January 11


Video Marketing How-To: Using Video for Lead Generation

By Will Robins

January 11, 2019


Hello, and welcome to another episode of Video Marketing How-To! This week we want to talk about something that is near and dear to our hearts – generating leads with your videos. That’s right, videos don’t need to be passive assets on your landing pages – in fact, they’re excellent tools for collecting contact information, and bringing in new leads.

First off, adding calls-to-action to your videos. In YouTube, this takes the form of YouTube Annotations, which you can use to direct viewers back to your landing page. If you’re using a dedicated video marketing platform, you can add more detailed calls to action, like lead generation forms, directly to your video.

Next up is email gates. Requiring users to input their email before accessing a video does create a barrier to entry for your content, but it means you collect lead data from committed viewers, which is worth a follow up. Make sure you save this for medium-funnel content, and give some indication about the value your content will bring. Viewers will be reluctant to fill in their information if they know it’s a top-of-funnel asset, or something funny.

Finally, making video the star of your campaign means you can put an entire lead form in front of the video in exchange for viewing the content. We tend to find this works best for webinar content, but if you have a longer-form thought leadership video you want to share, as long as it’s worth someone’s contact information and they will derive value from it, it’s worth gating.

I hope you learned something this week that will help you turn more viewers into customers by generating leads through your video content. Check back in a few weeks for another episode!

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