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B2B Marketing Tactics To Crush It {2018 Edition}

By Will Robins

June 14, 2018

The marketing of companies that sell to other companies, known as B2B (business to business) works differently from the marketing of companies that sell directly to the consumer, B2C (business to consumer). Usually the goods and services sold at the corporate level have a greater economic value and serve needs that affect the operation of the company, so the information process, lead generation of B2B companies that are different for example, alcohol rehab St Louis and Windowsusa

In ever-changing world of today, it is very difficult to beat the competition, especially for B2B marketers.  In order to stay ahead of the competition, B2B companies should get hold of effective marketing tactics. Is your B2B strategy performing and giving you the results you want? Like a good coach enhances the strengths of the team and help players keep up with the competition. Similarly, effective marketing tactics help businesses to attain desired results and beat the competition.

2018 is here and marketing plans are in full gear, B2B marketers are striving hard to attain maximum ROI.  The pressure is high for marketers, clients’ demands are increasing and budgets are also tight. This is challenging and thrilling at the same time.  With following B2B marketing tactics you can efficiently increase leads, sales, and ROI. These tactics will sail you towards success – guaranteed.


B2B marketing tactics worth your time and investment

B2B Marketing Tactics To Crush It {2018 Edition}

User friendly designs – Mobile Compatibility

Internet users all over the world are now switching to their smart phones to access internet, the mobility offered by the smartphones has converted the masses to give up their personal computers and use their smart phones in their daily lives to get to the internet.

This smart use allows them to use internet on the go, be it looking for a nearest bar, or an exclusive diner your smartphone brings businesses and internet access in your hands. As a business whatever methods you may use to inspire and persuade the potential customers into buying your products over the internet must now be compatible to the smart phones too. Imagine your newsletters, or your website could not be opened on a smartphone, right at the minute when a potential customer wanted to use your service, you may have lost a client.

It is hence advisable to be smartphone compatible in your marketing tools and websites to beat your competition at getting potential customers. If a website would not open, the user would find a website that is optimized for mobile, and is also convincing them to buy the same product as yours.

With the correct use of UI and UX, there is no need of building and managing multiple sites, a better option is to create a singular website that can be appropriately formatted for mobile. A responsive design addresses several aspects, including proportions, loading speed and site maps. Efficient mobile sites usually mirror your desktop site, all the time adjusting for smaller screens. Users are able to click links and buttons without constantly pinching to zoom in and out. This is also good in terms of loading pages on the smart phone. Smaller sizes open easily on the smartphones.

Lastly, your site map should user friendly and easy to navigate on both the desktop and mobile, otherwise you would face a high bounce rate from your homepage, diverting all the traffic to a competitor’s website and likely to a competitor’s. If you fail to capture a customer, note that 57% of users say they wouldn’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. Make most use of the technological advancement and beat your competitors to it.

B2B Marketing Tactics To Crush It {2018 Edition}



According to Content Marketing Institute, the creation of content has increased by 88%.  88% of B2B companies are using content marketing strategy to drive sales while 39% have plans to increase budgets to use this strategy in future. However, it is important to note that there are a lot of B2B marketers that are not do only 37% of B2B companies have a content marketing strategy integrated into the B2B digital marketing plan.  

Use metrics to measure the results: When we talk about metrics, we do not rely solely on measuring traffic, this is not enough. Above all, we must take into account the quality of this traffic and measure the impact of each action that is carried out. Getting qualified leads is the most important part of the content marketing strategy.

Embrace Your Data

Business to business marketing deals with very limited prospects, and since these limited tools are a few, it is important to know about their goods and bad before taking decisions that might actually cause trouble to you or your brand. It is important to collect all the relevant data and use it to your own favor. Trying and processing such data may provide us with solutions, or might allow us to make better use of the marketing tools than before, maximizing the potential of our brands to the customers we have. Make sure that this data becomes your greatest asset rather than a responsibility that you are not willing to handle. The correct use of this data can help you in developing the best marketing tools you can ever wish to work with.


The world now stands at the brink of another era, the era of Artificial Intelligence- AI. Do not be afraid to explore what are the limitations of AI right now, and to which areas is it working its way to the top. Try and take a unique take on its functions, and allow yourself to imagine its uses in order to market your product to the masses.  

Although the technological advancements in the field of AI are remarkably fast and revolutionary, make sure that you beat your competitors in making AI your best friend in selling your products and giving your business all the edge it can afford in this world of cut throat competition.

Show them what they want!

Try and make a lot of video content which is interactive and entertaining. As per various surveys, the most famous type of content is video, with almost all of the social media platforms supporting the video content. Videos and marketing videos are the latest trend on the internet, with YouTube, alone supporting various channels and businesses in an opportunity to create some unique and creative videos to capture the audience’s attention and win their interests, influencing them into buying their products.B2B Marketing Tactics To Crush It {2018 Edition}

Optimize your Social network!

Make sure that you and your social media platforms are fully integrated with your business and your products, and use them to optimize your platforms to reach maximum of the people by use of creativity and quality rather than boring content over and over again. Make use of info-graphics and other interactive tools on your social media platforms to make sure that your product remains to be visible to the masses and continues to grow in numbers. Use your social media networks to not just help sell products, but maintain a strong relationship with your potential customers. Using these platforms to take feedback, and interacting with the customers, encourages a relationship which is intimate and up close between the business and your customers. It is something that is not offered by a lot of businesses and this exclusivity can potentially help you maintain that high level of participation and involvement from your customers in your businesses, allowing you to enjoy a leverage over your competition.

Highly active and optimized social media platforms are the key to building customer business relationships stronger causing your competition to crumble.

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