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The Ultimate Keyword Research FAQ + a Step-by-Step Tutorial

Whether you are content marketing or conversion optimization expert, keyword research is a crucial task that you need to be doing on a regular basis. In this article, I will walk you through the process of keyword research, from start to finish, offering tools, templates and tips on how to discover the best keywords, optimize […]


Demand Generation: Turning Tactics into Strategy

There’s a building. In a back room, a guy peels potatoes. Out front, two people sit at a table. By the door, a person answers a phone. Does that make the building a restaurant? No? Would it become one if the guy peeled potatoes and oranges? It’s an absurd standard. It’s also the same one […]


How We Topped Product Hunt (Overnight)

Nothing summons the old imposter syndrome monster quite like the moments before a big project launch. All at once, you begin to question every decision you’ve made along the way — from the name of the project down to the comma placements. For me, these nervous feelings are still fresh. Back in August, my team […]

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