October 15


A Fresh Marketing Strategy for Converting Cold Leads

By Will Robins

October 15, 2018

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You’ve heard all about the importance of following up with your leads. Check in with your hottest leads first, and then touch base with your “warm” and “cold” leads periodically to make sure they’re staying engaged. But what about those leads that aren’t quite ready to talk?


Most agents use these three ways to reach out to leads: Call, Email, Text. These are the best way to move a conversation forward, however the majority of your database isn’t ready for that step yet! This is where remarketing comes in. A strategic way to re-hook your cold leads and keep them engaged with your brand. So 6 months down the road when a lead is finally ready to jump in and start their home buying process – you’re the first person they’ll call.


Try this! Take your database of cold leads and export them to Facebook. Now you can start remarketing with softer types of content. (Think soft sales pitch.) On a social channel like Facebook, you want to share content that is engaging and personal/relevant to the consumer. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Market Stats
Recent Sales
Recent Listings
Testimonials from Happy Clients

By strategically “nurturing” your cold leads, you are opening up a treasure trove of opportunity in the future. Leads will eventually convert. It’s just a matter of when, and which agent is at-the-ready when they are finally ready to talk.

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