a fantastic way to showcase offers and contests used for generating leads on social media.

If you have a developer in your team, you can build custom tabs right from scratch, but you can always find loads of Facebook page apps that can easily assist you in creating custom tabs, which includes lead gen forms. And the best part is you don’t have to invest in any social media lead generation software or know any code.

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