February 24


Finally, a Bike Light Marketing Solution that Works {Marketing Physical Products}

By Will Robins

February 24, 2018

In this article will discuss just how to market bike lighting. One of the things that are important to remember when it comes to marketing any product is that the first step to having a good amount of success is knowing your customer. What do we mean by this? Being thoroughly aware of who you are marketing to, ideally individuals who are already interested in the products that you are promoting.

For example, when marketing bike lighting you want to target individuals whom you know are already avid cyclists or shops that already market products related to cycling or bikes in general. If you target noobs or cycling beginners then you may have a longer sales path. New cycler’s don’t invest as much in their gear.

Importance Of Supply And Demand

The next aspect of knowing how to market bike lighting is highlighting the importance of supply and demand. Marketing bike lighting can be much simpler if you make it clear that the safety incentives are there, among others. For example, you can make it known that the rear-facing red lights enable vehicles on the road to spot cyclists during times of reduced sunlight or other low visibility conditions. You can also talk about how the front-facing lights can help you to avoid obstacles and potholes that could be potentially dangerous. The key to all success with marketing is knowing your product and making available as much information on what you are selling that you can.

The next part of successful marketing that we will talk about when it comes to offering bike lighting is knowing the different types of bicycles and the best terrains each is suited for. For example, a street bike would use a different lighting system than a mountain bike. With this in mind, being aware of the various kinds of lights out there that would be better for the two applications of biking would make you far more successful when marketing these types of products.

Media And The Importance Of Gaining Customers Online

Next, we will talk about choosing the right media that you will use to help market these products. Media is a very important aspect of marketing, especially when gaining customers on the internet. You want to have excellent pictures of the products that depict how they work and their overall quality. Take photographs (or show pictures) that make an avid cyclist want to make a purchase of your product. These can also be used in online stores that can sell your product for you.

When marketing person-to-person, or door-to-door, you may want to carry on your person printed media of the products or have the products in question to show. We suggest showing the products off personally due to the fact that you can present someone the physical product, let them hold it, and even demonstrate how it works. Demonstrations at trail events and lodges have been used over and over again to create marketing success and are highly effective in closing a deal.

Something else when knowing how to market bike lighting is keeping up a positive attitude and knowing how you need to approach the customer. A salesperson should always have a positive, friendly persona when approaching a potential customer. You also want to be helpful and well-informed about your product. People are more likely to buy from a well-educated salesperson who can answer questions correctly about the product he or she is trying to sell.

Bike Lighting And Marketing Physical Products

In conclusion, whether you are marketing bike lighting or any bike product you want to know as much as you can about each item. You also want to make sure that you are able to know who you are targeting when it comes to who you want to sell to and be able to present yourself in such a way that they want to buy from you. Marketing physical products are much easier than marketing services. Use the tips outlined in this article and you will enjoy more success than you imagined possible. Good luck!

Will Robins

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