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The Best of the Best: 2016 Video Marketing Awards

By Will Robins

January 1, 2019

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Marketing can be a bit of a thankless job. It’s not every day someone emails you to say ‘thank you’ for the campaign you’ve run, or the video you’ve made. Sometimes the only indication you have that things are going well is opens, clicks, and video views. And that’s why we created the Video Marketing Awards.

All campaigns take effort, but really great video usually goes above and beyond. It takes passion, creativity, resourcefulness, and a whole lot of hard work to make awesome video content, and we believe that marketers producing great video deserve to be recognized. At Viewtopia®, the Video Marketing Summit held in San Francisco November 9-10, one of the biggest themes to emerge from all of the talks, keynotes and sessions was companies using video more than ever, and bringing more and more of that video production in-house.

So, across 9 categories, and 9 extraordinary companies doing great things with video, here are your 2016 Video Marketing Award winners!

Video Marketing Campaign of the Year – Lenovo & Traction

Before engaging marketing creative agency, Traction, to create compelling content for their business customers, Lenovo’s marketing efforts had primarily consisted of bottom-of-funnel tactics. With the launch of the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12 Ultrabook, an all in one laptop and tablet, the brand hoped to broaden its exposure to a larger audience than they had currently been marketing to and re-engage dormant customers. Lenovo also needed to ensure the results of this campaign made it into Eloqua, their Marketing Automation Platform.

Rather than dropping buzzwords and generic marketing, Lenovo opted to speak to customers on a level they could relate to, and used entertainment as an education platform. Looking at how IT teams typically deal with technology, they discovered that end users tend to put wear and tear on their equipment in ways no-one could imagine.

Thus, the “Users Happen” campaign was born. The campaign played out in the form of five videos, and a series of four tongue-in-cheek illustrated “Survival Guides” for IT viewers to enjoy and commiserate over.

Lenovo saw an immediate lift in video completion rates from 70% to 96%—a clear signal that the campaign was working. Plus, engagement soared with a 400% lift over previous benchmarks.

The videos were the most shared and the most viewed assets Lenovo commercial marketing had ever produced.

Best Personalized Video Campaign – Reltio

Reltio was looking for a new way to build awareness and drive interest in its flagship product via a top-of-funnel awareness campaign. They also needed a video solution that tied engagement data from this top-of-funnel material to Act-On, their Marketing Automation Platform. Recognizing the potential of personalized video, they launched a targeted campaign to more than 10,000 leads to increase awareness and identify their most engaged prospects.

With nearly 30% of all individuals who opened the email clicking through to watch their video, the personalized video campaign resulted in a 10x increase in click-through rate compared to their average marketing campaigns.

Reltio is now planning their next personalized video campaign to keep the ball rolling after this immense success.

Best Use of Video for Sales Prospecting or ABM – MongoDB

In 2016, MongoDB wanted to create more customer testimonials to highlight their stories and showcase the impact that MongoDB could have on their customers’ organizations. They decided to pick the most impactful stories and publish high-quality video testimonials with those customers. MongoDB doesn’t have a massive marketing team, or a big budget, so everyone chipped in to make the campaign happen. The end goal was to give their sales team powerful tools to help better engage key prospects and move them through the funnel faster. They also needed a system that integrated with Eloqua, their Marketing Automation Platform.

To make their video series happen, MongoDB flew their video team around the world from Chicago to Berlin, capturing inspirational stories at every stop. The videos were released over 12 weeks, and are now evergreen content that they can leverage across digital platforms and in email campaigns.

The results spoke for themselves: happy sales people, and more engaged prospects. As an added bonus, the content is also a useful onboarding tool for new sales reps who are trying to understand how customers use MongoDB. Integrating Vidyard into their video process and Eloqua instance has given MongoDB the power to leverage video across product launches, sales enablement, and customer marketing campaigns, proving this is only the first of many campaigns.

Best Online Video Presence for a B2B Brand – SolarWinds

Video is a key component of everything SolarWinds does. It’s not a focal point of a campaign, it leads people to the campaign focus and supports it. Their videos have been featured on Buzzfeed, Reddit, The Huffington Post and others, and their Email in Real Life campaign received a 2014 PR Platinum award nomination. Their snarky, geeky tone helps drive real connection with their IT professional audience, and their goal is to keep getting attention with humour and keep prospects interested by producing high-quality content.

Video has become a core part of SolarWinds brand, and supports all aspects of their online and digital presence. Their YouTube channel is home to nearly 1,000 videos and their top 15 videos each have more than 50k views. Not bad for an IT solutions provider!

Breakout Video Marketer of the Year – Jonas Construction Software

Jonas Construction Software started out 12 months ago with no video content, whatsoever.

When they decided to embark on the video journey, step one was to create assets that the construction industry would find value in. They wanted to produce content that engaged viewers and helped contour the video experience for prospective clients.

Step two was to capture relevant leads with Vidyard Events, and calls-to-action that integrated that data into Act-On, their Marketing Automation Platform. The goal was to keep viewers engaged, and have relevant content and follow-up information available to keep them engaged and interested.

Jonas Construction Software saw a huge increase in the number of leads and opportunities since implementing video. They generate leads from content like product tours and case studies, and now roughly 50% of all of their website leads are coming directly from video. Using calls-to-action in their “Jonas Why” video, they saw an 80% click through rate and generated 180 leads, all from a single video. And as far as bottom line goes, 20% of Jonas’ closed business comes from deals that started with a video, and sales velocity has skyrocketed. Even conversions take 50% less time, which has shaved almost 50 days off the process.

Small Business, Big Bang – Terminus

When Terminus, an account-based marketing platform, first started using Vidyard and video in 2015, account-based marketing was just a buzzword for B2B marketers. Terminus wanted to go beyond the buzz, and build a category for ABM. Their CMO, Sangram Varje, came up with the concept of #FlipMyFunnel, turning the traditional lead generation funnel on its head by laser-focusing on best-fit contacts and customers for marketing.

When they decided to hold their first user conference in Atlanta, the first step in the #FlipMyFunnel campaign was to create personalized videos for the B2B marketing and sales thought leaders they knew they wanted to attend.

Sangram produced tons of individual videos for these B2B innovators. Each video started with “Hi (first name)! Sangram here!” These videos worked, with a 95% response rate and Terminus sold out the conference with 300 attendees.

For the Terminus brand, video has been such a huge part of their ABM strategy and success. Sangram and his team have produced eight customer video testimonials this year, with four more in production.

One secret to their success with customer testimonials is integrating Vidyard with Uberflip to track engagement on case studies in their Hub. This unique stream of content has proven to be one of the most valuable assets for their sales team to use, especially to progress opportunities faster through the pipeline. Sales development reps have also started producing their own personalized videos to use in outreach.

Terminus is growing very quickly and video has been instrumental in helping them achieve these results.

Video Marketing Impact Award – Tradeshift

Good marketers build video around campaigns. Great marketers build campaigns around video. Tradeshift knew that video usage was on the rise. Big time. As a Vidyard customer, Tradeshift were able to use the platform’s powerful analytics to observe that customers were watching a lot of video before ever talking to sales teams. Using video as the basis for all demand generation efforts helped Tradeshift accelerate leads and accounts down the funnel by having engaging content and lead scoring at every stage.

Tradeshift is using video content throughout every aspect of the buyer’s journey to increase click-through and conversion rates, increase time-on-page and engagement time, improve email marketing click-through rates and generate net-new leads. Tradeshift has also used personalized video to drive engagement with key target accounts and generate more pipeline.

Their personalized video holiday campaign resulted in a 230% increase in campaign CTR, and an 88% increase in eBook downloads. More than 10% of marketing-sourced qualified opportunities over the past 6 months was sourced from personalized video, resulting in a cost-per-opportunity that was lower than average, and an unheard-of set of results in the world of demand generation.

Video Marketing Trailblazer – Bisk

Bisk partners with universities to help finance, develop and support online degree and certificate programs, and with businesses to offer training and education designed to amplify employee potential and drive organizational results. Until recently, there was no integrated video marketing element to their campaigns and communications, and no dedicated team to support it. Now, all videos come from Bisk Studios, their story-loving, forward-thinking, data-informed video production team focused on making a mark in the video marketing industry.

Bisk Studios contributes to multiple campaigns at once, supporting various brands (including multiple campaigns within each brand) and the overall Bisk brand. Bisk Studios does not directly place the videos in market, but works with the various marketing team members to provide video creative that meets their specific objectives for their campaigns. Their assets have been used on websites, landing pages, social platforms, paid media, webinars, and in brand outreach.

Social video projects are driving the most Facebook shares of any of their social efforts to date, with over 2,000 views on their Study Snacks series from organic and shared posts. This includes over 500 engagements in a two-week period, three times higher than their average post. On top of that, one website campaign that featured a multi-video series reduced bounce rates by 49% and exit rates by 67%. Significantly better than Bisk’s typical content, with the average visitor watching 100% of at least one video on the page.

Video Marketing Vision – Deltek and Media One Creative

Deltek is investing in personalized video strategy to enhance lead qualification, sales efficiency, and sales effectiveness in 2017. With the ability to generate customized videos on the fly to educate inbound leads on their products, then track their engagement in their marketing automation platform, Deltek is taking the next step to automate lead qualification and improve the efficiency of their inside sales team by focusing on the most engaged leads. They are an exceptional example of blending art and science to deliver creative video campaigns to attract, qualify and convert more prospects in a way that scales with great efficiency.

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