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Optimum Altice Available Internet Speeds Exceed National Average

By Will Robins

February 6, 2018

If you want to learn how to market effectively then look no further than Optimum Altice. Why? If you have a great product then your marketing efforts are pretty easy. Optimum did just that. They built a network and offers that are better than everyone else. Now they are just telling everyone about it. Speed plus effecient service. Great combination. Let’s take a deep dive into the internet service marketing landscape.

Commercials and Internet Speed

We all remember the commercials on television with cell phone carriers talking about coverage. That has never been the case with Internet Service Providers. They have a geographical coverage area that makes it valuable for them to work in single areas. They rarely really compete. This has been the “net neutrality” problem. It was supposed to squash smaller ISPs.

In case you missed it, the internet stood up and voted on net neutrality.

How Is The Internet Influencing Business?

Optimum is doing an amazing job at focusing on topics that business owners care about. Service and speed.

Look at how big the “internet business bubble” has grown. This list of major players in the e-commerce space show off billions of trillions of dollars of economics. Even local businesses are marketing their business online. Facebook ads and Google PPC are just the beginning for most business owners. We shovel a ton of cash at showing up for the internet audience.

Why Go Through All That Trouble With Shady Internet Speeds?

America has always struggled to keep up with other countries in terms of available internet speeds. Wikipedia states that in 2013, the United States was ranked 8th out of 55 different countries according to average internet speeds. The average speed in the country was 8.7 Mbps. South Korea was ranked number one with a much higher speed.

The major problem is that homeowners are relying on internet service providers that offer very little in terms of available speed. Most of us are probably familiar with the “big name” internet providers and what they offer. Sometimes they claim to have great speeds available, but those speeds are limited to a very small section of a single city. Meanwhile, they offer sub-average speeds to everyone else.

This Has Become Optimum’s Marketing Advantage

This is one of the main reasons why the Optimum Altice ISP has seen a recent surge in popularity. The Optimum Altice available internet speeds reach up to 400 Mbps for residential customers and 450 Mbps for commercial clients. And it isn’t an offer confided to a small area. They are one of the country’s largest internet providers and all of their clients have access to the same great speeds.

This is great news for homeowners and business owners alike. Large families can enjoy lighting fast speeds nearly 50 times faster than the country’s average speed. More than 12 people can stream HD videos, play online multiplayer games, and video chat at the same time.

The company also offers smaller packages with slower speeds for those who don’t need such high speeds. The smallest Optimum Altice available internet package is the “Optimum 10”, which offers speeds of 10 Mbps. Keep in mind that it is still higher than the national average.

But most would agree that it’s the businesses that benefit most from Optimum’s internet speeds. The three different levels available from Optimum Business reach speeds of 150 Mbps, 250 Mbps, and 450 Mbps. These packages include phone service for the business and require a short-term contract agreement. However, entrepreneurs can still upgrade their packages as their business grow.

So many corporate tools now exist online on specific websites or are hosted in the cloud. If a business doesn’t have a reliable high-speed internet service, then they will experience a significant reduction in productivity. The longer files are taking to upload or download, the more time a company is wasted.

Business Owners Are Looking At Optimum As Well

Businesses should look at the Optimum Altice ISP as a serious investment. One that has a high potential for a large ROI. As a matter of fact, many companies are already doing exactly that. That’s why the number of companies working with Optimum Altice has increased over the past year.

Aside from a variety of high-speed internet packages, Optimum also offers reliable landline phone service and television services. Internet customers also gain free access to more than 1.5 million hotspots located throughout the entire country. They are all around great ISP to work with whether you’re a residential customer or an entrepreneur looking to take your business online.

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