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Email Marketing Funnel

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”EOQcru9hPFo” title=”How To Build A 7 Figure Sales Marketing Funnel” upload_time=”2016-04-06T20:35:11.000Z” description=”How To Build a 7 Figure Sales Marketing Funnel Want to Learn the secret… Get the exact step-by-step system that Multi-million dollar entrepreneurs use to” duration=”597″]

How To Build a 7 Figure Sales Marketing Funnel

Want to Learn the secret…

Get the exact step-by-step system that Multi-million dollar entrepreneurs use to rapidly grow their business to 7 figures and beyond!

Can I ask you a question?

Do you know what a marketing funnel is?

No, not the kind you use when cooking, or the kind that comes attached to a college beer bong đŸ˜‰ .

I’m talking about sales funnels and marketing funnels—the kind that you absolutely must get right if you want your business’s to earn 7 figure income +

Basically, your marketing funnel is the process by which leads move from first awareness of your brand (product) to post-sale evangelism.

But since that’s a little vague…

I made this step-by-step video for you showing my 7 figure sales marketing email funnel

Steps to create a 7 figure sales marketing funnel

Email #1 Indoctrination
Email #2 Why
Email #3 Future frame
Email #4 Surprise
Email #5 Webinar
Email #6 Last Chance Webinar

Tools to use


My name is Ameer Rosic, and I’m a serial entrepreneur, investor and adviser. Want to learn more…

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Will Robins

Husband and Father, Will focuses on family first under God.If you are searching for an engaged audience, the kind we all dream of, then you have found the right website. Will uses a personality with amazing salesmanship in his teaching.He focuses on how successful websites have grown their viewers and engagement.

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