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Tactical Vests: Where, How and When Applied

By Lindsay Shearer

December 16, 2018

Tactical vests

Tactical Vests: where, how and when applied

The tactical vest is thought up for those who have a ton of small things that can be used at any moment. Usually, these are used by the military or tourists. But even loaders or builders do not disdain them, as this thing reduces the load on the spine.

In appearance, the discharge vest looks like a normal one. The only difference is that he has a million pockets in which skillful people can hide anything from penknives to glasses and bottles of vodka.


One of the first tactical vests Italians used during the Second World War. He put on over his head and fastened at the sides. On its chest part, 4 bags for ammo to the submachine gun Beretta MAB 38 were sewn.

The British then came up with such an accessory for their commandos. And the Americans, especially for landing in Normandy, developed their assault vest, which they then put on their rangers. They made an accessory made of durable cotton fabric, and its fitted cut allowed him to run and crawl much more freely than with the garlands of many bags. Usually, such a vest had eight roomy pockets.


In its present form, the tactical vest first appeared during the Vietnam War near the Viet Cong. It was a Chinese bib, designed for 3 AK stores and 4 F-1 / RDG-5 grenades. Sewed from tarpaulin and fastened to wooden clasps. They were very popular in the army of North Vietnam.

In the early 1980s, the military, they came to Afghanistan along with the Chinese AK. There, even the Soviet soldiers appreciated the advantages of this accessory, as the shoulder-shoulder spinal discharge system, which the poor fellows constantly had to carry on themselves, did not suit them very much.

In the late 1980s, the States also connected to the culture of tactical vests. They invent their own Load-Bearing Vest M-1988, which is immediately taken to supply the entire army as a standard individual inventory of each soldier.


Since the 1990s, discharge vests have become standard equipment in the armies of many countries. Their concept quickly supplanted obsolete shoulder-belt systems. And it is not surprising: a tactical vest allows you to spread the load over a large area of ​​the body, and not just on the belt. Modern tactical vests have a significant impact on performance of law enforcement agents.

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Choosing a discharge vest

The tactical system is often simply necessary, as it makes it easier to carry supplies and reduce the time to retrieve the desired item. In general, “tactical” is usually divided into models with removable and non-removable pockets. The advantage of the first design is the ability to arrange pockets and belts in the order that is convenient for you. For example, a sniper during the conduct of ranged and melee need to ensure different placement of ammunition, which can always be done using a removable “tactical”.

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In turn, the tactical vest with fixed pockets is more convenient while running, since all its elements are securely fixed enough. Such “tactical” has a high strength, but it is difficult to fit it, therefore, it is considered a suitable option for beginners.

In any case, today there is no universal tactical vest that would be suitable for performing any tasks; therefore, it is necessary to choose the necessary model based on their own needs.

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