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How Outbound Call Center Software Grow Your Business?

By Will Robins

October 3, 2018


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Latest business that is facing with some source and types of communication. They can use to their benefits. A set of technology which can apply to harness today multiple communication channels. This is call center software. This is the system that allows the business to manage multiple communication channels. These are such as phone, email, live chat instant messaging, SMS text and social media.

Call center software comes in different way function. Include an auto dialer, check, accounting solution, analytics, predictive dialer, computer technology integration, IVR, ACD. This can also use as part of customer help platform or support desk. With ticketing functionality to help agents respond to customer queries and resolve issues.

VoIP and hosted software that has made reality the hosted call center environment. It requires the essential components, a browser, and phone. You can easily setup a call center solution. You can also set up your dedicated call center hub. That undertakes the quality monitoring. These are call recording, text, analytics, virtual queuing, callback and social media help. The

Categories of Call Center Software

The purpose of call center software is to support to business manages customer communication. It’s coming from multiple channels and sources. Depending on how connections are processing about how the system is deployed.

Call center software can classify into the following.

On-Premise Call Center Systems

They are usually sold with a one-time use license. The company user takes care of the upgrade and maintenance of the call center. Often requires the installation of own branch hardware and equipment. The most professional types of call center although most expensive.

Cloud-Based Call Center Systems

SaaS models with a call center hosted in the cloud. This is accessible from anywhere without the need for downloading or installing software. These are the most affordable call center system.

Outbound call center software

You can understand the outbound call center software. The learning about its software and features. Here are some of the outbound call center software.

Controlled Telephony

Call center software is like about your typical phone. Yeah, the system can do more than only voice calls. It can do live chat conferencing email and also respond to social media messages.

Automatic Call Distributors

ACD compromise the heart of every right call center. This enables route calls the most appropriate agent with involve in the process. With monitoring performance and gathering information.

Interactive Voice Responses

IVR meanwhile features. It takes care of caller before that they connected to the exact agents. These can message greetings and service prompts menu or waiting for queue coverage.

Call Rows

Used with the virtual call center. A customer doesn’t disappear after being that they have to wait. Every call center agent gets specifically designed waiting for queue. The customer arrives after being skills and routed. A personal dashboard is using to measure statistics upon on real time.

Disposition Codes

The features tag the outcome of all calls. As such as “not interested,” “transferred to IT support,” refunded and many more. Team lead usually selected code from special menu and attach in particular caller.

Call Barging

Established for new agents. It gets to transfer the call to the manager. Using features called whisper coaching.

Predictive And Power Dialers

Used primarily to inform the customer if an agent becomes available. Even it can make calls automatically to connect the agent to a group of callers.

Voicemail – Notifications

It is allowed to customer leave a message for the agent. This happens when agent not available. Latest system is capable of transcribing notes or email them. The agent keeps messages within the activity feed.

Real-Time & Historical Reporting

Reporting features in view and learn about metric. This is including some calls per day/line department. Average duration, average, abandoning rate, waiting time, service level and may more.


Most significant extends the functionality of the system. It is allowing to work with third-party applications to secure more caller information. The process and analyze customer data, build up customer relation. Other tasks right within a single platform.

Benefits of outbound call center software

There are some of the benefits that call center software offering you. It also becomes a genuinely vital addition to your customer support tools. You know about it said it again that customer is king and need royal treatment and help.  The resulting returns and can huge for your business. But fortunately solution in contact center software fit for all royalty. You having without to come up with the king-sized budget.

The overall goal makes your business to provide the best customer support. In time and help optimal customer experience. Here are the some of the followings benefits of call center software.

Lower Costs

An on premise solution will need you to come up with fully capable components, hardware and application. That translate to an investment that may take a longer time to recoup.

Small Remote Teams

Unless you run massive call center operation with small dedicated groups of customer. Addition to your cost savings is having a remote agent for your virtual call center.

Enhanced Security

Call center software especially cloud or hosted platform. The security features to keep your call center operation and running all the time. You will get a reliable robust security protocol compliance and maintains the system.

Operational Flexibility

Now call center software is out of the box all in one solution. Being able to do so much more than managing calls and information. This software can integrate with existing applications CRM, CEM, marketing, and solutions.

Productivity Booster

This is packed with intuitive and automated features. Such an auto dialer and timing rout, prioritization and call route matrices.

Improved Customer Relationships

The customer is king. When they feel their issues that taken for granted can easily churn. Improving customer relation with delivering the best customer help. Call center gives you mean to provide optimal, reliable and prompt customer service.


So wrap up with this, a customer with the best support and like to manage your company efficiently. A communication from multiple call channels. You cannot go wrong with having all the software. This significantly reduces the strain on your customer problems. The streamlines and process of who take care of customer issues. It also allows you two wat communication to engage with the customer. It is building your relationship with them and gives you the best control and overview. The works or not with your support system.

Author Bio: Abdul has spent his career developing high-performance organizations. He is working as a chief marketing officer for a leading call center software company Coztel. As both a marketing executive, Abdul has created and executed numerous programs that build market awareness, drive lead generation and increase revenue.

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