September 20


Davenport Laroche and the Shipping Container Investment Model that Pays

By Lindsay Shearer

September 20, 2018

What do you need to know about Davenport Laroche’s shipping container investment model?

Davenport Laroche was co-founded by Jacques Piccard after the 2008 global economic crisis. The company is a shipping container investment company that seeks to ensure that the general public has the opportunity to invest in the robust shipping container industry. Before the 2008 global economic collapse, investment in the shipping container business was limited to a few individuals. The business only became open to public investment after the 2008 economic crisis. Over the years, Jacques Piccard and a group of advisors in container leasing business have observed this industry, whose history is traceable back to the Vietnam War. Jacques Piccard and his elite economic specialists were determined to ensure that the opportunities that were available in the containerization sector were available to the general public. The model of Davenport Laroche is based on a private international container-leasing firm that allows investors to earn monthly returns on their investment. The returns earned are similar to a salary.

What are the benefits of the Davenport Laroche’s shipping container investment model?

Davenport Laroche seeks to ensure that it helps the public to identify and invest in opportunities that exist in the shipping industry. Some of the factors that make investing in the shipping container business lucrative include

Shipping container business is one of the investment opportunities that are regarded as low risk. It is important to acknowledge that almost 90 percent of the shipments made globally are done using containers. Davenport Laroche seeks to help their clients utilize the opportunities that exist. The benefits that come with the leasing of shipping containers are numerous as compared to other investment opportunities available to the public. Davenport Laroche is a firm that you can trust to enable you to benefit from an investment model that will enable you to get a monthly cash return.

You get 100 percent capital preservation: Davenport Laroche shipping investment ensures that all your investment on the business is preserved in the form of the shipping containers. The company allows clients to lease in two ways: either higher income lease or conservative lease. To ensure that your investment in the shipping container is preserved, the firm guarantees their clients 100 percent capital preservation by allowing them to sell their containers back to the firm after five years at the current cost price in the market. If you wish to dispose of your containers before the five years elapse, you have nothing to worry about. This is because you can liquidate them whenever you want without any restrictions.

The business enjoys investment security over time: Davenport Laroche shipping investment acknowledges that there are numerous risks involved in other aspects of hard asset investments. For instance, an investment in financial assets can be affected by the prevailing financial atmosphere, which could see you lose value on your investment. Other hard assets such as holiday homes can also lose value with time but investing in the shipping containers guarantees you security on your investment. The value of a shipping container will remain constant without the risk of fluctuation since they possess functional and material value.


Davenport Laroche provides its clients with high returns on investment with minimal risks involved. The company is among the few companies that are determined to ensure investors get high returns on their investments. The firm provides two types of returns that investors can choose from: a 12 percent fixed annual return on investment or the higher income plan designed to ensure investors enjoy more returns on investment.

The company offers its clients a title as proof of ownership of the containers they invest in. As such, you can trust the company to help you invest in the shipping container industry. Investors get a full deed from the company as a legal proof of ownership of the containers that it purchases with their investment. The deed is accompanied by all the necessary documentation including insurance details and documents showing that the containers have been fitted with tracking devices.

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