July 6, 2016

Starting a Vlog! Day 3 But Day 1? Explains This Channel

by Will Robins
  • Why Did I Start Vlogging?

    • Tim Ferris Podcast
    • Shay Carl Influencer
    • Response To My Writing – So Many Needed Help with Stuff I Knew
  • What Categories Will My Vlog Cover? (Explain Timing – Random, Weekly, Daily-ish)

    • Personal Advice – This Will Be Random – As I See Something Worth Talking About. I will Shoot It
    • Principles To Cover – These are Success Principles That I Believe Every Business Owner and Marketing Need to Be Successful
    • Health – I am going to lose 100 lbs – This is Where I will Live That Story
    • Build an Engaged Audience That Converts – Engagement Optimization – This is a step by step on how I build Content HOW. Screen Shares, Insider Interviews, Etc.


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