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Common Violent Crimes

By Adam

January 28, 2020

A violent crime is one in which the perpetrator either uses force or threatens the use of force upon the victim of the crime. Violent crimes are taken seriously across jurisdictions and are often classified as felony offenses. When a crime involves force or harm to another, you can expect severe penalties and a permanent mark on your criminal record that will follow you to things like job interviews and on to housing applications. You also risk losing key civil rights. This, of course, is all on top of the fact that those convicted of violent crimes often face substantial fines and significant amounts of jail time.


One of the most common violent crimes is homicide. A homicide crime is one in which one person kills another. Homicide criminal charges include a range of situations and circumstances that resulted in the death of another. There is vehicular homicide when a motor vehicle was involved in the killing of another. Homicide charges also include those incidences when a person was killed during the commission of violent felonies. Homicides can be intentional or unintentional. A person accused of homicide may have killed a person due to recklessness or extreme, criminal negligence. Whether intentional or unintentional, premeditated or in the heat of the moment, a homicide is obviously very serious. A life has been lost and prosecutors will be looking to impose the most serious criminal charges available.


Robbery is another common violent crime. Robbery falls under the larceny category. In other words, it is a theft crime. In a robbery, the perpetrator uses physical force or the threat of harm in order to illegally obtain the property of another. The severity of a robbery charge will largely depend on two central factors. The severity of the charge will focus on how much force was used, or how much force was threatened, and what was used in the force or threatened force. For instance, the use of a lethal weapon will up the severity of a robbery charge. Robbery in the First Degree, the most severe of the robbery charges, is considered a class B violent felony. A person convicted of robbery in the first degree faces up to 25 years in prison with a five-year mandatory minimum sentence.


With an assault, another common violent crime, the intentional or recklessness of the perpetrator results in the physical injury of another. The severity of the assault charge will largely vary on the seriousness of the injury. Other common kinds of violent crimes are sexual offenses. A sex crime is a category involving a range of criminally prohibited behavior. It includes nonconsensual intercourse and other offensive touching. The use of force and the amount of force used is considered in determining the severity of the crime charged.


In New York, arson is also considered to be a violent crime, and a common one at that. It is considered to be a violent crime because of the substantial amount of harm the crime can cause to people and property. An arson occurs when a person illegally sets an item of property aflame. If the property subject to the arson is a home or dwelling, it is considered to be a high-level felony.


If you have been charged with or face potential criminal charges for a violent crime, you need to secure trusted criminal defense counsel as soon as possible. Time is of the essence when it comes to the criminal justice system. The sooner you have dedicated legal counsel by your side, the better.

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