February 16


How to Turn Your Marketing Into a Well Oiled Machine

By Will Robins

February 16, 2017

Sometimes it is better to just be real… This post is going to talk through your relationship with Money. It dives deep so don’t let your emotional stand on money make you miss the message. Let me know if you liked this and want more on this topic?

We all struggle with money. Either it consumes you and drives you crazy or you are so afraid of it that you see it as a negative. Sometimes both of these become true  at different parts of our lives. Money is a motivator. The love of money is the root of all evil.

This is where we start losing so many people. Money is an exchange currency. It is a measurement for the value you have on what you are buying. That value is also based on perception.

If you are struggling financially then money can have a whole other effect on you. Don’t worry we have all been there… too many times before.

Marketing Depends On Financial Outcomes

If you are marketing and not seeing results, especially if you work for yourself, then you are going to wake up in a world of hurt. You have to be able to make money from selling something in order to stay in business. That sell is the lifeblood of any business.

Marketing is what drives prospects to the sales people. Without it your business can not thrive.

Money is the common factor in this relationship. Marketing has to have a budget. Because of that budget it has to be measured.

Small Business Money Matters

When you are building the marketing for your small business you have to establish a checks and balances on marketing. You have to spend money to test something out. If you don’t see a break even point in the near future you may have to pull the whole project. You build your entire business life around sales being made and you servicing those clients. If you are selling one off retail products then you rely on that customer returning many times in the future. If you are selling subscription services then you depend on that customer loving your product forever.

Money motivates you to make sells. It motivates you to market so that you can make those sells.

That motivation is at the base of why you are learning funnels, emails, and writing. Content doesn’t matter to you but without content you can’t “do marketing.” Without marketing you will have no sales. No sales and you have no money.

Why Money Matters So Much

Money matters because in order to fulfill your services you have to earn a living. You have to hire employees to service customers. You have to pay bills.

I say all of this to make sure we approach money without the emotion that is often tied to it. Money is replenish-able. Customers will pay you again next month. Your paycheck will show up every two weeks.

Time will only pass.

You emotionally connection to money, however healthy or unhealthy, can be a stress point in your business.

It can be a major stress point in your marriage and relationships. It can divide. It can conquer.

The love of money is the root of all evil…

How To Have the Right Marketing Money Mindset

In order to have ecstatic raving fan customers you have to do two things:

  1. You have to over deliver and have amazing products/services.
  2. You have to create a perception that showcases why you have amazing products/services.

In order to fulfill and have amazing products you have to be creative. You have to be an entrepreneur in the purest sense of the word. You have to create and fulfill where there is something missing.

That means that you have to give your customers what they think they want. You also have to sell them so that they get what they need as well.

That entire statement means that you have to have a high level of character. You have to be a servant leader. You serve your customers. You serve them at the highest level possible.

Marketing, Money, Sells, and High Level Customers

When you start selling customers for money you have a choice.

  1. Sell a bunch at a low to medium cost. Normally you sell what they want and will buy easiest.
  2. Sell fewer but deliver what they want and what they need.

If you can learn to deliver and only sell in level 2… You can become wealthy and serve your customers at the highest level possible.

i.e. Instead of making a $37 dollar eBook and selling 3 up sells that are all just OK at best, you instead put together a done for your program coupled with software or human support to perform everything for them.

Teaching is a great profession. It just doesn’t pay well. I love teachers and think they are the best people on Earth!

Teaching however cost more than it makes. It is a negative number on the balance sheet.

If you are trying to teach your customers then you are losing.

You have to market to them. You have to sell them. You have to serve them.

Final Money Matters that Market You Better Than Ever

Remember what we said it took to have raving fan customers?

  1. You have to over deliver and have amazing products/services.
  2. You have to create a perception that showcases why you have amazing products/services.

In order to fulfill level 1 you have to charge a little bit higher prices. To deliver number 2 you will have to charge a lot more than who you think your competitors are… normally.

That double edged sword is the toughest moment in business. Deciding who you are going to be.

If you are going to serve your customers at the highest level possible then you are going to have to invest. You have to have time to think through how to create a perception of amazing products/services. You have to communicate that information to your customers.

That means you have to have Time.

Time again…

Comes up time and time again. The exchange of money and time. The never ending battle.

You Can Not Create Time

You have the same amount of time I have. We all are limited on that behalf.

You have to make sure that the financial aspect of your company allows you to deliver both:

  1. You have to over deliver and have amazing products/services.
  2. You have to create a perception that showcases why you have amazing products/services.

That requires more time and to create that time you have to take the talented people in your organization and let them have time to think.

Thinking… The Lost Art of Creation

When your team is surround with Talented Inspired Successful People you have to utilize your best asset. You should have a fulfillment and perception team that ensures deliver is always exceptional. Are you steadily creating raving fan customers?

Are you lackluster because you are not charging enough to have time? Missing talent? It is either one or the other…

Join our webinars and listen more to exactly how we overcame this. This is the real side of business. This is the emotional side of business and marketing that doesn’t get big selling book titles. Its more real than that.

It is the struggle we all have. The internal conflict we all live with.

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