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Stepping Up Your Facebook Retargeting with Video

By Will Robins

December 15, 2018


Retargeting is a pretty easy concept to understand — if someone visits your site, make sure they see your advertising on every other site they get to. Seems easy, right? But how do you know where your prospects are spending their time? And how do you control where your ads are displayed?

That’s the beauty of retargeting with Facebook! Humans are already addicted to it: according to Facebook, there are over 1.65 billion active Facebook users, and 1.51 billion of them are using the mobile app. Chances are a significant portion of your audience is sitting on their phone, tablet, or laptop liking a cute video of a dog as you’re reading this. So now the question becomes, what’s the most effective way to target these users?

Video, Is There Anything It Can’t Do?

You’re already using video on your website and your YouTube channel, and maybe even as a great lead generation tool, too. But that’s not all video can do! It’s also a great vehicle for building retargeting lists.

Think about it: if someone watches your video content, they’re already an engaged lead, especially if they watch it all the way to the end. So use that to your advantage. Whether you’re using a Video Marketing Platform like Vidyard, or using YouTube annotations to build your calls-to-action, here’s how you can make this happen:

1. Building Your Retargeting List

First off, let’s talk technology. We use PerfectAudience to retarget our leads on Facebook, and we use their retargeting pixels to build our lists.

At the end of your video, you’re probably including some sort of call-to-action. Whether it’s a lead generation form or a link to another piece of relevant content, this space is the perfect place to add a retargeting pixel. This lets you build a list of people who have watched to the end of your video. Powerful stuff when it comes to serving targeted ads to the right audience on Facebook!

You can do this with YouTube annotations as well, but you have to be careful. If you’re linking people back to a landing page at the end of your video, use UTM tags and a special retargeting pixel on the landing page to build a list of folks who got there via your YouTube video. As long as you’re only using end-of-video YouTube annotations, you know everyone on this list got there because they watched your content until the end!

2. Always Remember to Exclude!

Now that you have a list of everyone who watched your video, it’s time to make sure you’re not spamming people with ads for a resource or event that they have already interacted with. Building exclusion lists is incredibly important, as nobody wants to see an ad for a guide that they’ve already downloaded!

PerfectAudience will build lists based on people who take a ‘conversion action’ and we use this to ensure we have retargeting lists for everyone who has downloaded a particular asset.

So, we take our retargeting list of people who have watched all the way to the end of our campaign video A and we take our list of people who have already filled in the form that goes with that campaign B and we subtract one from the other to get C), people who watched the video, but didn’t move through the funnel. A prime target for some retargeting ads on everyone’s favorite social network!

3. Let’s Get Social

The key to a good retargeting campaign is pretty close to the key to a good paid advertising campaign: make sure your assets are similar in branding to the page you’re driving people back to, and don’t serve your audience messaging that’s irrelevant to them.

The best part of retargeting is the ‘targeting’ part, you choose which audiences sees which ads. So now that we have our list, it’s easy to match up ads with content. Let’s take this campaign for example:

All's Fair Campaign

The video is clearly the star, but the video is designed as a vehicle to get viewers to download our guide. For everyone who watched the video, but didn’t interact with the form at the end, they’ll see this ad in their Facebook Feed:

All's Fair Ad

Or this campaign:

Let Video Campaign

Same idea – the video sets up the story, but you only learn the full lesson if you download the guide at the end. For everyone who watched, but didn’t download, they’ll see this ad in their Facebook Feed:

Let Video Ad

The best part? If you’ve already downloaded the asset, you’re automatically added to a list that keeps you from seeing these ads. The better part? We can still serve ads for other content assets to these lists. People who liked one video enough to watch it all the way to the end, may find value in a similar campaign. The possibilities are endless!

Using Video As Your Retargeting Asset

Now, the other side to this coin is retargeting people who visit your site with video ads on Facebook – and for that, you’re going to have to check out my recent webinar with BounceExchange called How to Use Video to Reach and Retarget Visitors on Facebook!

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