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How Manscaped’s Viral Marketing Is Crushing The Competition?

By Will Robins

June 8, 2018

Competition is fierce these days. New brands looking to make their mark in a particular niche have to pull all the stops in order to compete with the big fish in the industry. The good news is, some smart new brands have managed to devise marketing campaigns that don’t just help convert visitors into customers by standing out, but completely transcend what is considered the “norms” in the digital marketing sphere.

Manscaped is one such brand that took advantage of its position of being only one of a few brands that are operating in the men’s below-the-belt grooming industry. By using some smart marketing techniques and a hint of tongue-in-cheek humor to appeal to the masses of men, the brand has been successful in turning many men from their reckless non-grooming ways. Here, we are going to take a quick look at the ways in which viral marketing can make all the difference and catapult your brand from obscurity to the center of attention. Fundraising Brick has developed an integrated tool that will allow you and your organization to track your online sales—the real-time fundraising thermometer. How Manscaped's Viral Marketing Is Crushing The Competition?

Building Variety Into A Product

For many businesses, creating marketing content, such as a video, image or blog post that goes viral is nothing short of a pipe dream. It goes without saying that most of the largest brands of today own much of their growth to their marketing content going viral at some point in time. But, it goes deeper than that. Much deeper.

The trick to having a successful marketing campaign is not to come up with a frequent viral post that will cause a ripple in the waters of the digital ocean, but rather, to build virality into the product itself. This is easier said than done, but with the right strategy and mindset, and a lot of creativity, it is possible to create a sense of urgency and excitement whenever a new product is launched by your brand.

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Manscaped seems to have mastered the art of creating marketing content that gets attention on a grand scale. But, how do they do it? That’s the million-dollar question, and any business would be mad to give away the secret sauce that drives attention and gets people excited about their brand time and time again.

To grab the attention of their audience, Manscaped used a combination of strategic targeting and a bunch of creative video ads to get noticed. And it worked. While the company used Shopify, the ecommerce platform for their below-the-belt men’s grooming products, it was their amusing and strategically released video ads that got their brand noticed by both men and women.

In fact, Facebook was so impressed by the level of success of the brand’s social media campaign and the high level of content that the company was able to produce that they wrote a whole article on the marketing success of Manscaped, calling the brand a success story that other companies should be inspired by when it comes to creating hype around a product or service. Manscaped not only received 3.4 times the return on their ad spend but were able to increase their conversion rate by up to 53%.How Manscaped's Viral Marketing Is Crushing The Competition?

Identifying The Right Platform To Advertise

The different branding caters to different audiences. According to the Director of Manscaped, “Facebook is one of the most important media channels for representing a brand.” This is true, mainly because the social media platform has more than 2.2 billion active users, making it the only social media network to have such a huge following.

Besides that, Facebook also offers many tools that businesses can use to help boost their product’s popularity on the platform, provided the users know how to leverage the tools that Facebook providers to their advantage. Manscaped seems to have mastered the tricks of the trade when it comes to utilizing the tools, such as, Sprout Social, Hootsuite and Canva, along with the many analytics tools that the platform provides for businesses to promote their brand that is absolutely free.

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Find Your Customer Demographics

Identifying your audience and then the platform they are most likely to use the most can make all the difference when trying to create marketing content that goes viral. While creating the content that warrants variety is important, choosing the right platform to place that content so that it reaches the most people is equally important for the success of the marketing success of any brand.How Manscaped's Viral Marketing Is Crushing The Competition?

Be Better Than You Were Yesterday

Most companies when it comes to their marketing strategy, end up benchmarking the performance of their marketing campaigns against the competition. That’s not a good idea.

Rather than using the successes of other companies as the watermark for your own marketing strategy, try to learn how to develop a better marketing strategy than your previous attempt. Each swing at your marketing strategy should be better than the last one. This is the only way you can truly measure the success or failure of your marketing strategy.

A good example here can be given of Manscaped. The premium men’s below-the-belt manscaping brand launched when there virtually weren’t any other brands who were offering the same high level of quality in their grooming products. As a result, the company focused on creating marketing content that was better than their previous attempts to help pique the interest of their male audience.

It’s easy to see how, Manscaped dipped their toes into the tongue-in-cheek style of humor to appeal to their audience, and then continued with the same formula with their future campaigns, each one being better, and managing to garner more attention than the last.

Content And Distribution

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As a brand looking to make a mark in any industry, you first need to find out what works for your audience. What they enjoy reading about, what style they enjoy reading about, and what offends them. You need to stay focused on the first two and try to stay as far as you can from the last one.

In time you will have perfected the art of creating viral marketing content that not only piques the interest of your target audience but also helps turn them into paying customers, which is the entire goal of a marketing strategy in the first place.

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