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Joe Gelata: Opportunities for marketers using marketing automation and video

By Will Robins

December 17, 2018

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Fairly recently I had the chance to sit down with Joe Gelata, Director of Lead Generation at Vidyard, and asked him to share his vast insight about how marketers can best take advantage of marketing automation systems.

Seeing as 61% of marketers are now using marketing automation and 93% of B2B marketers are creating content marketing resources from scratch, I wanted to learn more about how incorporating a MAP with your video content can drive ROI.

Segment and consolidate to target leads at the right time

Even though one of the major opportunities of a marketing automation platform is the ability to segment, Joe tells us it has really evolved into a place where marketers can consolidate their data from various sources: sales data from an ERP system, contact data from CRM, and engagement data on video, for example.

Joe asserts that marketers have the opportunity to go well beyond merely collecting contact info and should look instead to using the platform as a place to discover more important details, such as who’s on the company’s website, what resources or videos they’re viewing, and for how long.

It’s all about collecting all of the information, then targeting the right people at the right time based on how you see them interact with your content resources. Using a MAP in tandem with a video marketing platform enables you to approach prospects more intelligently when they’re passed on to sales.

How to integrate video content and marketing automation

Similar to the companies Joe mentions in our interview, you can cleverly combine both video and automation to get the most out of your investment in video assets.

Consider a clever lead nurturing strategy such as the one FIS uses. By including video in emails to leads, you’re able to monitor engagement data specific to certain leads, and then send customized follow up featuring calls to action about products that viewers seem particularly interested in.

Or perhaps you’d benefit from how-to videos or video tutorials that guide users through your products in a strategic sequence, like Organimi, an app that helps users build dynamic org charts. If, for example, you notice that customers are viewing a particular how-to repeatedly, you can automate an email containing more troubleshooting information specific to that how-to content.

With multiple creative ways to use video, the combination with marketing automation is pretty powerful and I hope you enjoy the insights Joe shares here. If you’re amplifying your video marketing with automation systems, let me know what you’re doing and the results you’ve seen. Moreover, if you have any questions I can pass on to Joe, share them here!

Tune in for more from Joe in upcoming episodes in the Video Thought Leadership Series.

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