December 21


5 of the Best Ways to Generate Leads with Video [SlideShare]

By Will Robins

December 21, 2018


You want more leads.

Funny thing is, your leads want more video.

So why not kill two birds with one stone (ugh, what a gruesome saying). But you get the gist: use video to get more leads. Because, let’s face it: video is killing it.

In 2015, video consumption overtook any other activity for time spent online andby 2018, video will account for more than 80% of all web traffic.

And even B2B buyers are watching video.

72% of B2B buyers watch videos throughout their entire path to purchase andnearly half view 30 minutes or more while researching.

Not to mention that by you using video, you can actually improve other great marketing targets like SEO, engagement, retention, and conversion (landing pages with video see 80% higher conversion rates, according to KissMetrics).

So give the people what they want.

… but make sure you know who’s taking it.

In other words: use video to generate leads!

Of course there are many different ways to generate leads with video (like with any lead capture initiative). And using the right approach is paramount to success. If you’re gating your entire video but it’s just an introductory video about your business, that’s not going to pay off. People aren’t invested yet and they don’t know the value you’re offering them! So is your video valuable enough to be the gated asset itself? Or are you using the video to promote another asset or lead capture opportunity, like a content asset.

Check out the five ways to generate leads with video in the SlideShare below:

5 Ways to Generate Leads with Video from Vidyard

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What About More than Capturing the Leads?

Now that you know the different approaches to capturing leads, it’s time to dive further into the possibilities that surface when you use video to build your database. Things like optimizing your video lead gen initiatives based on where your video is being distributed. For example, your leads are likely more engaged on your website versus coming across your video on social. You’ll also want to consider what stage of the funnel your video is at because, as all you savvy marketers know, lead capture initiatives can look very different at various stages of the buying cycle.

Lastly, if you’re spending all this time capturing leads with video, wouldn’t it be great to capture the viewing data on how much of these videos these leads have consumed, too?

Yeah it would.

Discover all this and more in The Comprehensive Guide to Using Video for Lead Generation, Scoring, and Nurturing.

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(Psst… tried any of these methods or willing to give one a shot? Let us know which one in the comments!)

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