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Have Multiple Systems For Managing Leads? Here’s How To Simplify

By Will Robins

August 22, 2018

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“This is my favorite system for transaction management, but it doesn’t work with my CRM, so here’s my workaround…”


“I prefer to use this dialer, but it doesn’t integrate with my system, so I take notes on my calls and attempts and input them manually later…”

Whether it’s transaction management, dialers, or another solution in your arsenal of real estate tools, these are common problems. There are some great systems and technology out there, but if you’re juggling multiple systems in order to generate and manage your leads, I’m here to tell you that there’s a much easier way. And not only is it easier, it is much more productive, less costly, and less time-consuming.

Here’s how you can simplify the business of real estate by condensing into one central hub to manage all your leads, deals, follow-up, and communications.

Say hello to fewer logins, and better insights.

Lead Generation Real Estate Plan

Don’t Fall Victim to Fragmented Systems

You didn’t get in this business to be a systems manager. And time-consuming manual work is not the point of technology. Beware of “technology collecting” and chasing the next shiny thing that promises to improve your business and increase your revenue.

Most of these products are fragmented pieces that have been pushed together to create a functioning platform. Different companies sell different components, such as the website, the IDX, lead generation, lead management, etc. Managing a number of platforms or products like this becomes a challenging juggling act.

The reality is that a bunch of piecemeal solutions cobbled together into a “system” typically leads to poor adoption rates, wasted time, and potentially wasted money. Who has time to learn each system, create workarounds between them, and manually share data?

Throwing down thousands of dollars on a website every few years, then dropping a few thousand more to add more bells and whistles isn’t practical, yet it has become common practice in the real estate industry.

So what’s the fix?

Real Estate Lead Generation

Find A System That Integrates Well

Look for a holistic business solution. This means a platform that encompasses and powers your lead generation, website, CRM, and affords the ability to integrate with other point solutions.

This allows you to build a business ecosystem where all tools and data are housed in one platform, and all your favorite solutions can be implemented with ease. It’s critical to find a solution that:

Can be seamlessly integrated with other platforms
Provides valuable insights and data from user activities.
Offers the ability to import your leads from multiple sources into one central database.
Automates many aspects of the real estate lead cultivation cycle.
Improves consistent communication and reduces costly human error.

Lead Generation Plan
Manage All Your Leads (and Your Business) in One Place

No matter the source of your leads, you should be able to effortlessly import and manage all of them into one system. For example with BoomTown, you can smoothly import leads from top sources (Zillow, Trulia,, eEdge, LeadStreet, etc.) into the CRM and leverage a plethora of communication tools for easy, consistent follow-up.

Learn More about the BoomTown CRM

Real Estate Lead Generation
Connect Your Front and Back End System With Your Favorite Point Solutions

Using separate systems for your website and your CRM can lead to inconsistent or unreliable data transfer. Depending on the level of compatibility between the two disparate systems, some user activity or lead information can go missing when passing between systems.

Having one system that connects your website to your CRM closes the loop in the real estate process. A streamlined system like BoomTown creates a seamless process from first click to final closing with nothing lost in between. And, with BoomTown’s Integration Partners you can seamlessly connect select partners to your BoomTown system, so you can work across your entire arsenal of tools from one central command center.

BoomTown integrates with dotloop, BombBomb, Mojo Power Dialer,  CallAction, Google Calendar, Spacio, and more.

Learn More about BoomTown Integration Partners

Here’s an example to help you see a glimpse of the power of integration: In the system, lead contact information and search history can be passed from a CRM such as BoomTown to a transaction management platform (like dotloop) to eliminate redundant data entry, human error, and increase efficiency.

The transaction management platform then feeds purchase price, commission, and other financial data back to BoomTown upon closing, so the CRM can accurately track ROI. Systems that are well-engineered to integrate smoothly work together to seamlessly increase value.

Real Estate Lead Generation
Understand the Value of Integrated Real Estate Technology

The future of real estate technology is solutions that offer a model to “hand off” to the next step in the process. They automate time-consuming tasks, completing them faster and more accurately. When you couple this automation and predictive intelligence with shared data between tools and point solutions, you have a system that drives new insights and identifies ways to gather more data. With more data you are armed for better customer service, preemptively addressing individual customer needs.

For agents, this means systems that more accurately identifying customers who will sell or buy with them, and connecting their CRM with all the systems they need to do business.

For the team this means more efficient offices with less overhead, less data entry and less duplication of efforts. It also means less time wasted on menial housekeeping tasks that aren’t the most dollar-productive activities.

Using one central system allows you to optimize operations, examine accountability metrics, gather ROI reporting, and empower your agents to make insightful decisions based on lead activity. Connecting your systems through our integrations creates a streamlined process from start to finish, and every phase in between.

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